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While I have always loved perusing flea markets, vintage shops and thrift stores for unique finds for the home, this love affair has never extended to clothing. Perhaps it’s that I’m nearly a giant and nothing ever fits, or maybe it’s all those racks and racks of moth-ball roulette. Mama’s too busy for BS, ya know? So while I love the idea of giving something a second life and saving some cash, hunting for second-hand clothing has never been a passion of mine.

I do however have a passion for reusing awesome stuff, saving cash, dressing my kids in adorable clothing, and taking photos of them (I know, shocking) so I gave Moxie Jean a shot. With $50, I hit their well-organized and beautifully-styled shop of lightly used and brand-new clothing. While their assortment of boys clothing is equal to the girls, I couldn’t help but spend all my cash on pretty dresses (some even with the tags still on them.) They ranged from $6-$12 each and arrived in packaging worthy of a wedding gown. A flat box with nothing folded or wrinkled inside. Giveaway

I have a feeling that Moxie Jean will become a mini addiction of mine as they add new outfits Monday – Thursday. You  can also sign up for New Inventory Alerts that contain customized recommendations based on your past purchase history.

And now through May 31, 2013, enter the coupon code Prudent25 for 25% off your purchases over $50.

Free shipping everyday with orders of $50 or more, flat shipping of $5.95 below $50, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Giveaway Giveaway
Personally, I think Ill be heading over to snag these two adorable boy outfits today. moxie boys
You want a little shopping spree too? Read on for the giveaway details…

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Want to unload some gently used kid’s clothing? Earn cash, get a 10% bonus to use it as store credit, or donate your proceeds to charity using the free prepaid shipping bag to sell your like-new baby and kids’ clothing. Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway

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