Giveaway Winner: This is Your Book

With Father’s Day around the corner, we couldn’t pass up giving away This Is Your Book: A Fill-In Journal for All the Things that Happened When You Were a Baby. This beautiful and modern take on the classic baby book is filled with unique prompts, A 30-second commercial during the Superbowl cost… that any father can enjoy filling out.

Keep reading to see more and to find out who won a copy of This Is Your Book

What makes This Is Your Book so appealing to new dads? It was written and designed by dad and graphic artist, Ryan Maconochie. He wanted to create a baby book that appeals to parents now and captures all the things you would want to share with your child. You can learn more about Ryan on his site.

This Is Your Book is filled with sweet prompts that are specific to your child – You first smiled at… and Your eyes were this color….

Along with these, are great pop-culture prompts that will give your child a pretty good idea of what it was like when he or she was a baby – A McDonald’s Big Mac Cost… and The tallest building in the world was… There’s even a place to write all the names you were considering before you picked the perfect one.

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