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The kids and I have been in Rhode Island for a few weeks, getting our fill of the sea, clamcakes, and baby snuggles from my nephew, Hank. As you can imagine, the entire family is crowding around all the little cousins, recording every sweet, hilarious and, yes, amazing moment of their time together. You know you’ve been there! Now you can use your passion for recording all the amazing moments for the chance to win a year’s worth of Plum Organics. How these little pouches of wholesome, natural goodness have changed feeding time, right?

Plum Organics’ line of baby and toddler pouches, snacks, and meals combine unique, flavorful, and wholesome ingredients that are perfectly balanced to deliver a nutritious and delicious bite every time. Plum products retain the highest nutrition and all the natural yumminess little foodies will love with as little processing as possible and using the purest ingredients available.

Can you spot baby Gordon in the video montage above? I had so much fun going back through all the little moments I had recorded to send one in to Plum Organics Amazing Moments Gallery. The best part? Besides all of the adorable videos already posted to watch? Just by submitting their own baby video, moms and dads will be automatically entered to win Plum Organics for a year! All videos will be posted in a gallery on Facebook for the community to view and share and Plum will show off all of the amazing moments that go into raising, and feeding, amazing little ones.

Through a fun and easy video-driven campaign on Facebook called Amazing Moments, Plum Organics is asking moms and dads to share the triumphs and tantrums (and everything in between) that they’ve captured over the months and years of their little ones’ lives. For four weeks, parents can share these amazing videos of their little ones in four categories: Little Comedians, Drama Queens/Kings, Movers and Shakers,and Tiny Daredevils.

But don’t go yet because we also have an amazing Plum Organics giveaway here on Pretty Prudent.

Plum Organics

Keep reading to find out how to enter to win a 16gig iPad Mini and a Plum Organics Prize Box stocked with new product, coupons, and other fun stuff right here on Pretty Prudent.

Need a way to record (and POST!)  your video?  This week Pretty Prudent is giving away a Plum Organics Prize Box and a 16gig iPad Mini for you to capture and share your Amazing Moments.

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