How to Make a DIY Puzzle + an Awesome Silhouette Sale

I have a crazy amount of business travel coming up in the next month, what with our Pretty Prudent Home manuscript due and all sorts of meetings to be had. After spending the whole summer traveling with Scarlet, it’s going to be a bit heartbreaking to be apart for six days at a time over the next month. Tomorrow I have to leave at 4 in the morning to catch my flight, so I wanted to leave her something special to find when she wakes up.

With my trusty Silhouette Cameo by my side, I came up with the idea of making her a little love puzzle. Because she loves puzzles and I love her. I used a few different types of Silhouette specialty media, including printable adhesive silver foil and chipboard, to make a little puzzle for her.
silhouette puzzle

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Find out how I made this DIY puzzle after the jump…

How to Make a DIY Silhouette Chipboard Puzzle

First, I created my design using the silhouette software. I purchased a puzzle pattern, and added a cut heart on top to turn it into a heart shaped puzzle. Then I used my own fonts and some cut images from my silhouette library (the crown and butterfly), but set those images to “no cut” and filled with color while setting the outlines to no color. I used the Silhouette printable adhesive silver foil, running it through my printer while making sure I had the registration marks showing. It’s hard to see that this is reflective silver foil in this picture, but it is, and it prints beautifully.
silhouette silver foil how to

Then I removed the back from the silver foil and attached the entire sheet to my chipboard.
silhouette chipboard diy

Then I placed the foil-covered chipboard on my cutting matt and adjusted the cut settings to “chipboard.” Then I let the silhouette work its magic!
silhouette puzzle

I love watching it cut. Mesmerizing.
silhouette chipboard foil puzzle

Here is my finished puzzle!
silhouette puzzle diy

I am going to leave it on her nightstand when I leave at 4 a.m. this morning, so when she wakes up in the morning she finds a pile of puzzle pieces to put together and knows how much I miss her.
silhouette chipboard puzzle




Hi I can’t figure out how to make the puzzle in the heart shape… I have placed a heart over the puzzle and I can’t figure out how to like crop it to the heart shape…? Also the chipboard setting didn’t cut all the way through the chipboard for me. I did adjust the blade to the right level as well.


so i superimposed the heart shape, then went to the cut window and selected cut lines and made sure the heart would cut. does that make sense?

Diane Campbell

How did you get it to cut through the chip board and the foil at the same time? Mine barely cuts the chipboard and that’s even with my new sharp blade a little higher than it says and also the chipboard and that together causes the mat to slip. 🙁 It seems too thick for the Cameo. Any suggestions??


mine could not cut a mounting board even when i set to 10. I doubt it can cut chipboard too. how did u do it?


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