Summer is Upon Us

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This is where I would typically share about being nervous regarding school ending and the terror of keeping my kids busy for the next three months but for some reason, this year, I’m all about Summer. Aside from those induced by Quinn’s plan to be home schooled,  by me, every day, the entire Summer, I have had no episodes of extreme anxiety. I mean really, I would be the worst homeschooler ever. She will soon see.

I do however, excel at lazy days by the pool and the occasional craft project. Here are some of my favorites from Pretty Prudent that are sure to delight the young and old. It’s going to be a great Summer. Don’t worry. I promise.

“How to Build a Campfire” Cookies

How to Make a God’s Eye



The Best New Outdoor Toys for Summer

The Best New Outdoor Toys of Summer 2016Here all the toys Scarlet has or wants for this summer. Well, one of them is for me. That first one. I want a giant inflatable pool swan, which I can get on Amazon. But, for this I really need a pool. I mean, I guess I could sit on it in the yard?

Wet Head Game This game is the follow up to last summer’s crazy Pie Face Game. We have had so much fun playing this one… the squeals from Scarlet every time someone pulls a pin are hilarious! And when someone finally gets all wet it’s hilarious. Find it on Amazon.

Little Monkey Playground Jungle Gym I love this for smaller kids, because you can climb all over it, or with a few towels it makes the perfect fort hideaway. And its only $125 on Amazon right now.

Poof Pop Fly They can play catch with themselves, ha. They stomp the paddle and a beanbag or ball is launched into the air. On Amazon.

Nerf Rebelle Scarlet found one of these for 99 cents at the 99 cent store. It shoots foam darts at stuff, in her case she stacks up paper cups or makes herself targets. She LOVES it. Here is a similar one on Amazon, but seriously go to your local dollar store and see if you can find the 99 cent version.

Triple Water Slide. This one is from H2OGO. We have it and its held up pretty well and is as fun as you can get without having a pool. Find it on Amazon.

I hope y’all have some great fun in your backyard this summer. Any toys you would suggest for my little monkey?


Happy Birthday Jacinda! Here is your cake.

In honor of Jacinda’s birthday, I made her a cake. No I didn’t… but I made her a post of cakes that she made. She is really good at making cakes.

First here is a perfectly iced cake with our How to Ice a Cake Tutorial. This tutorial was one of our early big hits on the site, it’s really well done and easy to follow. I reference it every time I actually make a cake, which is rare but does happen occasionally. How to Ice a Cake

Here is a tutorial on how to ice any cake with a star tip. This is a great way to get a pro looking cake even if you don’t have mad cake skills. How to Use a Star Tip

This is the cake I know she would want to eat the most: The Smörgåstårta or Swedish Sandwich Cake. Smorgastarta

Here is an ombre petal cake for you Jacinda. Ombre Petal Cake Tutorial

I hope your day is full of New England lobsters and love! Happy Birthday!


I Freaking Love Tangerines: Pop Edition

Tangerine Pops There is not much of a recipe here, but I am just in love with tangerines right now. Their season is coming to a sweet, sweet end in my backyard. For some reason they are extra sweet this year. I’ve heard it’s because of the drought, does anyone have an idea why that would be? Maybe it’s just because they’ve been hanging up there for so long. Either way, I’ll take it.

These pops would probably be prettier if I tossed some tangerine slices in the molds (like on my Sweet Tea Pops). They would probably be even more delicious with a bit of creaminess and some vanilla, like my Peaches & Cream Pops. But when it comes to backyard tangerines, I guess I am a purist. I like my tangerines straight up, or straight juiced.

Recipe: Juice approximately 2,846 tangerines. This will take approx. 2 hours. Strain the juice several hundred times. Pour it into pop molds. If your juice isn’t sweet enough for you, mix some simple syrup in before pouring into molds. This is our favorite pop mold: Norpro Ice Pop Maker. Soak your popsicle sticks in warm water. After an hour in the freezer, insert popsicle sticks. Freeze for four to six hours, but preferably overnight.

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