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I’m seeing them all there Barb. Did you ever have any luck? Sorry, just seeing this message.


how do you put the cuffs on like in the pic of the pink one?January 18, 2011

Granny Square Poncho

Ann Baughman

I would like to make the very cute Muu Muu dress but don’t find any instructions for the amount of elastic that is used and also for the strips across the front of the dress. Also what is the size?


Hi Ann-I just found your comment here. See step 12 for the elastic, approx 22″ total. The dress fits most kids 3-6 years old. It’s a forgiving pattern.

Dale Barefoot

I used your instructions a few years ago to make the jersey, and now I need to make another one and do not have the instructions. I only have 2 weeks. Will you please send them to me.? Thanks and God Bless. Dale Barefoot

Bunny McBee

I cannot find the template for the turtle. I sew and knit things for the pediatric oncology unit at the children’s hosp. in my area. I know they would love this little turtle. Can you help?

Elizabeth Lugin

I found your French Toast in a Mug .. microwave style… I’m sure it’s delicious but more than that I gotta tell you Jaime and Jacinda your deeelightfullll way of delivering this recipe put me into a trance. Any time I find the recipe for some terrific dish it turns out to read like an assignment. You wrote this so absolutely conversationally sweet. So grateful I could find no way to let you know… and I find it’s from three years ago… hoping to convey my Love for what and who you and this prettyprudent thing is … (rambling here)


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