Prudent Steals & Deals

Prudent Steals & Deals 061915Get this week’s Prudent Steals & Deals starting clockwise from top right:
I literally just bought this beach umbrella a couple days ago at the West Elm store around the corner from my house. It was already seriously marked down on clearance, but right now you can get an additional 15% off with code HIGHTIDE entered at checkout. So the original price was $89, your price is $25.49 for a total of 71% off at West Elm.

I’m in love with this plate from Anthropologie because my dad chose to spell my name J-A-I-M-E because j’aime means “I like” or “I love” in French. So, while the addition of the “t'” makes it mean “I like you” or “I love you”, I still see it as my name. Therefore: j’aime cette plaque (I love this plate). But enough about me, more about this plate… “Je t’aime beaucoup” means “I love you a lot” in French. Definitely snag one and hang it on your kids’ wall using a plate hanger, since it’s 50% off right now (only $4.95) at Anthropologie: Joyeux Canape Plate.

This stunning bar cart is 43% off (marked down from $349 to $199.99) at Dot & Bo.

Almost everything is on sale at Old Navy this weekend, including this Girls Palm Print Swing Dress (my daughter’s fave) at 44% off, for only $10. Find it at Old Navy.

I got one of these craft organizers and it is AMAZING. You can fit SO MUCH into it, and then you can take it with you. So if you want to, like, bead at the park, or do paper crafts at a friends’ house, or even if you just want to put all your craft stuff in the closet then walk it into the living room while you watch Game of Thrones, the Creative Options Grab & Go Medium Rack System is rad. You can find it at Jo Ann for $42.99 regularly but this weekend Jo-Ann has a 50% off coupon, which would make this about $21! Get the coupon here and order the organizer here.

Select sandals are 25% off at Nine West this weekend, so snag a pair you will wear every single day all summer long, like these lovelies that are marked down to $59.25 from $79: Securitie Gladiator Sandals.

This line of clothing is adorable and 100% organic. We love everything they offer and your babies will find it cozy, while you find it super cute. We have a special code just for you to save 25% off. Enter code prettyprudent25 at checkout to save 25% off your entire purchase at J Avenue Organics.

Happy shopping! Check out our previous finds here: Prudent Steals & Deals


Some Thoughts on Summer Balance

Rumi Ahhh summer is here. Ours started on June 4th, the last day of school for all LAUSD kids. So when Chobani asked me for my thoughts on keeping a balanced life, my mind started to wander, as it does. My daughter is thrilled it’s summer vacation time, obviously. I am also very excited about having her around more, though also a little nervous, as I am every year, wondering how I am going to keep everything (work, play, exercise, learning, and on and on) balanced as our usual schedule gives way to long summer days.

Summer Reading | Pretty Prudent

I think we, as mothers, tend to worry about this more… at least more than we did back when we were young and summer was all about tank tops and fun. I don’t know that I have any answers. I hope that we find a balance this summer between my work, and my time with Scarlet. I hope we find a balance between her just playing and enjoying being seven in the sun, and also keeping up with her schoolwork skills (especially her writing… turns out this writer mama has a total math kid. Talk about balance.)
Barbara De Angelis Quote

As you know, I like to gather inspiration, as I’ve been doing for years for my Prudent Advice books. I culled through some thoughts and Jacinda made these beautiful share-able images to inspire us. Check out more of them and my thoughts on summer balance after the jump… (more…)


Nook with a Book: Ramona’s Sweet Nest

book and nook

We are 1.5 weeks into Summer and doing well on our mission to keep up with our reading. I love to read and I’m hoping to share my passion for books with the kids. One trick I’ve found to get them into reading is to provide a comfortable spot in our home with plenty of light, snacks, and a bit of quiet. The last is not always so easy with three kids! My love of books (and book nooks) gave me the idea that I should share a few of my favorite people’s favorite reading spaces here on Pretty Prudent, and then a few of their favorite books.

First up I have one of Quinn’s besties, Miss Ramona Wills’ beautiful reading swing. Ramona’s mama Amber (Wills Casa) is a former elementary school teacher who knows a thing or two about inspiring kids to read, and designing a beautiful space in which to do it.

Ramonas-Room-45 Nook and a book

Ramona is going through her Elephant & Piggie stage. Our favorite was always There is a Bird on Your Head. But I do not WANT a bird on my head. hahaha. Those two crazy kids have such a cute and funny friendship.
Head on over to Wills Casa for a full tour of Ramona’s Room with tutorials on those curtains and the knitting needle wall hanging. It will not disappoint. And if you want to check out more of 5 year old Ramona’s favorite books, check out How I Became a Pirate and any of The Froggie Books. But seriously, why do all kids love those torturous froggie books so much?

Book with a nook


Toast Tuesday: Smoked Salmon, Capers & Dill

Toast Tuesday | Salmon, Caper &  Dill This is basically a lox bagel without the bagel, but just as satisfying. Start with a light spread of cream cheese, top with some folds of smoked salmon. Add a smattering of capers (I do love some saltiness), and finish with a sprinkling of dill. My dad would love it, hope you do too.