Best Clever & Cute Bookshelves for Kids’ Rooms

Best Bookshelves for Kids We adore a bookshelf that puts a few choice covers on display like artwork. These clear acrylic shelves give the room a grown up feel even as they adorn the walls in book cover art meant for children. This room was designed by Sissy + Marley, spotted on 2modern. They use the same shelving to awesome effect in the star-strewn room below. Best Bookshelves for Kids

This dreamy shelf offers the same display for one or two favorites, especially effective in a small room. This Cloud Shelf comes in small, medium or large ($50.50) as well as blue, gray, or white from ShopLittles on Etsy.
Best Bookshelves for Kids

The $3.99 Ikea Bekväm spice rack as bookshelf is a tried-and-true hack for kids rooms. They look so sweet on a wall here in Supergail‘s reading nook, or save space when attached to the sides of a dresser or changing table.
Best Bookshelves for Kids

Turning a bookshelf on it’s side and adding a cushion to create a little reading nook is a sweet way to bring books and coziness together. We love this gold-hued nursery look from Better Homes and Gardens.
Best Bookshelves for Kids

Updating a bookshelf with contrasting colors inside and out is always awesome. We love this sophisticated coral and gray makeover from The Pleated Poppy.
Best Bookshelves for Kids

We love these skateboard wall shelves from Leçons de Choses for a little dash of sporty fun.
Best Bookshelves for Kids


The Messy Business of Summer

Stains brought to you by kids, stain removal brought to you by OxiClean.

Where is our Summer going? It’s already past the 4th of July and before we know it we will be getting ready for back to school. But before we do, let’s spend a few lazy days making epic messes. I’m talking no rules painting sessions with the real acrylic paints from my stash. Yes, they know the difference and squeal with delight over all those beautiful bottles of paint with every variation of glitter paint, neon, and pearlescent.

Oxy-clean Summer painting session Oxy-clean Summer painting session

We try to wear our play clothes when we are getting dirty, or paint-y as the case may be, but why not keep even those cut-offs splatter free when it’s this easy… (more…)


What. A. Summer.

dino chase

How can it be true? Summer is almost over, with just a few weeks until school starts, so we are going to both take this week to share some time with our families. I am still in Rhode Island with my big crazy family and Jaime is off to NYC to enjoy some girl time with Scarlet. We will be back next week with lots of talk of cozy Fall and back-to-school but for now it’s all about the beach and The Big Apple.


Summer of Science


We went into Summer with big plans for traveling, reading, art, music, and even a little math but when Green Works reached out to us to partner on their new initiative we realized that we had left science off of the schedule. We needed to get these girls busy with some exciting experiments to encourage their love of science and the AAUW (American Association of University Women) Scientists and Green Works were ready to help.


Our society tells girls and women that they don’t belong in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. As early as first grade, children have already developed a sense of gender identity, and most have developed unconscious bias associating boys with math. Toys still reinforce rigid, highly gendered stereotypes that encourage only boys to build or engineer. Take a look at Green Works AWESOME video which explains why they were inspired to launch this initiative and how they plan to accomplish their goal of build a STEM Pipeline for Girls and Women.

Read on for instructions on how to conduct one of their science experiments with a few household products. (more…)