How to Make a Yarn Doll

how to make a yarn doll

This past Sunday I awoke to the sight of two pioneer girls giggling at my bedside. They had put together full pioneer costumes and were ready to start a day filled with pioneer crafts and projects and no conveniences of the 21st century. Surprise! But… but… the US Open is on TV. Alas when your kids are inspired to power down and do something creative, you can’t pass up the opportunity. I quickly pulled together my own pioneer wear, we churned some butter and ate breakfast, and then we made these cute and easy yarn dolls. They were so simple that the girls could even make them themselves. Here’s how…

how to make a yarn doll



How To Make a Football Jersey from a T-shirt

DIY football jersey

Awww. you guys!! Look at baby Gordon rocking his mama-made football jersey at his first birthday party. Many of you have been asking for this post in time for football season and we are happy to announce that it is back! Make one and send us a pic!

Click here for the full Football Jersey from a T-shirt Tutorial.

DIY football jersery


All the Prettiest Rainbow Bookshelves

Jaime Morrison Curtis' House I’m a huge proponent of organizing books by color (especially children’s books), because that’s how I remember them. I forget titles and authors but I can always picture the cover in my mind’s eye, which makes this the most efficient way for me to organize my book collection. You can sort of see some of my rainbow book collection in the pic of my living room, above. Every bookshelf in my house (and there are six) is a rainbow. Scarlet is the same way as me as far as how her memory works, so her bookshelves are also organized by color. The added bonus is, it looks great and makes a bookshelf appear less scattered and more like a design element. Here’s some of my favorite rainbow bookshelves for inspiration.

So pretty surrounding a fireplace in a bright white room, at SFGirlbyBay.
Rainbow Bookshelf 2

Rainbow books while you dine, at Vogue
Rainbow Bookshelf 1

Boho rainbow of books at myparadissi.
Rainbow Bookshelf 3

Love the chunky dark wood shelves, at Refinery 29. Rainbow Bookshelf 4

Floor to ceiling rainbow books at stylecaster.
Rainbow Books 5

So, how do you organize your books?


DIY Monogrammed Hair Clips are back!

monogrammed hair clip

Last year some of our most popular posts took an unexpected sabbatical. We finally tracked them down at various artist retreats in Upstate New York and hippie communes in New Mexico. They have “found themselves” and are back feeling refreshed and inspired to do great work here at Pretty Prudent.

First up we have an adorable DIY Monogrammed Hair Clip modeled by a teeny tiny baby Quinn. Check it.

monogrammed hair clip

Been missing any other posts that have been away “in treatment for exhaustion?” Mention them here and we will put them to the top of the to-do list.