Easy Felt Star Headband DIY

felt star headband

Quinn is modeling a sweet and simple felt star headband. This is a fun Summer sewing project for kids just learning how to use a needle and thread. Make one for “Back to Schoo,l” or just because she’s a star, or just because she is driving you crazy with the hair in the eyes. Here’s how… (more…)


Toast Tuesday: Peanut Butter & Banana

Toast Tuesday | Peanut Butter & Banana This week we are channeling Elvis with our toast. My kid even ate this one. It’s simple. Smear some peanut butter (or even better, sunflower seed butter using our Best Sunbutter Recipe). Slice a banana and pile it on. Drizzle with honey, then chow down.


Easy DIY Macramé Bottle Holder


We are obsessed with macramé and are happy to tell you that it really is not very difficult. We are also obsessed with Diet Coke so we thought a hanging herb garden would be an ideal way to upcycle our Diet Coke bottles. A Diet Coke bottle actually make a perfect planter for an herb garden, as the shape of the bottom of the bottle allows it to nestle nicely into your hanging rope. Follow this DIY and you will be planting your own little hanging herb garden in no time at all. Macramé is just tying knots, and we break it down for you very simply after the jump.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 20

Or, you could just carry your Diet Coke around in it, so everyone knows it is yours and you don’t have to share…
Macrame Bottle Holder

It’s also key to make sure people understand that all the Diet Coke belongs to you, and you plan to keep it that way.
Share a Diet Coke with Just Me

Get our DIY Macramé Bottle Holder DIY after the jump AND also enter to win a Diet Coke package featuring two bottles personalized with the name of your choosing (which is awesome, because you cannot order a personalized Diet Coke anywhere)…



California Dreamin’: Girl’s Night Pizza & Bubbles Party

Brought to you by California Pizza Kitchen oven-ready pizzas

Champagne bar menu

Pizza and Sparkling Wine (Champagne, Cava, Prosecco…) are two of my favorite things. Naturally when I think of the perfect girls’ night in, I want to pair them up. Here is the easiest way to entertain this Summer. Set up a Sparkling Wine Bar with fresh fruit and herbs, juices and liquors, and bake a few California Pizza Kitchen oven-ready pizzas like the new Hand-Tossed California Style White or The Works, both made with a Hand-Tossed Style crust that’s crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Your ladies will feel spoiled by tasty treats even though you spent more time working on your outfit than working in the kitchen. It’s Summer, no one has time for any of that. The best part is that between the delicious pizza options and DIY Champagne bar, everyone will find something they love.


Read on for our favorite tips and ingredients for the perfect Champagne Bar and 4 simple and delish champagne cocktails, all inspired by the combinations of premium ingredients in CPK’s oven-ready pizzas, like vine ripened tomatoes and gouda cheese. Now I’m hungry.