How to Sew a Duvet Cover – Stripes or Solids

how to sew a duvet coverA duvet cover is the most practical bedding solution for families, pet owners, and those who like to eat potato chips in bed. Seriously, what’s with the potato chips in bed? Sewing your own duvet cover can be a costly and cumbersome feat but with these tricks you can create perfectly unique and prudent custom bedding.

The easiest way to make a duvet cover is to simply sew together two flat sheets, one for the front and one for the
back. But we wanted a bit more pizzazz. We cut up and sewed together small amounts of designer fabric with multiple flat sheets in different colors and patterns to make our striped duvet.

We’ve provided two ways for you to assemble your desired duvet. As you can see by the chart below, these large dimensions require some creative fabric piecing. For our queen-size duvet cover, we created a striped panel to make the front, and a solid panel to make the back. Of course you can make both sides striped, or solid. The choice is yours!

how to sew a duvet cover



Tangerine Dreams: Our Favorite Tangerine Recipes

Tangerine WheelsMy tangerine tree is covered in fresh fruit and I just can’t keep up with it. In addition to my old standby, Tangerine Vanilla Bean Marmalade, here are some of my favorite Tangerine recipes I’ve tried, like these dehydrated citrus wheels from Spoon Fork Bacon.

Honey Tangerine, Avocado & Quinoa Salad from Season with Spice Tangerine Salad

Persimmon and Tangerine Smoothie from Bojon Gourmet Tangerine Smoothie

Glazed Tangerine Cake from It Bakes Me Happy Glazed Tangerine Cake

Tangerine Souffles from Martha Stewart (haven’t tried these yet, but plan to this weekend) Tangerine Souffles

Tangerine Chicken from The Novice GardenerTangerine Chicken


Finished Seam Solutions – 3 Ways to Sew Seams

Finished Seam Solutions
This week we will be sharing how to make a beautiful duvet cover with stripes of coordinating fabric but before we do, we want to give you a quick refresher in three ways to create impressive (and durable) finished seams. Finished seams will keep this duvet (or any DIY Home Decor) going strong after many washes. It also will make an item look totally professional for gifting or selling.

Here are a few ways to finish your seams:

SERGE: If you have a serger, use it to serge all the raw edges. Then straight stitch ¼”–½” (6 mm–12 mm) in from the serged edges to make sharp, sturdy seams. (a)

EASY OVERLOCK STITCH: You can fake an overlock stitch by setting the sewing machine to the zigzag stitch. Normally, the needle moves from left to right and back again, sewing through the fabric each time. This time, align the fabric so that when the needle moves to the right, towards the outside raw edge it doesn’t sew through the fabric, but just falls off the edge. Follow with a straight stitch ¼”–½” (6 mm–12 mm) in from the serged edges to make sharp, sturdy seams.(b)

FRENCH SEAMS: Rather than placing your two pieces of fabric with right sides together to sew a seam, place them with wrong sides together. Sew with a ¼” (6 mm) seam. Trim the seam allowance to ⅛” (3 mm), then turn the fabric so the right sides are facing. Using a ½” (12 mm) seam, sew a second seam, parallel to the first, that encases the first seam in the fold. (This second seam will lock in and hide the fabric’s raw edge.) Turn the fabric right side out. (c, d)

Illustrations by: Sonya Benham


Pretty Prudent Trend: Deconstructed Nails!

Deconstructed Beach Nails We love a good summery nail tutorial! And this year’s hot new trend of “deconstructed” nails is easy to DIY and looks so hot! You can do it in neutrals, Deconstructed Sparkle Nails
or crazy colors, and you will always look amazing. I rock this look almost every day! Deconstructed Nail Wraps
Find out how to get the DIY Deconstructed nail look after the jump… (more…)


Cornhole and How to Make your Own Bean Bags


Before I met my husband, I didn’t even know what Cornhole was, but once I had my first taste of it I couldn’t stop. In the backyard, at tailgate parties, even at a family reunion, I was obsessed with Cornhole. From Indiana to Kentucky to Texas, I realized that everyone had grown up practicing with friends, a favorite relative or even their grandma. When Rick and I got married we got our own set and the fun continued until this past winter when I left it out in the rain and surprise, I learned that the bean bags where actually filled with corn! I learned this because a family of mice chewed through the bean bags and enjoyed a hearty winter snack. If we wanted the Cornhole fun to continue, I would have to replace the bean bags. IMG_3349


Read on for how to make a basic bean bag for Cornhole or any of your other bean bag needs. (more…)


DIY Embroidered Fox Plushie Pillow

DIY Embroidered Fox PlushieYou know we love foxes here at Pretty Prudent. That’s why I had to make this embroidered fox plushie as soon as I saw it on Urban Threads, which is my favorite place to browse cool machine embroidery designs. I made this in under an hour using this doodle fox pattern. If you have an embroidery machine (or like hand embroidering) check out their tutorial for making a plushie from any embroidery pattern: Simple Embroidered Plushies.


A New Low-Budget Sitting Area

About 2.5 years ago we adopted a trio of adorable fluffy kittens and our lives, and home furnishings, have never been the same. Yes we have tried to curb scratching with tin foil and lemon spray, no we wont have their claws removed. Got anything else? Please? I have finally reached my limit with a couch that sits in our bay window overlooking our pretty backyard. The arms are scratched down to the foam. It’s an eye sore and it has to go, but as a relatively sane person I can’t bare to give the kitties an expensive new scratch toy.

cheap modern arm chair ikea sale

We decided to make a trek to Ikea to check out affordable furniture options. We found these EKERÖ chairs in a beautiful indigo for $139.00 each. They were surprisingly easy to put together. I had been burned by a few Ikea dresser projects in my 20’s and had been dreading the project.

So now I have to finish out this little space with a few more durable, low-cost, human-friendly and cat-friendly pieces. The chairs will sit near a painting by Micah Crandall-Bear which we already own and love. It’s similar to this one.


Which of the following looks would you choose?

Ikea Arm Chair 1 Rug: Ikea/$79.99Art: Minted/$20.00+Side Table: Lamps Plus/$199.91Ikea Arm Chair 2

Rug: West Elm/$174+Art: RBTL: $20Side Table: Lamps Plus/$365.00 Ikea Arm Chair 3

Rug: Anthro/$98+Art: Kelly Christine Photo: $25+Side Table: Lamps Plus/$367.00  Ikea Arm Chair 4

Rug: Target/$98+Art: NOMO: $30Side Table: Lamps Plus/$69.91

So what do you think?


DIY Gel Pen Mandala Garland

DIY Gel Pen Mandala Garland Oh prudent friends, I am sure you are aware of the adult coloring trend? I have yet to be enticed into using a coloring book to excise my creative demons, but I understand the draw. There’s something meditative about taking pen to paper and just making something, but (at least for me) the idea of staying between the lines does not appeal. Hence, the discovery of gel pen doodling has awakened me to a whole new world of mindless creativity. And by mindless, I just mean that it doesn’t require the kind of attention to detail that the usual crafts we share warrant. If you have a truly good gel pen, you can doodle endlessly and the results are magical (no smudges, no smears, bright colors, smooth lines).

That’s why I was so pleased to find that the Pentel gel pens I recently received lived up to their reputation for seamless lines, and actually made for a really fun couple weeks of doodling. I think I may have actually taken my un-steady hand and made a fun tutorial that anyone can create (even kids, Scarlet had a blast making these) in the form of these gel pen mandalas, which I proceeded to cut out and turn into a garland. Gel Pen Mandala Succulent 2 It’s looks difficult to do, but it truly is not. It’s actually rather zen-inducing. Gel Pen Mandala Garland Let me show you how after the jump… (more…)