10 Amazon Prime Gifts You Can Get Right Now

Hey guys, I’m dropping in with 10 Amazon Prime Gifts You Can Get Right Now.

Looking for goodies for some bunny special? Better hop to it. Due to demand for at-home deliveries, Amazon has prioritized delivering essentials, which makes 2 day delivery less reliable. I had a few fun gift ideas that I had wanted to share with you so I double checked that they can make it in time. Phew, I found them! Plus I added some other great gifts that help make time at home a little more enjoyable. Of course, double check delivery dates for yourself when you click.


Unstable Unicorns Game This game! My three kids have begged to play it daily since it arrived two weeks ago. It has become a really fun part of our family routine at home. We love it so much that we plan to surprise Gordon with two of the expansion packs for Easter. He is going to be so excited. (Amazon Affiliate link – thank you!)

Gaffer’s Tape Set  Do you follow artist Donald Robertson on Instagram? You really need to. He is always amazing but right now he is doing a series of art tutorials that are super chic and fun. They are suitable for kids but also fun for adults of all skill levels. He features Gaffer’s Tape in all of them so we have some arriving by the end of the week to play with. (Amazon Affiliate Link – Thank You!)

Animal Spirit Deck & Guidebook (Wild Unknown) This might be the delivery that I’m personally most excited about. I discovered this gorgeous boxed giftset of a book and spirit animal cards in the lounge of a spa in Sedona last summer. So lux. The kids still remember hearing me talk about them and so I know we are going to have some fun sharing them and learning about our ever-changing social distancing personalities. The last time I checked I was an “otter.” (Amazon Affiliate Link – Thank You!)

The World of Frida Kahlo Jigsaw Puzzle Jigsaw puzzles have come around as the hot new at-home pastime. I’ve always loved them but based on Amazon availability, so does everyone else now a days. I did spy this gorgeous Frida Kahlo Puzzle that releases next week and hopefully arrives quickly? This one is a maybe on 2-day delivery but I’m feeling optimistic. I have my pre-order in just incase. (Amazon Affiliate Link – Thank You!)

Creative Watercolor: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners–Create with Paints, Inks, Markers, Glitter, and More! Popular watercolor artist and workshop instructor Ana Victoria Calderon shares her step-by-step techniques for painting modern designs in this classic medium. All the fundamentals needed to get started in watercolor are here, allowing you to quickly learn how to create beautiful watercolor paintings. (Amazon Affiliate Link – Thank You!)

Jaf Tea – Tea Sampler/Gift Set – Pure Fruits Collection Forest Fruit, Blueberry Delight, Pink Grapefruit, Sunny Lemon, Peach Orchard, Passion Fruit, Creamy Soursop, Mango Banana. The girls are going to be thrilled when they see this beautiful gift box of tea that JAF TEA sent us. These fruity tea flavors are exactly the type of hot beverage that they love to curl up with. AND it’s one of 10 Amazon Prime Gifts You Can Get Right Now. (Amazon Affiliate Link – Thank You!)

Comfy Lite Blanket Speaking of curling up. We’ve all hear of the The Comfy, of SharkTank fame, well they have a new LIGHTWEIGHT BLANKET HOODIE and we are all fighting over the one that they sent us. It is a truly enjoyable experience and has become Clare and Quinn’s home school uniform. ha! (Amazon Affiliate Link – Thank You!)

Art Philosophy Watercolor Confetti Set Artist grade, high quality and highly pigmented watercolor pans. Sized perfectly for artists on the go, these professional grade paints provide bright, intense, smooth and long lasting colors that will work beautifully on any art or mixed media project. I love Art Philosophy paints and so this larger set of 24 hues has me drooling. Ok, this one may actually be a gift for me.

Norpro Frozen Ice Pop Maker with 24 Wooden Sticks I know that Clare, my little kitchen experimenter, is going to have so much fun making a mess, err frozen treats, with these. I see a series of boozy ice pop recipes in Pretty Prudent’s future. In the meantime, you can try some of our delicious recipes like Elote Popsicle Recipe, Mango Sriracha Popsicle Recipe, Matcha Green Tea Popsicle Recipe or Pumpkin Spice Latte Popsicle Recipe.

Procrastibaking Whether you need a distraction, a treat, or just a break from your responsibilities, beloved blogger Erin Gardner’s enticing collection of 100 recipes is here to provide a delicious diversion. Baking (and eating, ha!) has been bringing us all so much joy these past few weeks.




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