DIY Craft Punch Stationery Part 2

One of the nicest headaches of being a new mom is ALL THOSE THANK YOU NOTES. Put those Craft Punches to work with 10 minute (or less) custom stationery. More fun ideas to come this week…

What you need:
Pretty cardstock (or in this case recycled calendar page) which will be the back of your card
A second (front) sheet of paper for writing (if there is print on the back of your cardstock, check that there is no unwanted show-through)
Paper adhesive (xyron products are awesome, come in a range of prices and are readily available at your local craft store)
x-acto blade
cutting mat (or cardboard)
straight edge
craft punch

1. Cut your cardstock (which will be the back of your note) to a size slightly larger than your envelope.

2. Apply adhesive to back of cardstock and adhere to back of second (front) sheet of paper.

3. Measure paper to 1/4″ less than envelope and trim.

4. Punch through card with Craft Punch

5. Glue your punched shape to your envelope (optional)

6. Write your salutation and note.

7. Pat yourself on the back for actually using that rocketship punch that you bought on clearance for $2.99




oh my, love this idea. i have an owl craft punch that i had to have and have never figured out a use for. AND when i forgot scarlet's shoes and missed my facial and consoled myself with a trip to Paper Source i grabbed some 50% off purple cardstock for no reason…perfect project!


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