DIY Canned Food Cake Stand Part 2

I loved Jacinda’s quick homemade cake standso much I had to try it out.
It was so easy! I also learned a valuable lesson about reading the reviews before trying a new recipe…if I had I would have knownthis recipefrom Cookie was mis-written and only made half a cake! oh well, the frosting was good!

My version after the jump…

Click here to get Jacinda’soriginal DIY.

I didn’t have any cardboard cake rounds, so I traced a plate on this old (clean) Mozza pizza box:

I felt happy that the box asked me to recycle it and I did.

Then I traced that round on the back of my paper…should have done it on the front…oops, had to redo without the paper designer’s logo showing:

I didn’t have good craft glue so my sides weren’t sticking well:

So i just added a little hot glue around the inside bottom:

Then after the cake was eaten, it found secondary purpose as a little stand for keys and such near the front door:



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jacinda did you notice i made a point of saying it was a "MOZZA" pizza box.. just to rub it in that we have mozza in CA and you don't? i'm so nice sometimes.


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