Artist Retreat Recap – Ace Hotel DIYs

Is it possible to love your best friend as much as your sister or husband? †I think so. †Is it possible to love a hotel as much as your own home? †I think so. †On this mini-artist retreat,†I made progress towards meeting my book deadline for Prudent Advice†(note: your inspirations always help and would be welcome) and ThreadMary made progress on getting her hand sewn project off the ground. †How could we not with surroundings like these?
The Ace Hotel is heaven for the DIY inspiration-seeker; all kilim, ikat and army green with industrial fixings reworked to create an almost run-down, modern, laid-back desert charm.
See more details and how-to ideas after the jump:

†one good friend + sunscreen
Make some outdoor cushions and throw them on any old wall or planter. I’m working on a project like this to share with you but it’s going to be a minute.
Industrial piping as towel hooks. Try these plumbing fixtures: a†flange, a 1 1/4″ nipple, a†90 degree elbow, and a 1 1/4″ plug, then coat with high gloss paint.
These stools were made by Ten10 Design in Silver Lake. †Maybe you could find some old metal stools on craigslist and take them to a local auto body shop for powder coating, and have a leather repair shop cut a top for you.
i totally advocate having a vintage trailer by your pool.
Outdoor dhurries have such a dusty charm. †i picked up several $2.99 multi-striped cheapies at ikea and sewed ’em together (i’ll post on this soon)
Pick up a used sail and create windows or bedspreads out of it. †The grommets are a great touch and an easy way to hang them.
Try a bike hook as a curtain tie-back.
these were custom made for the Ace, but you can get a similar chair here or you can often find a rope version along the Baja Coast if you have time to cross the border this weekend.
these slatted walls are a great storage solution for a kids room, and unframed art hung with bullclips means constant changes and updates to the visual space.
and why not repaint a vintage bike just because it looks so cute?


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