Back in January, we asked you what your crafting goals were for the year and it surprised me that so many of you were quilters. Iím not sure why it surprised me because quilts are awesome. It might be that quilting scares me… it seems complicated and time-consuming and requires extreme accuracy. But you see, there is this new addiction that I have, Itís purchasing fabric and well, quilting seems like the PERFECT excuse to buy tons of really beautiful cotton prints. So when my copy of the brand new book Better Homes and Gardens EASY QUILT PROJECTS arrived on the doorstep this morning, I handed the kids a string cheese and dove in. Anything that enables my fabric addiction is worth a shot, right? This book is just what I was looking for. The patterns are bold and simple, the directions are clear and concise and there are plenty of pretty pictures. Everything we love at Prudent Baby (except champagne!) It seems like the perfect book for a beginner or an experienced quilter looking for some simple, fun patterns, including great ideas for the kitchen, bag projects, gifts… oh and quilts, of course. There are even templates in the back. Take a sneak peek inside and then feed your own fabric addiction by picking up a copy here.

And if you have your eye on the puuurdy fabrics in the background, they are 2 Joann Fabric exclusive patterns (so pretty, right?), a Anna Maria Horner Voile and a random cotton from Hobby Lobby. See? Addicted.




I've always wanted to quilt, but Aunt Jackie's skillz (heh) have made me feel like machine quilting is kinda cheaty. And I'm too lazy, uncoordinated, whatever, to hand-quilt. That said, the quilt in the 'Square Off' page is gorge. I might have to go find fabrics like that.


i was just perusing my copy wondering if i could quilt as well as my mom. i always think of quilts as old fashioned but this book made me realize they so are not. and the quilts my mom has made for me and for S are prized possessions…


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