Daily Candy says: Let’s Hear it for The Moms!

We were beyond thrilled to be featured on Daily Candy this week in a mother’s day piece about mom bloggers! As they wrote: “Millennial moms and blogging go together like muffin tops and toddlers. {ed. note: they think we’re young enough to be millenial moms! nice!} In honor of Mothers Day, were setting you up with a fresh batch of mom bloggers, not muffins.” The idea of the piece was one author sharing her favorite read, and that author sharing hers, and so on until we went on a little journey around the world!

They started with one of our favorite moms, Rebecca from Cooking with My Kid
who paid it forward to me at Prudent Advice & Prudent Baby
who sent them over to inspirational and stylish Viv from Ish & Chi
who sang the praises of Belinda from The Happy Home
who can’t get enough of Jeanette Lunde from Fryd +Design
who loves reading Irene Hoofs at Bloesem Kids!

Check out the piece on Daily Candy here for more details on these awesome sites and let us know what you think of these new sources of inspiration in the comments!




when I read that quote from them, the first thing I thought of was very chubby toddlers with back fat coming out of their jeans when they sit down… I didn't realize so many toddlers had that problem these days- we need Jamie Oliver more than ever.


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