GIVEAWAY: Bridget & Lucy Ruffle Joy Kit

Are you ready? This week we have a to-die-for giveaway for anyone with a girlie-girl in their life.

When we came across Bridget & Lucy at Quilt Market last May, we had to introduce ourselves to Megan! I mean, look at this booth! How could we tear ourselves away!?! Plus, she seems pretty nice, right?

She and her mom create A-DOR-ABLE skirt patterns and also assemble complete kits with the cutest collections of fabric, all ready to be sewn up by you! This Fall, I have to get Clare in one of these sweet skirts with her little Black pleather H&M jacket from Jaime! Texas Summer, go away!

Here’s what they have to say about their fantastic kits…
Does your little girl have a serious ruffle obsession? Then this is the skirt for her. Our fabric-based skirt is stacked with layers of ruffles in different colors and designs. And that’s not all. The drop waist features a ribbon embellishment with a flower, a button, or whatever cute item catches our eye! This skirt is a must-have for every little princess.
Each kit comes with the base fabric shown in the picture and an assortment of jelly rolls (fabric strips) from the picture. EACH KIT IS UNIQUE! That’s part of the excitement! Again, the base fabric will be what is shown, the fabric strips will be an assortment of the ones pictured. You also receive coordinating ribbon for the drop waist, a tulle poof for embellishment, tulle for the bottom ruffle and non roll elastic for the waist.
Every kit includes enough fabric for the largest size with a cutting chart on the pattern to customize it to the size you are sewing. We have measurements for a size 1 – size 5. A size 1 fits a one to two year old, a size 2 fits a 2 to three year old, etc.

This week, Bridget & Lucy is giving away their Paper Dolls and Preppy Stripes Ruffle Joy Kit to one lucky Prudent Baby Reader.


To enter this giveaway, head on over to Bridget & Lucy and have a look. Come back and tell us which kit theme is your fav, and since Megan (the one with the gorgeous smile above) runs this business with her mom, tell us if you think you could work with a family member, who it is and what you would do together. I cannot lie, my favorite kit is Paper Dolls and Preppy Stripes, the very one that we are giving away! As for working with a family member, I can come up with a few but I always have thought it would be fun to do something with my Sister-In-Law, she has mad saw skills, can weld, and has a great eye. Maybe we would create a line of modern planters. HA! I don’t know. So how about you? Which kit is your fav and who could you work with in your crazy fam?

Also, share the giveaway on facebook by clicking “like” below, or tweet the giveaway, then leave another comment each time letting us know for an additional entry. Come back every day for a new entry. Entries will close at midnight September 7th and a winner will be randomly selected. ENTER AWAY!

You can also find information about bridget&lucy at




Wow! My little girl would love this skirt! I love the Pink Ruffle Playdate kit but they are all awesome!
I don't know if I could tell you who I would be able to work with but I know who I couldn't work with! LOL! I would love to work with my mom. She would be perfect to take care of the business side of things! Thanks for the giveaway and introducing these kits to me! Love them!


Oh, I've been on their site before, LOVE THEM! I totally like the Pink Ruffle Joy kit!

Family I would work with: Does my husband count? Maybe my sister in law she likes wine as much as I do so that could get fun…

or dangerous.

Happy Homemaker

I LOVE the pink ruffle joy kit. Absolutely darling and my 3yr old would love it too. She's totally a girly girl which I don't quite understand because I am tomboy all the way. πŸ™‚

As for the family member I would work with: would have to be my youngest sister-in-law. She's a fantastic artist with a great eye for design and sews all her own clothes. Who wouldn't want to work with someone like that?!


They're SO cute, My three year old is such a 'girly girl'. I Love the pink and blue ready to wear skirt, but if it were up to my daughter she would undoubtably want the PINK ruffle joy kit. They are all just gorgeous.

Megan, how do you do it? I love my mother. As we all do, but I think I'd have to become an alcoholic or purposely cause hearing damage if I was to work with her everyday.


I love the Blue Kashmir Ruffle theme! It's simple and graceful combination of light colors. Love it! I have 3 sisters, and I can work with every one of them, but if I have to choose one, that would be my youngest little sister, she is so much fun.


So cute! I love the purple ruffle kid and there is no way in hell I could ever work with anyone in my family. I go to work every day to escape!

So-Sew Me

I have never heard of them before thanks for sharing. I love all the kits but because my daughter is 3 she would automatically pick the pink one. My baby isn't happy unless she is in a dress or skirt. Even if it is an old dress she will walk around and ask people if they like her new dress and then model it for them.


So cute! I have having my first baby girl in January and have officially gone crazy entering the world of little girl clothes!

I love the pink ruffle joy kit the most.

As far as could I work with my family. Nope. No way, not a chance. I could work with my husband… but as far as other family, probably a recipe for frustration.


I love the pink and the paper doll kits! As for working with family, I think there are several gals in my family that I would have a blast working with (and spending more time with!).

The Lyons'

I love the paper doll and preppy stripes ruffle kit. So darling! I love bold colors!

As for who I would work with: I would love to work with my mother in law. I know, I know, people say that mother in laws' are beasts, but I love mine to bits! She is very much into canning and I think canning and selling salsa would be awesome! Who doesn't like salsa?! We would even make mild for the weenies. =)


I think I love the pink ruffle joy kit most. And I could work with pretty much any family member. I like them all well enough to have them as coworkers. Well, maybe not my mom, or my mother-in-law, or my sister-in-law… Hm, maybe I shouldn't work with family.


Ohh, the cherries, zebras and flowers kit calling my name! I would wear it too – why don't they make it in big girl sizes?

As far as working with a family member….hmm my husband is the perfect complement to me, but I think I would drive him craaazy! I could work with HIM, but HE couldn't work with ME πŸ™‚


My daughter would pick PINK all the way! The pink ruffle joy kit pretty much is her to a T! I could definitely work with my mom…not sure about anyone else! πŸ™‚

Chad, Dilenna, Ashlynn, and Audree

Those skirts are adorable and as a mom of two very girly-girls, I would definitely pick out the paper dolls and preppy stripes kit for them. My oldest loves anything pink! As for who I would work with, it would be my mom. She is an amazing seamstress and I love sewing with her. She's super detailed oriented and I would love to be her apprentice! Maybe we could open a sewing class and I could do the business side of things and she could teach aspiring seamstresses!


The cherries, zebras and flowers is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time.

I could work with my sister fairly easily and we've talked about putting some things together. I could also work with my mom but it wouldn't be as smooth or as easy.


It is hard to pick one favorite as they are all adorable! I am going to have to order the Bye Bye Messenger Bag! The itty bitties I care for will love them for our library days!
I work with family everyday and enjoy it!


I have to say if the Cherry & Blue ruffle was available that would be my top pick. My granddaughter just LOVES anything blue. I bought her jelly beans for Easter and she picked every single blue one out to eat and refused to touch any other colors. LOL Of those that are available currently as kits, it would be the Cherries, Zebras, and Flowers. That's too cute.

My husband and I would be great as a team in any business because we are so perfectly matched and work well together in anything. He tried to talking me into opening my dream of my own bakery and coffee shop but my knees had other ideas so that is not possible now. Had we done it though, I know we would have had a great time working together.


LOVE the Paperdolls — especially since I know my 3 year old would ADORE it! The hardest part of sewing for me is combining colors/fabrics .. I like how they remove this step!


I love the Cherries, Zebras and Flowers Ruffle Joy Kit the most! We are swimming in pinks and red is a fun choice for little girls.

I could work with my husband if we had different tasks, but side-by-side, working on the same projects? Umm….maybe my cousin? She's a sewist also, and even though we have very different tastes I bet we could create some cute stuff together. What a fun giveaway!

Adventure of the Hoffman family

This is AWESOME! I love all of the kits- girl loves anything purple. I am in awe of the cuteness factor. So much so that I am making a ruffle skirt for my little one with coordinating fabrics and adding a bit of tulle for that romantic effect. I really love the different fabrics that the kits have they are gorgeous.

family and business is difficult to map out it would have to depend on roles. Parents not so much!


I love the PINK ruffle kit! So Cute! We definitely have a lot of that color in our house!
I think I might like to work with my mother-in-law actually she is super crafty and just has USEFUL skills. She can create magic from her very old sewing machine and with a little wine we'd be creative AND happy. πŸ™‚

Bonnie Michelle

I love the Mosaic Purple Ruffle Joy kit. So cute!!
And as for working with family, I've already done it! I ran a flower shop with my mom and sister for about a year and a half…then we finally gave in to the failing economy and closed it down πŸ™ It was really fun and I don't think I could work with anyone else in my family, the 3 of us worked great together.


I love the Pink Ruffle Joy Kit! It would be so adorable on my little girl for her first birthday party πŸ™‚
If I had to choose a family member to work with it would be my husband or my mom. Both would be so much fun!

Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway!


I like the Mosaic Purple Ruffle kit.

I would love to work with my mom and daughters owning a fabric/scrapbook shop.


MY fave colorwise is blue kashmir skirt, but there is no coordinating kits. So Pink ruffle playdate is my next choice.
If I had to work with my family member, it would be my daughter, she is only a toddler now, but she loves to help me with crafts and I love the experience too!


They are all super cute, but my favorite is the mosaic purple ruffle kit. I'm the mother of two boys, but I just found out I'm going to be an auntie to a niece!

In terms of business partners, I think it would be a blast to work with my mom. She's super fun and we get along great!


The purple mosaic is super cute. But they would all be so fun to make and for a little girl to wear…love it. I could work with my husband. He has a great business mind and keeps things real—-I am more of a dreamer:)


Adorable!!! My favorite is the one in the giveaway also. Paper Dolls and Preppy Stripes. I love the eclectic look of the whole outfit!

My mom and sister is who I work best with. We are getting ready for our first 'big girl' craft sale next month. We'll see how it goes…!

Thank You,


How cute is this stuff!! My little girl is 16 (almost 17) months old, and nothing brings me more joy than getting her all girly each day. We love skirts, and bows, and flowers, and anything fun with pink in it!
I have to say my favorite is the pink ruffle joy kit. Which would be no surprise to anyone that knows me.
If I had to work with someone in my family. I think it would be my Mother and my Grandma. It has been my mothers life long dream to own a bakery, and she can bake anything with the best of them. And since I am a cake decorator, I think we would flourish, and I have been baking with my grandmother since I knew how to walk!


I love the purple mosaic ruffle and the preppy stripes!! What a great find!!!!I have just refound my love of sewing and just finished sewing lunch bags for my girls! I think my mama and I would make a great team! We could make cool Indian ethnic items! She loves to sew and taught me everything I know! Now I just need to do it more!


My 2- year old daughter will only wear dresses, tutus and skirts. The bigger and more layers, the better! Seriously, she won't even sleep in her pajamas. She would love any of these kits, but I like the mosaic purple ruffle job kit. I think it would be fun to work with her in a flower shop because she loves flowers. Her creative input always inspires and surprises me.


My favorite kit is definitely the Pink Ruffle Joy kit. I know a little girl who would wear it everyday.
My family owns a business together, but only one person runs it's daily operations. I am not sure we would survive if we were all in the office together everyday. It is nice to know the other owners and trust them, but sometimes they can really push each others buttons.


These are to die for. How cute!! I personally love the cherries, zebras, and flowers ruffle kit. My daughter would flip for that one.

If I was working with a family member it would have to be my sister. We would have a great time party planning!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

secret cake

So cute!! I like the preppy set, too. Ummm…I think I would work with my soon-to-be-sister-in-law. She's creative and crafty and has an appreciation for handmade/homemade.

Thanks for the chance, and for the heads-up on the darling (but dangerous) shop! : )

secretcake (at) yahoo (dot) com


I love the Cherries, Zebras and Flowers Ruffle Joy Kit! I have always loved cherry fabric on little clothes. I would love to work with my sister-in-law. She is so creative and ambitious – I wish I had even half of her creativity! She loves to make unique, sentimental gifts for family members.


I like the pink ruffle joy kit. I would definitely work with my sister. She is my most favorite person in the world (other than my daughter). πŸ™‚ So creative too…she makes darling scrapbooks and invitations. I'd like to think we could come up with some cute little girl clothing designs. Who knows…maybe you've inspired me to try it!


I drool over these adorable skirts all the time! My favorite is all of them! lol I love all the colors. I guess if i have to pick a favorite for winnings sake i would pick the paper dolls. I would work with my BFF Becca. She's like a sister. We both love sewing and doing crafts and talk about doing something with our skills all the time.


Love these skirt kits! The PINK one would be my favorite…two girls in our house and we're ALL pink ALL the time! I'd love to work with my sister-in-law…she's got a great crafty/artsy vibe and wonderful sense of style. No matter what we would do together I think we'd have a creative blast! Thanks for the chance to win!





Oh, those are adorable! I love the blue kashmir ruffle skirt.

Whether I could work with family members would have to depend on what we were doing. I have worked with my husband and father-in-law, but I am not sure I could anymore.


I am loving the cherries, zebras, and flowers kit. In my opinion, cherries and zebra print belong together, kinda like pb&j; or chocolate and graham crackers (or chocolate and pregnant ladies for that matter)!
My husband and I are in the process of buying the family business from his parents. I (graciously) told him that I would be willing to go back to work if it would help things out financially. To which he replied' "Ha, us working together 6 days a week? Not gonna happen." I don't know whether to be offened or not!


Oh my, I'm loving the Paper Dolls and Preppy Stripes too! The kit would be perfect for my granddaughter. As for working with a family member, my mom and I always worked well together in the kitchen…She hates to cook and I hate doing cleanup!


I love the Pink Ruffle Joy kit. That just screams girly to me! Very adorable!

I think I could work with one of my cousins because we think a lot alike. She will call me and say guess what I just did and I can usually guess. Just like on Monday I talked to her. She said you are not going to believe what I did over the weekend. She's like, I'm totally embarrassed to even tell you! I said……DID YOU GET A TATTOO????? Neither of us have ever gotten one, she's never even mentioned to me that she wanted one but for some strange reason I just knew!! Totally off topic here. LOL

Love the patterns and the fabric and of course the little models over there! Thanks for the chance to win. :0)


I like the colour scheme of the Mosaic Purple Ruffle Joy Kit, however. they are ALL FREAKING ADORABLE!!!

As for working in a team with a family member, it really depends on WHAT the project would be.
Cakes and Quilts- definitely my mamma Bear
Sewing clothes/bags/baby stuff/housewares etc- either of my two sisters or my cousin would do just fine!
House projects-reno's/painting/interior design would go to my inlaws (sister in-laws… and daddy inlaw for sure!)

I am lucky to have a big talented family for whatever the need be.

Would love to win this skirt. My darling 16 month old would think it was just awesome.


I love the Pink Ruff set! I think for the most part I could work with my mother-in-law best. I know it sounds odd but she's wonderful. My mom died when I was 10 and my mother-in-law never had a daughter so we're pretty close.


The pink ruffle joy set is my favorite! So pretty!

Hmm, I work really well with my husband. He is very administrative and handles all the money stuff for my little business. We have always talked about one day doing something bigger together. Creatively, my mom and I could have a great time. She always thinks outside of the box.


I tryed to make something like this for my daughter but it was pretty bad-now it sits in the remake pile!

but I really want to win the fabric from the other giveaway- most of my stash is too old ladyish, probably from being passed on to me by some older ladies!

The Smith Family

I love these skirts!! I think my favorite would have to be the Blue Kashmir Kit, mainly because my husband says we have enough pink in this house. My first daughter will be 2 on September 11th and this would make the perfect little birthday skirt!

If I had to work with someone, it would definitely be my older sis, who is so creative it's not even funny. I think if we did start doing something together, it would have to be party planning, from the invitations all the way to the cake!! I love her, she is my inspiration for all things crafty!


WOW!!! Those are amazing!! I think paper dolls & preppy stripes is my favorite, too, but I know my pink loving daughter would be all over that pink ruffles joy set!!! Too, too cute!!!


I love the purple mosaic ruffle joy kit. I try not to dress my little girl in the traditional all pink. I think that if I were to work with a family member it would be my sister. Her and I have always gotten along and she is very very good with accounting, which I am terrible with. She also makes the best paper crafts and I am good at fiber arts/sewing, so we'd have a nicely balanced business.


OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!! I liked you on Facebook, now I am going to pick my favorite kit and I'll be right back.
BTW, my daughter's name is Lucy and she is totally a girly-girl!

Practically Spent

Cherries, Zebras and Flowers are my fav. But they're all so nice and colorful. I could ABSOLUTELY work with my mom….have always wanted to. We'd make a great pair owning and running a gift shop complete with our own decor.


Okay back already! Did mention I was excited about this give away? I love all the stripes but pink would be my daughter, Lucy's, choice, so that's what I will go with.

I used to work with my husband before I became an SAHM, at his family's oil company. I was the recptionist, and I could go back to that if I had to. I would much rather do something crafty with my sister-in-law who inspires me to try new things.

Did I mention that my daughter's name is Lucy and that she would LOVE a ruffle skirt? πŸ™‚

lil misses' mama

Seriously so fabulous!! I love the Mosaic Purple Ruffle Joy Kit! The stripe paper dolls set is a close second!
My twin sister and I have become addicted to sewing together and we have talked about opening an etsy shop together. I have one of my own already, but we have dreamed about how fun it would be to sew together and sell together too! We know each other so very well and conflicts don't last very long between us, so we would probably make a pretty good team! The inspiring story of Bridget & Lucy might just be all the encouragement we need to run off and do it right now!

laura b.

The purple mosaic is my fav. I'd love to work with my hubby just making stuff. I'd sew and craft and he could build and create. Not sure we'd support our family doing it but it would be fun.


I favorited the Bridget and Lucy site which I found via Prudent Baby ages ago in the hopes of ordering the Mosaic Purple kit for my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter. Unfortunately, haven't been able to do that yet but plan on it for sure. My G-daughter Reese is all ruffles, bows and sparkles and I can't wait for her to give me a "twirl" in one of these skirts. I'm just getting into sewing and crafting (better late than never…!!) and actually my neice and I have been talking about perhaps getting something going. I love decoupage, Mixed Media, yarn arts and she is incredible with dried flower/floral design. We're putting our heads together and who knows..?…I could so work with her…..she and I share our souls. Gotta love it.
I thank God for the day that I found Prudent Baby. This site is so informative and has such wonderful links to other creative and inspiring blogs. Thank you for your hard work. It is so appreciated.


The Cherries, Zebras and Flowers Ruffle Joy Kit totally caught my eye! Love the reds and yellows together! As for working with family, I'm close to sub-contracting all of my glass cleaning to my crazy Uncle Jim!


I adore the Cherries kit! And as for working with a relative I would have to say my sister-in-law. Our business would be called 'That Takes The Cake!' and she would make cakes and I would make cupcakes and cookies. And it would be awesome.


My favorite is the Pink Ruffle Joy Kit, they're all cute though! I don't think I could work with any one in my family… I'm too much of a control freak. I would drive them crazy!


My little girl's favorite is "pink and polka dots" so I would have to say the Pink themed one is my favorite although they are all great.
Okay- so I am super lucky but I can't think of anyone in my family that I could not work with…..that being said I also can't think of any work I could would dream of doing right now but my newest task which I am sort kinda doing with a family member is homeschooling my son- and my sister in law is homeschooling her daughter and we plan to chill together while we do it sometimes…..

Julie Weaver

The Purple Mosaic is probably my favorite, but they're all so darn cute!

I would work with my Mom. She drives me crazy, and I can't always take the "suggestions" but in the end we would have a successful business.


Oooh! I love the Purple Mosaic! They are all darling.

I would work with my husband and he would build and I would finish small furniture and go to all the area craft shows! (I'm trying to talk him into it.)


Purple Mosaic Ruffle Joy is my fav- I love purple. Regarding working with a family member, mmm, probably my sister-in-law. She is organized and a hard worker. Thanks for the chance.

Barbara Wong

Oh my gosh these are so cute! I like the purple mosaic the best but the preppy stripes are a close second! I have 2 girls ages 1 and 3 who would both look adorable in these… As to a family business partner, my mom loves to do crafts so it would be fun to start a business with her!


Oh my goodness! These are really awesome, and I am from the UK and that isn't something you hear us say often!
I love the mosiac purple joy. My 18 month old daughter would be in heaven if she had one of these. She loves to dress up and to dress in this would be so like dressing up.
As for working with someone in my family, I used to work with my husband – we are both scientists and it was great. Unfortunately, for us both to work together we needed to work with my father-in-law who is Ok as a father-in-law but not so great as a boss. We actually met at work and then got married – not sure if that counts πŸ™‚

The Torrance Family

I love the Preppy Stripes Ruffle Playdate Sewing Kit and how cute is the Cherry and Blue Ruffle Joy ready made skirt! What a fun pattern. I would probably work with my sister in law. She has a very interesting style, different from my own and I imagine it would make for a really interesting combination. However, I also love the idea of mother and daughter working together. I am pregnant with a little girl at the minute and I am very excited. I'm hoping she will enjoy sewing with me one day! How fun!

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses

I love the cherry and blue ruffle kit … so cute! The one you're giving away is awesome too! I would love to work with a family member. I could totally work with my mom and/or dad. I'd love to do some type of creative business with my mom and my dad could handle the paperwork.


my favorite is the Paper Dolls and Preppy Stripes Ruffle Joy Kit. it would be fun to run an etsy shop selling knits with my mom.
songyueyu at gmail


Oh my goodness, my daughter would love the PINK RUFFLE JOY. I would like to work with my sister in law. She is the ultimate kids' party planner and just a sweet, sweet person. She is so full of ideas and always willing to share them. It would be great if we could do something together which enabled us to be home with the kiddos!


These are so cute – I love them! My favorite is the Preppy Stripes kit! I could work with my sister-in-law. She's super organized and can keep five kids in order, so I think she'd be great to work with!


I LOVE the pink ruffle joy kit! What cute stuff they have!! I could probably work with my SIL, she is great at making jewelry. The rest of my family is pretty un-crafty!! πŸ™‚


Love the preppy stripes the most!
I've actually been thinking of doing some sort of business with my 20 yr old daughter who has developed a passion for sewing and crafting over the past year. She's a truly starving student so we are brain storming πŸ™‚


Pink all the way! Perfect for my girly girl! I used to work for my dad at his business – I wouldn't mind doing again in the future. But, I would rather do crafty work and then I would need to work with my MIL or SIL – both would be interesting!


i liked this on FB – and I don't think I could work with any of my family members! They all drive me nutso! plus, I'm a bit of a control freak so i work best alone.


You know, I not a HUGE fan of purple, but man, the fabrics in the Mosaic Purple Ruffle Joy Kit rock- rock the casbah… Hmmm, I think I could work with my sister really well!

Cari's Ark

I have been looking for a "fluffy" skirt for my toddler. I absolutely, LOVE the Cherry and Blue Ruffle kit, the colors are so yummy! My dream is to start a party business with my sister (the "computer nerd" one). Thank you for sharing the fun skirts!


I sort of dig the Mosaic Purple Ruffle Joy kit, it's a little hippy…and so am I πŸ˜‰ However I would be hard pressed to choose for myself..all the more reason it would rock if I won! haha

Honestly I'm not sure there's a member of my family I could work with….we have very conflicting personalities lol I do have a dear friend I could see myself working with quite fact we co-coordinate our elementary school's fall festival already πŸ™‚

Thanks for the chance!


These are adorable, I must say that I love the Paper Dolls and Preppy Stripes Ruffle Joy Kit too. I know my daughter would be crazy over it! I'd probably choose my husband to work with, I think we'd get along well together, as long as we have our space πŸ™‚

Rhianna Garber

I LOVE THESE and my daughter would die if we had one. She would beg to wear it everyday!!! I really like the cherry and zebra print. It's sweet and jazzy just like my little girl.
If I had to pick a family member to work with I would pick my dad. We've been building things in his basement for years. I've taken my skills on mission trips and built bumk beds. Thanks for the opportunity!


oh dear Lord, how adorable is that!!! My daughter would think she'd died and gone to heaven if she had a skirt like that! The pink one is a fave… obviously…

I'd work with my sister. We fought like cats and dogs growing up, but get along fabulously now.


I'd have to choose the PINK one (and yes it deserves all caps!) because my daughter's still deep in the throes of loving pink, but the Paper Dolls kit would be a close second.

I could work with either my mum or my dad – with Mum I'd be doing crafty stuff, sewing, her knitting, quilts etc. With Dad it'd be academic, I'm an archaeologist and he's an entomologist but I'm sure we could find a topic in common! One day maybe, it'd be fun.

love for seven

I love the "Mosaic purple ruffle" kit equally as much!!! I have to say that I love ruffles as much, if not more than my little gal! Would I be silly to make this in my size? I wouldn't care what the world thought…I would be sooo happy! As for working with a family member, none of them share my crazy eye for style, but I do love to shower them with mine!


I love the pink ruffle kit!! As far as working with a member of family…eek!! That's pretty scary. I'm not sure anyone in my family could put up with my super anal ways!


My favorite is the Mosaic Purple Ruffle Joy Kit, love it! As for a family member that I would work with, I would have to pick my Mom. She is a cake decorator and creative as heck!

Paint on the Canvas

I love, love, love the preppy stripes and playdates kit. These skirts are precious and I love the choice of color combinations she uses. Ok…so Can I just join Bridget and Lucy and be a part of their family work? haha…no I guess If I was to pick someone I would pick my sister Shauna. I honestly have no clue what family business we would do together. I am the only one in my family that really crafts or sews, so I don't know. But I think whatever I did, she could catch on fast and be really good.


i love the mosaic purple ruffle joy kit. so colorful !! i'd work with my mom. πŸ™‚

i liked this on facebook πŸ˜‰


My little princess would love the pink ruffle play date kit. How fun for both her and I!

As for working with family…would love to work with my mom, she's such a mad sewer and I think we could make some great stuff together!


That pink ruffle joy kit is to die for!

If I could work with a family member, I'd start a party planning biz with my mom. We had so much fun planning and DIY-ing my wedding. I'm currently having way too much fun planning my baby girl's 1st b-day in December (a crafty Minnie Mouse theme). I could totally do that for a living!


Cherries, zebras, and flowers!! I loooove it and want one in my size πŸ™‚

I could totally work with my sister but it would be hard to actually get work done! We have too much fun.


My fave is the paper dolls too – I just love that fabric! As for a family member to work with, I'd have to say DH. It's kind of funny, but we used to joke about having a business together where he would sell plants (he's a nurseryman/landscaper) and I would have a law office so people could come see me and then mellow out with some plants LOL!


Gotta say, I like the pink ruffle joy package! My little red head would look adorable in it!

And, speaking of adult size, did you go to their blog and see the lady wearing some skirts in a creative way?? Hilarious!!!

Lil' Bit and Nan

I love the Retro Pink and Blue one! It is fantastic and lovely all at once. I already work with a family member. My adorable mother and I run an Etsy shop. We just started, so some things are still in the works. We do womens accessories, aprons, vintage items, etc.


I agree, of the kits available, the preppy stripes is my favorite as well! I could definitely work with my dad, but we have few common interests, so I'm not sure what we would do together. My mom and I both love to sew, and as an adult, I do think I could work with her. Wouldn't have said that a few years ago, but I like her much more now than I did as a child and young adult. πŸ˜€


I LOVE the Paper Dolls set, that is definitely my favorite too! I have several crafty people that would be great to work with in my family, alas it is I with no sense of planning that others would not be able to tolerate…boo, hoo!


Just love the Mosaic Purple Ruffle Joy kit how divine. I would love to make this for my beautiful 2 year old niece. You know the only family member I think i could work with is my brother or his wife they are both very creative and down to earth. I would love to sell yarns, fabrics and other peoples very wonderful handmade beauties in my shop!

Now back to my Nursing cover, thats enough fantasies for one day!


I just finished making a Pillow Case Dress, so dang cute if I do say so myself! I was jumping on and off Prudent Baby for the directions (go green, don't print if you don't have to!) and saw the Give-Away.
My favorite is Paper Dolls and Preppy Stripes, love it! I could probably work with my younger son. He has a great eye and some pretty awesome skills … woodworking, graphic design, even a bit of sewing in his past. Not sure what we could market, but I kinda like the thought of it!


I absolutely adore the Pink Ruffle Playdate. Waay too cute. I think I could work with my dad. He is such a handy man and a fantastic carpenter. I always love doing projects with him but I wish we lived closer to him so we could do more!


so adorable! I love the mosaic purple kit. My daughter loves pattern and ruffle. Perfect! If I could I would work with my mom on a party planning business. We've already done a couple quinceaneras and a wedding. She is so diy and creative. Plus she knows where to go for all the sales!


I like the cherries, zebra and flowers. I don't usually like animal prints but there is something about it paired with the cherries that makes me smile. I would probably work with my mom. Whenever she comes over we usually make something crafty so I think it would be fun to work with her.


My favorite is the paperdolls! I can see my girls fighting over this skirt already. As for working with a family member… I can see my sister and I having some cool little shop or business, but we'd make each other a little (more) nuts! My husband is the only one who I could work with long term without losing my mind.


I could, and have, work with my mama. we have very similar tastes, yet can be honest with one another when one of us makes something ridiculous in an attempt to be stylish. She owns a custom pillow business and sews GORGEOUS pillows, bedskirts, and throws for designers in orlando, fl. She has taught me everything I know.

Corey Moortgat

ADORABLE!!! WOuld love to win a kit!! My favorite one is the purple mosaic, but I love this one, too.

I have two sisters, and we constantly talk about starting a business. Currently, our talk is of a kid's consignment shop, but who knows if it will go through or not!


so hard to choose! I love the paper dolls and preppy stripes though…so please please pick me!!! πŸ™‚ I never win, but begging cant hurt right!? As for working with family….my sister is super creative and I would love to work with her; except that we would bump heads a lot… Maybe my sister in law Meg. She is an artist to the extreme, everything is expression, and inspiring to be around!


My fave is also the paperdolls and preppy stripes. I'm a lucky girl–I could easily work with any of my sisters, and any of my husband's family as well! In fact I have worked with my brother-in-law twice now. I have a fabulous family on both sides, I feel very blessed.


I love the Cherries, Zebras and Flowers ruffle joy kit. I could work with one of my sisters (she's artsy, I'm techy & practical – yin and yan, we are) but not the other sis and (unfortunately) def not my mom.

Susan Letavish

I love the skirt. The cherries and zebra kit is my favorite. I'd like to be in business with my daughter. We could create beautiful children's clothes. I have the sewing skills, and she has the modern perspective.

Erin R

I love the cherries and zebras. It would be perfect for my wild little two year old daughter! I would love to work on a project with my mom. She taught me how to sew and I wish I lived closer to her!

boogie beans

i love pink, pink and more pink. but the cherries and zebras is a very close second. there are several family members that i could work with, but my mother-in-law is the craftyish so i'd pick her for sure πŸ™‚


i love the Paper Dolls and Preppy Stripes Ruffle Joy Kit
so cute!!
and i would love to share a business with my husbend!
and i would love for both of us to creat a busness that combines both of our art skills. he builds with wood and i sew. together we can maybe create somethink nice that would sale- besides i would love to work with him- he is my best friend


My favorite is the Purple Mosaic Ruffle Playdate Kit. As for working with a family member, my husband and I operate a consulting company which we started in 1975. It gets challenging sometimes, but we seem to have been able to work things out. There definitely are pros and cons.

Maple Leaf Mommy

I like the Cherry and Blue Ruffle. I have a thing for girly-ish stuff that not pink!
I would love to work with my mom, and I think we could do it without killing each other. However, she is one very busy lady, so thus far I've never been able to lure her into one of my money making schemes.


I often talk with my mom and sisters about starting our business. I think it would THE best way to go if you are going to do something like that. I'm envious of those that get it working! Love the pink ruffle set and the paper doll set. These are perfect for my girls.


It would be Paper Dolls for me, too! Love the stripes.

I might be able to have some kind of crafty biz with my SIL, since she rocks, but I wouldn't do it with any other family member. My uncles hate each other all because of family business. Count me out of that.


I really like the Cherry and Blue Ruffle Joy, and would enjoy MORE choices with LESS pink!
I could consider starting a B&B; with my mom: she is such a good host and a great cook and I always thought we would do great together πŸ™‚


I love them all, but especially the purple mosaic!

I have never thought working with family is a great idea, especially family you live with. That said, it would be very fun to work with my favorite aunt, especially if we could do something crafy.
lara3400 at


i LOVE the retro pink and blue! so cute and frilly and perfect! and i think i could def work with any of my sisters or sisters-in-law, especially my one sis because she's SUPER organized.


Although not a kit, I LURV the blue kashmir ready to wear skirt. So vintage and yet so sweet. My 3 year old would swoon over it:)
If I had to work with any of my relatives I'd probably pick my husband. Most of the time I've got my head in the clouds and if we were to run a business, he'd definitely keep me grounded and focused. Plus he's great eye candy.

Bird R.

Love the Cherries, Zebras and Flowers Ruffle Joy Kit – for some reason I associate zebra print with my niece.

I could work with either of my sisters (but not both at the same time).

Alison C

Pink ruffle joy for me! Gorgeous!
My brother has always said we should start our own flat pack furniture assembling business but I'm not so sure working together would be such a hot idea!


Pink ruffle joy kit- so sweet. If I had to work with a relative hmmmm…perhaps my sister in law – super hard working, but laid back and easy going, where as I am a little type A – so totally ying & yang.


I really like them all but the mosaic purple ruffle is probalby my favorite.

Yes! I could work with (and have) both my mother and sister… We all worked together in a restaurant one summer πŸ™‚

Carrie, Cory, Marley & Everly

Paper Dolls and Preppy Stripes take the cake:-) Although they are all adorable of course!!

Working with a family member is such a fun and challenging thing to do. My dad and I owned a pottery shop together for a few years and it was so amazing learning how to run a business from him!! I also worked with my parents some when they owned an ice cream shop once…that was a little more crazy, but the time with them was priceless!

Thanks for the opportunity!


I adore the pink ruffle joy kit. I personally hate pink but my daughter looks so damn cute in it I can't resist.

I always wanted to go on Family Feud but I can picture the scene in my head now. My sister would give an obviously wrong answer and the rest of us would just stare at her and say WHAT? That's a horrible answer, that's not up there and then they would kick us off the show for arguing!


Love love love the purple mosaic! If I don't win, I am going to have to finagle my own version of this. But I would love to win this kit with all the beautiful fabrics matchy-matched!


I love sewing with my daughter. I wouldn't go into business with her just yet, but she is so fun to teach and work with! She is only 7, but has learned how to use a pattern and even loves to quilt. She has ADHD, but she has all the patience in the world when she sits down to sew. I think, someday, we will work together. πŸ™‚

nicole / Twitter: BTHM1

I could work with my mother- we've long dreamed of having out own decorating/childrens shop business! Shes the idea person and I'm good on finding unique items, so it works well!


i am a fan of the cherries,zebras. and flowers kit. something about the combo of red and yellow makes my heart smile.
my sister is not craftily inclined, but, my mother and i have worked on many a project together, including painting rescued gnomes, and making my peapod's entire crib bedding set. we often call each other to bounce off ideas, and are constantly emailing links to one another of projects we should tackle next!


I love the Cherry and Blue Ruffle Joy. I'm not sure which family member I'd most like to work with, but all my sisters and my mom are great artists and usually easy to get along with, so probably any of them!


My littlest girlie would love these! I think she would pick the Purple Mosaic.

As for working with a family member, I don't think I could do it!

Mary Ann

The purple mosaic kit is amazingly adorable (if I really had to pick one). They're all really cute!!! As for a family member, I'd probably pick my little sister or mother to help me on sewing related projects…since their apt to have a little more skills in that department than others. They help me design girl's outfits now. I value their eye for style.


It's hard to pick just one! The Pink Ruffle Joy Kit is amazing, though. My baby girl would adore this skirt and I love that I would be the one making it, but with their help!

I would love working with family! Me + mom-in-law & sis-in-laws = great prudent mama stuff, let me tell you! Tutu's, hairbows, covering kitchen chairs and just today we got an amazing used door to re-purpose for a new headboard for me and hubby. Can't wait to post a pic for ya! Those girls inspire me and always help me figure things out.


My fav is definitely Paper Dolls and Preppy Stripes. I would love to work with my sister and my sister-in-law. We are all creative in different ways so a collaboration would be fun


I love the mosaic purple kit, its so cute! My 3 year old would die for a skirt like this!

I think i could work with my sister. We have similar personalities and she would probably be the least annoying person in my family. haha.


Well I have to say little one's can never have too much zebra print in their wardrobe, so it's the cherries, zebra's and flowers ruffle joy kit that get's my pick…even though I think I'd love to make all of them. If I could work with a family member, I think I'd love to work with my cousin, I've got the creative talent but she has the budget skills…something I just get lost in!


Favorite theme: cherries, zebras, & flowers!

I could probably work with my brothers. They have this dream of starting up a dinner theater, ha! But they're business savy and chill.


Pink Ruffle Joy is my favorite but they are all soooo cute! I would actually love to work with my husband even though most people warn against that – we would have so much fun.


I'm digging the Paper Dolls and Preppy Stripes kit! My little gal alternates between tomboy and girly-girl, and I know she'd love this skirt. I would love to make it!

I think it would be great to run a crafty biz with my sister. Her great taste would temper my kitsch leanings!


How to choose?!? They are all adorable…Pink Ruffle Joy kit…yes.
I currently work with my husband, it works out just fine. Someday, I would love to work with my daughter. She is only 4 now, so of course we get along great, haha!


I have to say that the "Pink ruffle joy" kit really caught my eye. I love red and pink combos, which I realize is not a common thing. Kind of like how some people can pair grey and brown together, or teal and sea green. Whatever floats your boat. Mine is on a sea of PINK and RED.

I would DEFIANTLY work with my husband. I married him because I love being around him so much, plus he has the marketing brains of our family.


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