Prudent Project Round-Up

Top: Dohdums made a DIY Cute Crib Sheet | Slightly Cosmopolitan made a DIY Nap Mat/Bed Roll (definitely check out her blog for more great pics) | Blue Eyed Yonder took the DIY Nursing Cover to the next level with the addition of awesome ruffles and applique!

Middle: Madigan Made made her first attempt at Sewing Piping and it turned out great | Ministry of Deco made that stylish Necklace BibPenny in my Purse took our Toddler Belt Tutorial and made a more detailed version, go check it out!

Bottom: Courtney made a Quick and Pretty Makeup Bag with adorable embellishments | Claire at The Adventures of A Lactating Girl made Yarn Sun Wall Art | Haley at Haybird made the super cutely-adorned 10-Minute Onesie Dress

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Always love to see your projects in these round-ups! Especially fun to see the nap mat and Yarn Sun Wall art here for the first time!


Thank you SO much for linking to my nap mat project! If you knew what a non-sewer I actually am, you might have second-guessed your link! But I suppose if I can do it anyone can do it! ~ Heidi 🙂


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