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Pictures that Capture What You Love About Your Kids.
You might have heard that, to take the best photos of kids, you should get down on their level. To me, this doesn’t just mean that you should squat down to be on eye level with the child (although that is important too). It means that you should try to look through their eyes. Try to record what is fascinating the child at the moment, and her reaction to it.

I love that my daughter is captivated by the gravel and dust on the ground.  I also love that she insisted on wearing her Granny Clampett boots with her pretty new polka dot dress.

I also try to guess what she is thinking.  This picture attempts to express how she might feel as she explored our local botanic garden for the first time and searched for how this unfamiliar place fit into her two-year-old realm of experience. 

Of course, she’s probably just wondering whether there’s a snack waiting at the end of the path!  Regardless, I love that she wasn’t waiting on me to look for it.

So, when taking pictures of your kids:
Put yourself and your camera at eye level with the kids.
Take photos of what is captivating their attention along with his or her physical reaction to it (the smiles, grasps, tastes or touches that show their interest)
Try to imagine what your child is thinking as you take the picture


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