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The shades of purple in this leaf wreath are speaking to me for this holiday season. Get the full DIY on Twig and Thistle. Then go to Better Homes and Garden and vote for your favorite leaf-inspired project.

One of the many lovely FREE downloadable invitation templates on Download and Print.
Thanks Jocelyn!

Cooking Channel has rounded-up a feast of Apple Desserts for their Fall Fest. This is just a little baked apple stuffed with figs and almonds served on a pool of homemade caramel. If you’re into that kind of thing.

And don’t miss Anna from Noodlehead’s guest post on A Lemon Squeezy for her sweet Scrappy Makeup Pouch. I have the perfect scraps!


Intrigued by this tutorial on sewing with knits without a serger from Patterns by Figgy.

I loathe clowns but love Rookie Mom’s Turn Any Pajamas into a Clown Costume.
No joke, I have been harassed by a clown not once but twice. Some day when we have nothing to talk about I’ll tell you my two horrible clown tales.

Old school zippered cases and pillows that I would be totally be tempted to write on.

It’s football season and therefore MUM season here in Texas. Check out this video from the next town over from where I live! It’s a year old and I can’t stop showing it to people.

Speaking of Texas, we are headed to the Texas State Fair tomorrow. I shall return with tales of fried beer, butter sculptures and corn dogs. Any tips, Texans?


If you live in glorious San Diego, check out North Park Craft Mafia’s Sunday, Crafty Sunday – Celebrates El Da de los Muertos. I always had a great time at their events when I lived there. In fact, I have one of their t-shirts that is screaming for a makeover.

And don’t forget to wish Jaime good luck at her Book Launch Party tonight, or better yet, show up!
But if you can’t make it, you can join in by following her blog tour around the web! Which is still fun in a… less awesome prizes, no giftbag, BYOB, kind of way. But still totally awesome. Do I sound bitter? I’ll just be sitting here crying in my fried beer if you need me.

No really, have a nice weekend. And leave us a comment, we love you and we’re needy. Also, there could be some glue in it for you. That’s right, glue!

Oh and I almost forgot, make an apron for Prudent Baby’s First Contest! We have gotten some cuties but we are missing yours.




I hear you on the clown thing-they're scary! When I was little I was tramatized by a clown at a circus. I was following my cousin back to our seats from the bathroom when a clown grabbed me and wouldn't let me pass (what I didn't realize was that I was about to get hit by a motorcycle on a wire). I lost sight of my cousin and when I was released I was completely lost. I wandered for a good 20 minutes before my Aunt found me. Mean clown!


That is funny. I was at the state fair Saturday as well. I am from California and I have still never seen so many people at a fair at one time before. It was really fun. I wanted some fried cookie dough and searched and searched, but for some reason I couldn't find it. So then I decided on fried oreos but the line was way too long and I have made them at home before anyway so I went with the all classic Funnel Cake. I got the Strawberry and whip cream on top. SOOOOO yummy! And some yummy lemonade to help cool me off. I'm 37 weeks pregnant too so I didn't do any rides and walking around was exhausting!! But I still had a lot of fun! After the fair our group (7 of us and a baby) went to Medieval Times for dinner. It was such a great day/night!!! I slept wonderfully that night from how drained I was. Hope you had as much fun as I did.


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