Starr left an irresistible comment on our Christmas Stocking Free Pattern and therefore is the winner of the sweet Key Fob Kit. She also used her walking foot for the first time, used bias tape for the first time, and made 3(3!) awesome stockings!

So I’m not gonna lie. I lost a little sleep due to laying awake with excitement over how cute my stockings turned out. I almost wimped out and skipped the quilting, but I’m SO GLAD I finally figured out how to attach my walking foot and quilted them! Adorable. A-freakin-dorable. Also my first time to use bias tape! I’m all around impressed with myself right now. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this awesome pattern! Here’s a link to pics.

Starr, send us your mailing info using the contact us form and Jaime will send you your loot. You have 5 days, but since you made 3 stockings in 3 days, I’m guessing you can get the job done.

For this week we have a really, really nice prize from Penguin and Fish. I met the designer, Alyssa Thomas, at Quilt Market and loved her stuff so much that I begged her to do something with us. And she is here to give one winner their choice of 5(!) of her embroidery patterns.

Alyssa Thomas, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is an accomplished illustrator, designer and life-long artist. As a child, Alyssa would make everything from beaded bracelets to large papier mache masks…all to be bartered for at her “trading post.” Today she sells her wares through Penguin & Fish. Penguin & Fish offers Alyssa’s line of lovely and quirky hand embroidery patterns, embroidery kits and one-of-a-kind plush animals. She recently published her first children’s book, “No Monster Here,” and is designing her first fabric collection.
Visit the Penguin and Fish Shop to check it all out!

And all you have to do is leave the best comment of the week. Go for it! Imagine the embroidering possibilities! Wall art? Onsies? Quilt? Pillow? I’m sweating, I’m so excited.





Oh my, well I know this won't be the most awesome post, but how does that work? Are the patterns for hand embroidery? or will my machine be able to do this? I am totally clueless. Newbie to sewing, yeah that's me. . .

Megan Lee

These would look so cute in the nursery I'm putting together for my first child! Just found out it's a boy and now the design ideas are flowing!!


SO cute! Love. That Boston Terrier one would be perfect for my friend Ann, whose Boston Terrier Brutus is definitely king of her castle. I would totally embroider him on a bunch of random things for her, like underwear and socks and stuff, just to be funny. 🙂


Ahh! So exciting to be a comment winner in the midst of all your awesome and witty readers. 🙂 Thank you!


These look fantastic! I have just started to dabble with embroidery, and I love it! It takes some time but when you finish something it makes me feel all bubbly!


The bias ruler you rave about is on clearance at Joanns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My broke self (which I tell my husband it's all Prudent Baby's fault-sorry…hehe.) about died when I saw it hanging there with that little red sticker! Thank goodness for rat holes… bye-bye $7! Hello nifty little ruler!


You know what I'm thinking… boring plain vanilla canvas shoes, along with some of these cute patterns, put them together and you have some awesome new shoes that no one else has!

(Wait, this is a great idea! Maybe I should have kept this idea to myself, and used it for my own plans for crafty world domination! This must be why my plans never work out!)

Carissa Rasmussen

I want that ABC pattern to make a quiet book for my little one to use whenever we are at the DR or church or wherever I need something to distract her. I love that they are unique animals and are so cute! Please oh please pick me!


I'm pretty sure I have no idea how to do embroidery, but for that cutest little unicorn I will most definitely teach myself how. I can only picture my daughters' faces when I tell them they can have a unicorn on anything!!!


I am absolutely LOVING this alphabet! I've been on the lookout for an alphabet print for my niece's new bedroom (she's becoming a big sister!) and embroidery would be way better than a silly print!


My family has been dealing with a LOT these past 11 weeks as my husband lost his leg (he was run over by a fork lift….yikes!). I've been so busy taking care of him and my two little girlies, they are 2 and 4. I haven't had a single moment to myself and I really like to sew. Just today I was thinking how much it might help me to have a project to work on for my girls for Christmas and this would be perfect! I LOVE the alphabet – would be perfect in their rooms!!


Sometimes, I like the contests and give-aways, but can't necessarily see myself actually utilizing the prize to its full capacity. This, however, I will use endlessly. I will embellish blankets, burpcloths, tee shirts, handkerchiefs, totes, onesies, backpacks, and sneakers. If I run out of fabric, I will embellish my children. (I mean, they draw on themselves with markers. What's the difference?)

Bonny Edwards

What adorable designs! I would love to embroider my daughter's name using these patterns. I'm particularly excited that all of the letters that spell her name, Violet, are some of my fav creatures from the set! I just redid her room and have been looking for some cute ideas for wall hangings. Thanks Prudent Baby!


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