If you subscribe to our newsletter, you already now about our Best. Contest. Yet. and are working away on your entries. Now it’s time to tell all of the Prudent Mamas what they have to do to win one of these two amazing sewing machines that Brother has generously offered to provide!

Yes, that’s right, we are giving away one Brother PC-420 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine and one Limited Edition Project Runway Innov-s 40 Sewing Machine.  These are the sewing machines Jacinda and I use to create all of our tutorials! For all the details on these amazing machines, visit this post.

Now get the scoop on how you can enter to win a brand new sewing machine in our Best. Contest. Yet: THE SEWING MACHINE DOUBLE DOWN after the jump!

Thanks to our generous contest sponsor Brother, we are able to share with you the joy of sewing on our wonderful machines (that we paid for ourselves – that’s how much we love them)… So what do you have to do to enter this contest? It’s simple: Sew a potholder! If you don’t currently have a sewing machine, get out the needle and thread! This project is easy enough to do by hand!

Here’s How it Works: Check out our Pretty Potholder Tutorial and Pretty Potholder Part 2 Tutorial. We will also be sharing some quick potholder tutes throughout the month so check back for more inspiration. Once you’ve checked out the tutes, make your own Pretty Potholder!


Follow our tute, but add, subtract, embellish, and create as you wish. The only requirement is that it be a potholder made with fabric. Whatever fabric you like, the design is up to you: pieced, embroidered, quilted, embellished, we want to see it all! You can make as many as you like, and enter as many times as you wish. When your Pretty Potholder is complete, email a picture of it to us here: contest (at) prudentbaby (dot) com.

You have until Wednesday, February 9th, at midnight PST to send us your entry. The prizes can only be shipped to an address within the continental US. We will select one winner to take home the Innovis-40 and one winner to take home the PC-420 PRW based on our love for their potholders. Our scoring system will give 25% weight to each of the following: Originality, Style, Worksmanship, and Presentation. Both winners will be revealed on Prudent Baby Monday, February 14th. LOVE!

For complete contest rules, terms, & conditions click here. So, are you excited for your chance to win a brand new fancy sewing machine? We can’t wait to see your entries!!




Well, I would have loved to participate. My problem is that I don't have a machine since I had to sell it (we moved back to the US in Dec. of 2010 from South America and had to sell or leave everything we owned) which is the reason I would love to win either one of these machines.


I guess I will have to buy another machine to even enter- wish I could have made a potholder before mine was pulled off the table!! I have to get a new one anyway cause I'm going through withdrawals without sewing!!!!!


You can do it! Get out a good old needle and thread! A potholder is quick enough to make by hand for sure!… or borrow one…or find out if your local Brother Dealer has machines you can use on site. Most do!


Ooohhhh! I can't wait. I'm about to start brainstorming tonight and will see how many potholders I can whip up out of my 'stash' before the deadline. Thank You!!!!


I was super excited to see your giveaway. Especially because I have been wanting a sewing machine for years. But unfortunatley I can't make a potholder because I don't have a sewing machine 🙁

Sarah H

I am SOOOOOO very excited about this!!!!! Woohoo!!! Because I'm the most unlucky person ever, I'm glad this is NOT based on luck! We all have an equal stab at it! Yay!!!!


You don't need a sewing machine to make a potholder! Whip out a needle and thread! It'll look good either way 🙂


Cant decide whether I want to make one with needle and thread or with my mom's 30 year old sewing machine i just borrowed… Maybe I'll make one with each 🙂


So very excited! I love my hand me down machine but a new one. I am doing a dance just thinking about it. My Pot Holder is almost ready to be pictured. I just might have to make another.

Carol F

Do the potholders have to be based on the Prudent Baby pretty potholder patterns, or can we use a different pattern?


Wow this is a great giveaway! But it makes me really sad that I cant enter cause I live in India but I still have the great tutes and will make something and post just for the fun of it 🙂 Good luck to everyone!


Wow! What a great thing to stumble upon. Both of them! The contest and the tute! Now to figure out how to get it -pic- to you!


I have sketches for 6 different potholders already, and I'm trying to think of more. I just hope I have enough time to get them done by the deadline! I'm so excited. Winning would be amazing, but I'm also looking forward to new, fun potholders 🙂


made 2 for my mama for her bday this weekend…had some trouble with the bias tape (just started sewing in October), but I think they turned out OK…I will post and try my luck!! Would love a more advanced machine!! Anything with Project Runway is fine in my book!!


This may be a doozey of a question to ask – but HOW can I submit my photo to you?
PS- I can't BELIEVE. this. is. the. priiiize. Absolutely bonkers over the idea of getting a new machine~ (I almost don't want to tell any of my sewing buds- but … "people are more important than sewing machines…" – I have to keep reminding myself of that.) AND… I'd be pumped if any of my friends landed this pot-o-sewer's-gold. THANKS


ow danm =( I was already reading and chosing my fabric to do a lot of potholders, but, of course, is a limited US contest =( it always is. And i'm from Brazil. Well, what can a mama do? good luck to all! N i love ur site!

ps: If u guys change the rules, PLEASE let me now!! Thanks

Natalie Huffman

I am going to try this, I jut learned how to sew a button, LOL. I am going to attempt this with a needle and thread, I do not have a sewing maching so this would be an AWESOME win for me 🙂


Awe. Though I've made my share of potholders, I'm slightly disappointed that the sewing machine's can be shipped to an "address within the continental US." Can I just point out that Alaska is, in fact part of the continent?

But I know what you mean…the contiguous US. So, I wont enter. But I wanted to point out that I just bought a Sewing Machine for my niece and it shipped beautifully all the way to Arctic Alaska via Priority mail.

Throw Alaska some love sometime eh?! 🙂

MjL – An Eskimo who likes to sew.


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