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This is my super self-indulgent version of link love, because it is my birthday, and I am sick, and I have new babies on the brain, and my daughter just made me pancakes with a candle in them and I just love her so. I hope you don’t mind.

I recently posted the top ten most popular pieces of prudent advice from 2010, as determined by how many people viewed them over the past year. Now I’m going to share ten of my most favorite. Actually, my most favorite is #500 but you’ll just have to read the book to see what that is. So here goes…

Be Generous.
With your time, your money, your heart…

Root for other people.
We all tend to envy other people’s successes. It’s not intentional; somewhere in our DNA it seems to be programmed that for every success for someone else, there is one less success for us…

You are the wellspring of your own hope.
No one (besides your mother) will be more invested in your emotional well-being than they are in their own. Joy is not something gifted to you by other people; it’s an outlook on the world that you have to cultivate independent of friends and lovers…

Live alone for a period of time.
I love living with you and your father; I also cherish the years I spent living alone. You shouldn’t go from being someone’s daughter to someone’s wife to someone’s mother…

Having good taste and being a good person are not the same thing.

Unless you’re playing a game, theres no point in keeping score.
Running a tally of who gets what in life will only frustrate you and annoy everyone else. It…

Return your shopping cart.
Abandoning your shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot implies a sense of entitlement. Someone…

Beware your ego.
The egoism from which I should like to protect you is not the constant tendency to be continually and exclusively absorbed in our own interests and to sacrifice to them the interests, rights and happiness of others. This…

You have a garden.
If you ever get sad that you don’t have a garden of your own, remember that…

Leggings are not pants.

Thank you for letting me share. If you want to, you could begin at the beginning (almost three years ago now, sigh) here.  Wishing you all happy birthdays and love. XXOO.



Beth @ Sand To Pearl

Leggings are NOT pants! AMEN! Yesterday we went to the mall for a play date and my daughter HAD to wear her enormous poofy skirt. She wore her leggings underneath, which is fine, but at the play ground she decided she didn't want to wear the skirt anymore. When I told her no, she went behind the slide and took it off anyway, and just left it there (a ridiculously expensive skirt her grandmother bought her I might add!) Uh, NO! So I caught her and made her put her skirt back on because "Leggings are not pants" then not 2 minutes later her little friend shows up wearing… wait for it… a sweater and leggings! Awesome.


Happy Birthday! So I have always put my cart away. . .I even take it with me when I park. Which is why I don't know what it is about that one that stuck in my brain. I think of you every time I pull into a parking lot, and when ever I try to explain my favorite sight that's the life lesson I quote. ps make sure your bday includes a nap!


Happy Birthday! I have to confess. I TRIED to leave my shopping cart about a month ago. I had my 2 year old throwing a monster fit, the newborn crying, and this particular place did not have the stall thingies in the parking lot, and I was totally unsure how to negotiate bringing it back to the store with the two screaming girls. So I said to myself, OK, just this ONE time, I will leave the cart. I will put up 2 carts for the next month to make up for it. So I ditched the cart. And then it proceeded to start rolling and gaining speed and heading straight for a brand new Mercedes. So I sprinted while carrying said screaming newborn and caught it before it smashed the pretty new car. So I gave up and left the two year old screaming in the car and brought it back. I broke so many rules that day I can't even count them, but the moral of the story is that I thought of you and your advice, and I agree. Even when I didn't want to.

Paul and Amy Lopez

I recently purchased your book. I absolutely LOVE it!! Your "advice" is priceless!! Thank you so much for writing it and most of all, for sharing it wih us.

Happy Birthday!!


I bought your book too. I have to say, I love that "Leggings are not pants." Thank you for letting the rest of the world know that.
Happy Birthday!


Leggings may not be pants, but jeggings are ;o)

I will most definitely be buying this book for myself and some friends. You've also inspired me to give some of my own advice to my boys in their journals! Thanks!


Happy Birthday, Jaime! I love the shopping cart advice. I feel the same way. And one of the biggest things I feel like I missed out on is living on my own for a while. One summer I had roommates, and didn't live with my boyfriend (because he lived at home) but that was it. I do wish now that I had the chance to have my own place.


thank you ladies! ha ha, charlotte, after much debate amongst friends, i agree that jeggings are pants. in fact, i am wearing jeggings as pants right now.

Steph at

Such a great range of wisdom. Leggings are not pants, hilarious and true – anything in which you still gotta cover your bum while wearing does not qualify as pants. And then there's "put your daughter to sleep singing 'My Life'", almost starting crying just from reading that đŸ™‚


Happy Birthday! Sorry you aren't feeling well:( Thats a birthday bummer.

Love the advice:) I broke the "live alone" rule. I never lived alone. I went from my parents house to an apartment with my husband. I don't know what it was…but I never wanted to live alone. Kinda weird I guess:) It's not something I have ever regretted though.

Oh…and thanks for bringing up the leggings issue. SOMEONE had to say it! It's out there…the cold hard truth!


Ok I am embarrassed… I had to google jeggings! Then I had to ask a couple close friends if I am too old to wear them! Turning 38 next Monday and don't want too look like an idiot dressing half my age. I read alot of your advice when I first discovered Prudent Baby and it inspired me to finally start putting my own advice down on paper for my oldest son (too bad you didn't have a boy and I could just give him your book)we have alot of the same advice mine just isn't worded as eloquently!


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