GIVEAWAY: $100 gift certificate to MODTOTS!

Are you ready for some clean, modern, and minimalist art for the nursery? Enter: ModTots by Modern Bird! When Megan from ModTots offered to let me pick out a piece for baby Gordon, I jumped! I went with Harrison the Fox but I am also dying over the owl and the zebra and the robots, oh the robots!

So what do you think? Do you want one for your baby’s room? Or even for the living room? Because I kinda want to put one in every room. Find out more about ModTots, how you can get a ModTot character named after your tot, and what you have to do to enter this rad giveaway after the jump.
Each ModTots design starts as an original illustration by artist, Gregg Deal, and is created with a combination of digital, hand, and painting processes on an Oak composite, much like the original Modern Bird Studios pieces.  Each piece is handmade, one at a time, with love and consideration going into every one.  You are invited to browse around and select the right pieces that will assist your little ones on their path towards amazing style, great taste, and popularity!

If you are the first to purchase a specific piece, you get naming rights! Just provide a couple sentences to describe your child for the description of the piece. Also, if you have a blog, ModTots will include the link in the description so visitors to our site can learn more about you and your child. Megan and Greg, ModTots owners, have already claimed the bird for their daughter Sage and the bear for their son Phoenix but since they are adding new artwork all the time, there are still lots of unnamed pieces!

Here’s what you need to do to enter this giveaway. Head on over to ModTots and scope out the collection. Then come back here and tell us your fave item, what you would name him/her and a fun fact or two about the little tyke. Here’s mine:

Clare the Moomwalk Robot:

Clare love bugs but only toy bugs and bugs on TV. Real bugs terrify her. If given the option, she would eat a bean burrito at every meal. Her favorite ice cream flavor is butter brickle.

Leave your comment anytime between now and midnight next Wednesday February 23rd. We will randomly select a winner and announce next week. Tweet, stumble, and/or share the giveaway on facebook and leave another comment each time letting us know for an additional entry. Come back every day for new entries. Good luck! Winner must be 18+ and have a US mailing address.




Rex the Fox. Rex is a picky (selective, he would say) eater, he adores the cinema, and he is an avid bird watcher (and occasional snacker). He still uses a rotary phone.


Gavin the Giraffe… giraffe's are his favorite animal. he loves painting and playing out doors. he has a little brother on the way in a few weeks and is very excited.

Krista Vossler

Harriet the Hyperbolic Hippo. She loves to spin a tall tale. Friend to all, she's especially close to the kiddos that have trouble falling asleep at night–she'll have them dreaming of far off places and wide open spaces faster than you can say "African grassland."


Josh the Headspins robot – Too smart for his own good, Josh takes apart anything that he can get his hands on. And he always finds the screwdrivers, no matter how well they are hidden. When he is not taking the house apart, he also enjoys learning to cook.


I love francesca fox. She loves the finer things in life. Like art. And Debussy. (But I think my son would do many things to obtain one of the future dinosaurs!)

Renee Weber

I would love a Robot for my son Will's room! He's turning 2 in May and we are making him a space-themed bedroom. Some robot art would go perfectly!


Ellie the Bird. My 3-year-old daughter loves to hold imaginary birds in her hands and then give them to me: "Here's a pink one for you, Mommy!" or "Oh, it flew away!" It's a sweet little game.


I love the bots! I think my favorite is probably Pop-&-Lock. I'd name him BaBeep Bobby Gulu, which is my 2 yr. old son Oscar's imaginary friend's name. It sounds roboty even.


I love pierce the giraffe, since my daughter sleeps with her "giraffy" all the time. Her name would be "Katie Cakes" and she would be as independent and stubborn as both her parents combined, but so sweet she melts your heart with her constant kisses and I love you's. She would constantly be worried about her little sisters well-being, and believe it or not, sharing too much with her little sister.


Lulu-Tweets the Bird! Lulu-tweets sings everywhere she goes. She sings in the tub, sings in the Spring, sings in the car, sings on her swing. Lulu-Tweets only sings the songs she makes up herself, because only she knows the words! πŸ™‚


See, I'm waiting for the dinos, so here's my dino description:

Aric the Pterodactyl – Aric loves flying through his house at top speeds, never caring what – or who – is in his way. He loves to eat grapes, raisins, and pizza. His favorite past times include climbing, running, dancing, and, of course, screeching, like all good little Pterodactyls do!

(changingtheuniverse at gmail dot com)


I love the owl! Just recently learned it's now called Scott the owl, but I was hoping it could be named after Suz the owl or our future baby the owl. The owl would love to live on the walls & keep watch over us. & the owl would be a night owl, just like us!


Gabe the Giraffe! Gabe is quite tall for his age and loves to throw toys at his sister and mom. Giraffe and Gabe both start with "G"

Manda (+2)

Orison the Hoot Owl. For sure would be loved by my Little man who has just this week found his "hooting" (high-pitched screeching rather!) voice. Seeing his eyes sparkle as he gazes at me and screeches happily is just one of the fun developments of his life on earth these past four months. mmm, Love that little guy.


Sparky the raccoon lives in a yellow world. He likes to eat grapefruits, make crepes, and play hopscotch, but only when he can play on the beach (not on concrete).


Jibbers the Giraffe. My son's favorite animal is a giraffe right now, and he's quite the jibber-jabber, so that's what we came up with! He's a friend to all, and loves helping his baby brother. Cute giveaway!


Arabella the Deer. Arabella loves pretty little things, especially shoes. She loves her baby brother and talks about how cute he is all the time. Her favorite food is mashed potatoes, or anyhthing with ketchup. She is the sweetest girl there ever was.

Shandra Lenae

Zeeta the Pop-and-lock Robot: She enjoys eating cherries, riding on elevators, and catching up on the latest tabloids. Her dearest wish is to be a back up dancer for one of Beyonce's music videos.


Priest the Jackhammer Robot. Priest is new to this world and excited to be here! He needs some new decor in his room and would love a robot friend to talk to from his crib. His favorite thing to do is watch his big sister play and his mama can always make him smile.


David the Headspins Robot:
David is all about stunts – – off couches, on a bike, or with Mommy's exercise ball. The more that grown ups gasp, the better! He throws Halloween parties in the Spring, collect clip-on ties {but only for church!} and is always up for a boxing match.

…and I noticed Monsters & Dinosaurs coming soon. EEP!

Jenna Z

These are adorable! Dennis the Hippopotamus is semi-aquatic, inhabiting rivers and lakes! Which means her feet are always pruney.


Belinda the Brickhead Robot: Favorite pastimes include Sudoku puzzles (with a pen, not pencil), sewing potholders, and DIY workshops at Home Depot. She loves macaroni and cheese. And bacon.


I would love to win! I would pick "Hooty-Hoo" the Owl. He is a friendly owl that sleeps all day so that he can stay awake all night (just in case any monsters come!) He likes to eat jellybeans and purple gatoraide.


Bob the Pop-n-Lock Robot.
He'd hang in my office/craft/homeschool preschool room. He'd make snarky comments about how I finish my seams and help my daughter learn to write. Then we'd tell him to go outside and play with the other robots. He's come back in crying because the other robots laughed at his dance moves. So then Bob, Lily (my 4 year old), and I would have to put on some old school hip hop and have a dance off. Bob would win (c'mon, he's a pop-n-lock robot!), but he would graciously share his trophy with Lily ('cause she has some moves too!).

Of course we'd eventually add other robots, monsters, and dinosaurs to our family. We are a Robot, monster, and dino type fam!


Nathaniel (Pierce is but his middle name) the Giraffe loves exploring the trails near his house. His mom packs him a special snack that includes trail mix, and he loves it when she put a sweet note in his snack bag even though he pretends he doesn't.


I LOVE the Panda!

Peyton the Panda Bear
Peyton loves to sing and dance (to anything). Her favorite color is red. And then purple, and then red again.

This is actually about my niece, since I don't have kids of my own yet.

JD Images Photography

— — —- —– Hoot-Hootin Owl —- —-

Hoot-Hootin Owl is shy .. so at night he makes a "hoot hoot" sound to call out ..hoping to find a new friend ..since he gets pretty lonely at night while his other friends are asleep. He loves Spring season and is "chirpy" at making new friends ..


Kai the Headspins Robot. He is super active and energetic. He is much like a tornado running through the house leaving a path of toys, books, + fridge magnets wherever he goes.


Elijah the Monkey is a sweet and cuddly little guy who loves to climb on anything climbable and, if allowed, would eat his weight in bananas or green beans! πŸ™‚

Sunni @Love Affair with my Brother

It is a toss up between the raccoon and the headspin robot, but since I can only pick 1….

I would name the raccoon Vivi. Vivi means full of life and this little gal is the most lifeable girl I know. She loves anything sparkly, anything with wheels and loves it the most when those 2 things are combined!!


Moon Walker Robot the name drew me straight away:
Trent,a bundle of energy, has a love for Robots and Lego, and when really excited will do his personal version of the "Moon Walk",loves making his family laugh, doing Dance and singing shows with his big sister.


Love the zebra – Cora the zebra who loves reading, nose kisses and dancing. Has a mind of her own and changes moods on a dime. Big heart and loves her family.


I would name mine Ollie the Owl. My little Jadyn loves owls, and most other animals- and thinks everythng is "perfect". Today she cuddled a kitten stuffed animal and said "My kitten is perfect- it has a nose, and eyes, and a mouth…" If that was all it took, huh?


I would love Pierce the Giraffe for my son's jungle animal room. I think I would let my son name him because he comes up with the cutest names for his stuffed animals πŸ™‚ His favourite is a giant alligator from IKEA that he drags around everywhere including in and out of his crib for naps and bedtime!

Chris and Carrie Elmore

I love the giraffe. I'd name it Dottie the Giraffe. My daughter loves dolls, pizza and pasta, baths and playing on the carpet in her blown up pool raft (she doesn't care for it when in the actual pool).


I love all of the robots, but I like the green one best. I just finished a robot quilt for my little boy who, incidentally, happens to be named after a mathematician, philosopher, computer programming language, and a unit of measurement. Bunch of nerds we are. πŸ™‚

aja reeser

These are too cute! My favorite is the Zebra… Her name is Zoe and she is an extraordinarily picky eater, eschewing anything whose consistency at all reminds her of baby food. She is very creative and crafty (a girl after my own heart) and has a feisty personality!


Millie the Monkey (my daughter has the quote "No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" above her crib). Millie is independent, curious, and slightly mischievous. She adores banana splits, chocolate milk, and anything "sweetsy." Millie would love to go on an adventure with you!


Very fun giveaway! We love the zebra. Nohaad the Zebra would fit right in with our three (Noah, Hayden and Addie)who have created a herd of their own and sorely out number the parents of the house. They enjoy using the family dog as a giant pillow, stories in their tent with flashlights and stomping in mud puddles. They would eat olives with every meal if it was an option.


Riley the Raccoon: Riley loves the color green. He tries to keep things very clean, he even washes his food before eating it. If Riley had his way, everybody would be able to touch the clouds and they would taste like cotton candy. His favorite number is 16.


Smudge the Panda. He is a philosopher who notices the details. While you might think Smudge would like bamboo or rice for dinner, he would be delighted to find a piece of Godiva chocolate cheesecake.


Eilene the Sleepy Giraffe with Orange background.
She likes to nap with her favorite little human and play outdoors with the birdies!


Atticus, the Agile Monkey. He is a lovable acrobat who adores Reese cups and kale greens. He is accompanied by Milo, the Fussy Norwhal, whose hobbies include eating Ben and Jerrys and chewing on the furniture.


Jude the Monkey, but I would call him Bobo the Monkey! Our youngest son's nickname is Bobo and this petulant little monkey reminds me so much of him! However, I am super psyched to see the coming-soon dinosaurs!!! We are dino-crazy in this house. And I'm about to redo the boys' room in dinosaurs so this could be a great find!


Zed the rhino, for my son kaden zed. Who loves to run on all fours through the house with mo pants on. If there was a black panther, I'd have to pick that one because that's what he pretends he is all the time!


Riley the Raccoon–he likes oranges and M&Ms;, but NOT pickles. He also loves to read and to pretend to be a truck driver.


molly the fox is mischievous. for my daughter who loves lollipops and hermit cookies..oh my!
anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com


Enoch the Pop-&-Lock robot loves to cook and play with his brothers. He jumps EVERYWHERE he goes — and if you try to stop him, he says he absolutely NEEDS to jump!


Sharon (mama to Adam)

Adam the Pop In Lock Robot! I love robots, but I have to say I am super antsy for the monsters. My little man practices his monster noises on a daily basis. The other silly thing he does is move his arms like a chicken and attempts to "bok bok" (the noise a chicken makes, or at least his mommy makes to sound like a chicken). He gets super excited and flings his arms and legs around while doing the chicken.

Mommy to Cruz

Cruz the Incredibot…Cruz just turned 2 and is OBSESSED with robots, or in his vernacular, "Bobots!" Cruz is a dancer and a singer who is always coming up with new moves. Cruz makes sure Mommy gets enough exercise by dragging her to the living room to sing and dance along with him!


The fox is just fantastic πŸ˜‰ My kids BOTH liked the Fantastic Mr. Fox movie, and it is rather rare they agree on a movie… Thanks for the chance!


Evan the Robot – He tries to be good but sometimes his wires get crossed and he tries to take over the world with his evil robot screaming. But at heart he's definitely a Hug-bot.

Actually, I'm holding out for the monsters. Did you know there are going to be monsters?? I'M SO EXCITED!


Theo the Jackhammer Robot: He loves classical music and playing the ukelele. He is shy at first meeting new people but warms up quickly and is a hit wherever he goes. Theo loves to snuggle with his beloved blankie, is good at sharing (most of the time–except when he needs to take a nap) and loves waffles.

samanthajocampen at gmail

Nicole S

Harper loves birds and ducks, but I also really like the owl. I would go with Harper the Hoot Owl becuase our Harper truly is a HOOT!
She loves:
yogurt and blueberries
playing at any playground
taking a bath
painting at daddy's desk (drafting table)
walking to the beach to see the ducks & birds


Loving Nautilus the Narwhale. Can you tell I just finished reading some Jules Vern? Do you really think that sweet whale could sink ships? I don't think so!

All the designs are fantasticly simple and yet delightful! I'm a fan!


OOH-AH the Monkey
That is what my son calls Monkeys..
These are great, clean and modern for sure! Would fit right into @ my home:)


Sigh, my Harrison would love that fox, actually! But I think the windmill robot is fabulous, too. She devours sweet and salty combinations, like chocolate covered road salt. Then she gets her groove on, doing the Robot, of course. Since Harrison already has a namesake of sorts, she'll be called Lilah.


I love love love Pierce the Giraffe! My son's room is done in multiple animal prints and I specifically love the giraffes. This would be perfect, thanks for the chance to win!


Ellie the Panda would be welcome to come live at our house. She loves reading, eating pasta and yogurt, and dancing to every beat she hears.


Yes, oh the Robots!! Marvelous Markus the Robot for my son! He loves robots, space and anything he can build.
Luna Lauren the Owl for my daughter! She is creative, peaceful and loves nature.
What a fun addition these would be for their rooms! Love them all!!!

lauren wright

Ellie the Elephant! My daughter and son both adored elephants as a baby.. fav toy was a elephant! Ellie is their to protect them and keep them company!

Macki West

Um, Narwhal, of course! I stumbled upon this and had to see what that thing is. What I found out is pure perfection, unicorn of the sea, living in the arctic?! My daughter is OBSESSED with unicorns and dolphins and the North Pole. I am just obsessed with this print, which I will name horny.


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