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Moms of little guys: why didnt you prepare me for the shopping temptations? Boy stuff is so much cuter than I ever could have imagined. Here are my recent obsessions inspired by a few of my huzs favorite things. Get your babys inner geek on with these gift picks that I posted over on Babble.

And if you’re not sick of us yet (as if, right? hmnn) here’s what we’ve been up to elsewhere around the web this week…

A trash-talking ETrade-style video that I made of Gordon in the middle of the night. It might just be exhaustion but these videos are making me laugh laugh laugh. Have you made one of your cutie? Leave us a link!

Check out this EASY Super Bowl feast that I plan to make. It’s filled with Texas Comfort Food and promises to be simple enough that I can do it one handed.

5 Ways to make a New Mom Smile. Find out what I think are the 5 sweetest things you can do for a new mama.

Jaime makes some Bacon Cheddar Biscuits for Unromantic Valentine’s Day Breakfast.

Don’t miss Jaime’s V-day gift suggestions for Wills. William & Kate: Gifts for a Modern Princess
Jaime makes me laugh. I love her so.

A round-up of the Best Modern Rockers and Gliders. Gorgeous picks!

And Monday Mom Outfit: Spring Sailor Trend for $70 Head to Toe. Jaime can you please fly to Texas and dress me in the morning? Or at least give me a “change your sweatpants” pep-talk?

But back to the crafty goodness! The pot holders are rolling in now and they are GORGEOUS! Only 5 days left to enter to win one of 2 BROTHER SEWING MACHINES! Are you making a pot holder this weekend?

Leave us a comment and you could win Jaime’s sparkly green thread!




There sure better be a pink microscope if the implication is that microscopes are blue and for boys or I will rage! 😉

Oh, phew, it does!


Loved all the boy stuff (have 3 of my own) but glad I finally got the girl because I've been drooling over all your girlie tutes! And yes, I am making potholders this weekend…no matter what!


Boy stuff and New Mama stuff – Hooray!
Great way to keep me busy until I can craft again (when the baby will let me put him down…).

Tristin @ Two Girls Being Crafty

I loved reading your "5 ways to make a new momma smile"–umm, yeah, I got meals for the first two weeks post-partum and that was pretty much the best thing ever… Just dropping in and running is definitely polite in this circumstance–what new momma wants to chit-chat when she could be sleeping?

I really understand now (in a way I never did before) what people say when they say "it takes a village to raise a child". And I have some pretty awesome people in my "village".


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