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The winner of the Michael Miller Bonehead fat quarter is:

AmAzOn who said in this morning’s Link Love:
My weekend will consist of spending time with my GREAT daughter and hopefully, deciding on what I will do to win the AWESOME printer you are giving away. Other than that, I will just be re-creating some of the WONDERFUL projects you share with us!!

We are so excited to hear you (and everyone) so excited for the contest. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!  Go ahead and send us your email address using the contact form and we will send you your prize.  Winners have 5 days to contact us before forfeiting their prize to another lucky reader.

This week we’re giving a fat-quarter of my very own Monaluna Circa 60 Beach Mod for Birch Fabrics 100% Organic Ukuleles from fabricworm. I’m using some for a itty bitty project and would love to share my leftovers. Isn’t it the cutest for summertime fun?


We will pick our favorite comment of the week next Friday and announce our winner! Don’t be shy!




I would love to use some of this fabric for my sweet 9 month old princess. I am in love with your site and shared it with my other SAHM friends! LOVE the onesie dresses! So eas and CUTE!! I need to figure out my sewing machine so i can make some tank top dresses for my daughter for this summer!!


I love the Ukulele! I am learning the Baritone Uke and this would make an amazing to make a dress for my little 6-ish month old of which I already have the homemade pattern for!


This fabric is awesome! Our 10 yr old son has autism and we finally found something to help him with his intense interests. Van Halen being one..David Lee Roth era only πŸ™‚ So he is taking electric guitar lessons hoping to nail Eruption one day!

This would make the cutest guitar strap!

Crossing my fingers!


Jam on! My sweet 9month Lukas just got a mini guitar and this would be perfect for a stuffed guitar shaped toy. Thats what I would make with this awesome fabric!


I think it's awesome that you guys have a large enough fan base and sponsors to have so many giveaways! πŸ™‚


Wow, I guess I am illiterate!.. because I was thinking "oh what cute guitar fabric!"… and then I read the comments and someone said they played the ukulele. "Oh yeah, I read that on the fabric title" but thought it was some foreign language… Oye, I think it is past my bed time.

Meg Ring

That is the most adorbs summertime fabric ever! I would love to win this stuff.. and if not, I may just have to buy some. Hehehe… Thinking of cute wifey projects I can do to create this into something for my hubby. (They look close enough to guitars and he plays, so.. πŸ˜› ) Anyway, you can't go wrong with giving away/winning fabric.. because you can make it into whatever you want! πŸ˜€


Oh.My.Gosh! Do you know how much the world is lacking in cute prints that can be used for baby boys??? I want that ukulele fat quarter so bad!


This fabric is sweet! I agree with Bailey who wrote about how great it is that you can do these giveaways. I just filled an mp3 player with soothing country music for my Jack's (2 months old on Monday – I can't believe it!) room. This fabric reminds me of that πŸ™‚

Aimie Jean

OOooHHhhh this fabric just strummed my heart strings! I'm a country girl, from the musical state of TN, who now live in NYC. I grew up with my grandparents, who have passed on now, but when I was young they regularly held "shin digs" at our house. Friends came with Banjos, guitars…you name it, and I played the spoons :). This fabric just took me back to those wonderful days of love and childhood. Amazing what a little glimpse of fabric can stir up.


Oh I am SO not shy when it comes to a music and fabric combo. Oh, I'm dreaming of what great project I could make with that for my dad who is a musician πŸ™‚


SO cute. I'm a beginner sewing mama, and am discovering all of the amazing things a sewing machine and beautiful fabric can create! I would love to use that fabric to make a skirt for our 15 month od to wear to the spring concerts our town hosts. Thank you for this opportunity!!!


I love this fabric so much! I am a beginner sewer and currently teaching myself the ropes. I think this would be an adorable accent to a yellow skirt and on a matching shirt for my 3 year old daughter! I love boyish types of fabrics on little girls.


I would love to win this fabric. I would make key fobs for my SIL, his wife, my older daughter and youngest daughter. They all play the ukelele. They lived in Hawaii for a while and my SIL even took a class and built his own uke. He always laments that no one seems interested back here on the mainland.


Now, I love making clothes for kids, but this fabric….well, I might have to keep if for myself and get my summer wardrobe started with a ukelele skirt! How fun!


AGH! A fabric with Ukuleles!? GASP! So cute! My baby brother (ok, so he's 25…but when they're your baby brother, they're always babies!) so needs a pillow or a pouch or something in this fabric! He would love it!


Hello Jaime and Jacinda!

Just stumbled on this wonderful blog and boom! – i am in love (next to my hubby and baby boy, of course!:> )
I am a newbie in sewing and this blog is a perfect site for me to learn.

Thank you for the inspiration.



Those mini guitars are so cute! This would work great with some other earthy tones I've been collecting for a guys quilt.


This fabric is too cool! I'd love do something with it for my little guy! Maybe matching shirts for him and daddy.


I have a 2 yr old boy and it's so hard to find cute fabric for some projects I have in mind for him this Ukulele fabric will be perfect specially since we live in Hawaii.


I'm thinking of creating a Hawaiian themed shirt to go along with a grass skirt. But I'm not sure if my husband would like it if I dressed up his 9 month old son in a grass skirt.


My dad is having a Hawaiian themed cocktail/dinner party to welcome in the Spring (even though it is still snowing here!) and these little ukuleles would be perfect as a table runner under his palm leaf place mats!


I would LOVE to have this fabric-I want to make some cool upholstered wooden folding chairs ( a la anthropologie) and I think the ukeleles would be perfect! Please? Pretty Please? I'll send a picture when I'm finished!

denise gisele

We just moved into a new apartment & my son still cannot seem to remember that this is now home. So, we've been spending every day on our porch planting flowers and decorating it to make him smile & make it more like home for him every time we come in. Perfect weather in Texas right now so we're enjoying that time outdoors! This fabric would be adorable as either the new covers I'm making for the chairs or any other number of things to go on the porch.


So a funny post for a Ukulele fabric…hmmmm, that reminds me of a song. Which would you like, our family has two that are sung at our house on occasion. First one…
Peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and jelly, Penut butter and jeeeeeeleeee, peanut butter and jele! Then there is the one we made up when we found something funny in the shower. Hey Mom look into my arm pits. That is how it started, "Look into my arm pits". I will spare you the music. I think it sounds better in my head.


This weekend I'm making my first-ever attempt at sewing clothing – a Snappy Toddler Dress for my almost two-year-old. I am SO EXCITED! Oh, and my best friend of 20 years plays the ukelele so I would love to make her something with this fabric. Thank uke very much!


Changed my mind…
I just had a new baby in february and plan on taking her and my toddler to the beach this summer so that fabric would be perfect for an embelished hooded towel or beachy bag. πŸ˜€

Jen @ My Own Road

Ironically enough, I had a dream last night about playing a ukulele (which I have NEVER tried before). Definitely a sign that I should win this giveaway so I can make something cute for my girly.


I love those ukeleles! I'm going to spend my weekend listening to "Iz" playing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" while strumming on his ukelele, thinking happy thoughts about my Hawaiian beach wedding to my beloved, and sewing up some crafty projects for our little one (mini-me) who will be be arriving in three short weeks. What happy memories and exciting times!


Other than dreaming about ukulele fabric for my daughter who just bought a ukulele…I am testing out crunchtime recipes for my contribution to the LA blogger bake sale to raise money for victims in Japan. I'm thinking either mini caramel apples or granola bars – remember I gotta go healthy.


I have plans to make my ukelele playing friend a handbag for her Birthday! She lives in not so sunny Chi-Town (Chicago) and this fabric would make her life sunnier! I think this quite possibly would make the best birthday gift ever!


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