Are you ready for the winner of our fat-quarter of Ukulele fabric?

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Shannon said…
So YES, this is a wonderful tutorial and YES, I love the Ukulele fabric for the snack bag (so I must win this week as I NEED to make snackbags with it), but may I just say that the Little in the blue shirt noshing on the sandwich is absolutely precious? I could eat that Precious up! May I have that in my snack bag? Please?

Sigh, I hate to have fallen into the trap of Shannon complimenting my sweet baby Quinn Frances but sadly, I have. Shannon, the fabric is yours! And yes, the Little is totally snackable, I concur!

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 For this week, the fantastic FRIDAY {SURPRISE} PRIZE is three sets of Key Fob hardware to use with Jaime’s Wristlet Key Fob Tutorial. Wristlet Key Fobs make a perfect little gift for the Easter Basket or Mother’s Day! So bring on the comments because you will adore this lovely little project.



Beach Mom

Yes! I would LOVE the FOB tut! We live near the beach and this would be perfect to make to hang our keys on our bike handles!!!Please pick me, XOXO


Oh… I love the key fobs and can't wait to make my own with those sets!

Is it OK if I give away 2 for my Prudent Mama friends and keep the other one for myself?

Thank you!


Oh man could I use one of these! They are so fashionable..unlike the rubber band mine are hanging from πŸ™‚

Tristin @ Two Girls Being Crafty

I have been jonesing to make a key Fob but I can't find the hardware without purchasing a massive quantity… and I'll admit, I'm a fickle crafter… I like to make one of this, two of that, a few of these for gifts, etc… So I'm unwilling to commit to the large quantity of hardware. All that to say, winning 3 sets would be AWESOME.

I just bought a new purse that houses every necessity in a small compact way–but not my keys 'cause they're massive.


Thank you! So excited that I won such wonderful fabric to make adorable snack bags. Just right for PBJ sammies. Thank you for the opportunity. SO EXCITED!!!


Oh, I would love that fob hardware! I have a lanyard on my keys now and it always gets tangled up in stuff. A little wristlet would be so much better.


Ohh.. I wanna make key fobs!! I hate my ugly key karabiner. Then after i make mine, i can make a spare for the house and one for my dad. ( he also uses a ugly karabiner)


Ever since I saw the key fob tutorial I go and drool over all of the different colors of cotton webbing. Then I drool over the ribbon, then I have to ask for a mop because there is a trail of drool from not only me, but my 16 month old son who likes to drool. He doesn't drool over the webbing or ribbon but my 3 year old daughter drools over Disney fabric for princess dresses. Poor Joann's employees. My poor keys are on a blah silver ring and they need a new home. I also need a new project since I am teaching myself how to sew and getting bored. πŸ˜€

Patrick, Ashley, and Audrey

Agh! I totally died over the key fobs in the fall when I saw the tutorial and wanted to make a dozen for friends and fam. But I never bought all the supplies. If I won these I could make THIS mama one, as well as one for my mom and my mil for mothers day! Perfection!


Ever since I saw the tutorial I have wanted to make one, but can't find the hardware anywhere in town. I just don't have the spare money to buy in large quantities so I would love to win some. It would make a perfect gift for mother's day!!! Pick me!! Pick me!!!


Ya!!! I've been thinking of making these, but wasn't sure where to find the hardware…. If I win, my problem is fixed!!! πŸ˜‰
I have the best white-red&blue; (OK what is that stuff called….. its ribbon with pictures embroidered on it… but the back looks like the old clothing tags [with the stings in opposite colors on the back]) ANYWAYS…. It has fish on it…. blowing bubbles and 'kissing????'. πŸ˜‰ it makes me laugh, but I never know what to use it on… until I read this tutorial.
I'm loving what you are posting lately. πŸ™‚


I have wanted to make the key fobs for a while but haven't been able to get any hardware! I would love to win it!


Love these! Definitely need one or 2 or even 3!! I lose my keys in my purse all the time! And i have a tiny purse!! Please please (with sugar and a cherry on top) pick me!! Love you!!


I've been dying to make these fobs as I definitely need a better system for my keys. At this point I get locked out so much that I have keys hidden all over town, just in case I need them.


Oooh!! I want to go to there!! I have been making hair clips and I'd imagine that making key fobs would be similar. I would love to get the hardware to get started. Thanks!


Oh I am totally up for a fun and quick craft. My daughters and I can spend time together making these. Oh that would be fun. πŸ™‚


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