Prudent Project Round Up

Top: The Path Less Traveled made a Long Sleeve Peasant Dress | Mindy made a Yarn Bowl | Juliette made Drawstring Backpacks

Middle: Shetriestolearn made a Laptop Sleeve | Fuoriborgo made our Fabric Slippers | Raechel made a Sweet Cotton Onesie

Bottom: Pandiola Lane made a Crib Sheet | Cheryl made a Crayon Roll | Amanda made a DIY Tray

We ADORE seeing your pics, share them and see tons of other folk’s projects in the Prudent Baby Project Pool on Flickr. You can also chat with other awesome Prudent Mamas and upload your pics to our super fun Prudent Baby Facebook Page or tweet them to us. And of course you can keep sending them to us through our Prudent Baby Contact Form. Your “As Seen On Prudent Baby” Button is down there on the left. Thank you!



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