Do you want to see what the next Friday{Surprise}Prize is? Ohhh it’s a good one…

This week one lucky reader will charm us with their comment and win a lovely child’s chair from Belle&Blue. The winner may select from all three collections!

Anna from Belle & Blue says…

At Belle & Blue, we are passionate about unique artwork, quality, design and safety when it comes to childrens furniture.

All of our furniture pieces feature beautiful artwork that is lovingly designed and painted by talented Estonian artisans. Our artwork collection includes colorful themes for boys and girls alike, such as Safari Animals, Max the Mouse and Fairies & Butterflies. We believe that these colorful pictures will spark your little ones imagination and creativity and provide hours of play time. Our aim at Belle & Blue is to put smiles on your little ones faces.

Visit Belle & Blue on Facebook and give them a “Like” to find out all about new products, and special deals. Right now they are offering free WORLDWIDE shipping!


And if you’re saying… Tell me more about this magical land of Estonia. Here are 9 fun facts!

Read on to see who won last week’s F{S}P!

Last week, the fantastic FRIDAY {SURPRISE} PRIZE was three sets of Key Fob hardware to celebrate Jaime’s triplets! HA! Or maybe just to celebrate the joy of making Wristlet Key Fobs.

Alex said…I had a Care Bear that was left behind During a move 🙁 My 16 month old has a Cookie Monster doll, who she adorably calls “Nom Nom Nom”. I guess I was also a Cookie Monster enthusiast because when I played a YouTube video of “C is for Cookie” at grandma’s house, my mom started singing along!

“Nom Nom Nom” is the cutest thing I have ever heard. So sweet. You deserve some key fob hardware.

Go ahead and use the Prudent Baby Contact Form to send us your address. Winners have five days to contact us before forfeiting their prize to another lucky reader.




Friends of ours just adopted a girl from Estonia! They've been trying to adopt from Estonia for 4 years.

They had some great pictures on facebook of their trip. They took their 14 year-old daughter along…what a great month for them! So exciting to see some Estonian art.


As a child, the only time I ever looked forward to bed-time was when we stayed with my Grams. She would tuck us in and read to us from the same faded copy of "Peter Pan" she read to my dad when he was a little boy – and ever since, I've had an affinity for pirates and fairies. Tomorrow my 9-month-old daughter will attend her first costume party as a FAIRY with blue sparkly wings, flowery dress and magic wand…don't you think a fairy chair would be the perfect place for her to rest her cute little fairy tushy?


Oooh. a butterfly chair would be perfect for my sweet babycakes!! She recently learned about butterflies and calls them flyflyflies. 🙂 She would adore her very own flyflyfly chair!!


What gorgeous furniture! Thank you for hosting this giveaway and thank you Belle & Blue for giving away a chair. I liked Belle & Blue's facebook page.

My brother has 3 sons aged 3, 2 and 7 months. His family has lived with us for most of the last 7 months since they've been unable to find a place to live and he can't find a job. My mom, Sister-in-law and I do volunteer work tutoring some of the children and women in our community so there are many children in our house during the week.

We just put together a little toy and reading corner yesterday. It has a bookcase and a floor cushion that I sewed so far. I think the children would really enjoy one of Belle & Blue's chairs to sit in as well. They'd appreciate having something that is so cute and just the right size for them.



Im already a big fan of Belle & Blue. They have many greats furnitures! Love those all! 🙂 My son have picture of Lion Leo and he would adore this Lion Leo chair 🙂


We lived in Europe for several years wish I had known about Estonia then. Also I wish my own furniture was made as well as Belle and Blue pieces are.


What beautiful chairs. Both of my girls would love the mouse picture, my girls just adore mice. I'm counting my days until they ask for a real pet mouse, lol!


My granddaughter would love one of the chairs. She is 14 months old and loves to "read" and be red to. She likes to go to Great Grammy's next door and sit in the little chair that I sat in in Sunday School (many years ago). It would be a great addition to her room. She doesn't need any more many toys, but this is something she will definitely use when she reads. These chairs certainly look like they are for reading!


Wow, stunning. We are finally purchasing our own house and go thrifting on weekends to find inexpensive things to fill it 🙂
Our 16 month old will have her own room and reading nook. Those would look lovely and I would be so honored to have something so nice mixed with the other used finds we have come across 🙂
Thank you!


I remember then, my son learn to say the word "daddy" through a cartoon movie starring a cub (baby lion) at the beginning. Now that he is almost 3, he still likes that movie so much and over and over he will also say "daddy" seeing that movie part and because his dad is always away from us as he works overseas and we get to see him only once a year. I knew my son will love sitting on this chair while watching his favorite cartoon movie or doing his doodles and coloring activities.


The Belle & Blue chairs are precious! What a great addition to any child's room. I just love bite size furniture.

Mary Teresa Israel West

I love kid-sized chairs! It's great that there are cute designs on them because I'm sure I'd see those more than my boys' bottoms actually sitting on them… Gotta find a way to make situations win-win!


The butterfly chair would be perfect for my daughter! Her name is Helena and there is a Helena Butterfly (beautiful blues). Her bedroom is decorated in butterflies that my husband printed off the computer (including, of course, the Helena Butterfly), cut out, and then put all around the wall where her bed is. What a crafty dad!


I just adore unique children's furniture! These chairs are the bees knees! So cute! I'd love have one to grace my daughter's room. She loves all things with animals on them!


Im from Estonia and I have a lot of stories about Estonia.
First simplest thing is flag : our country flag colors are blue-black-white.
Im already a big fan of Belle & Blue. They have many greats furnitures! Love those all! 🙂 My 3 year old son have picture of Lion Leo and he would adore this Lion Leo chair 🙂


My friends all have little "time out" chairs in their houses, but a little charming chair like this would be perfect for a "time in", inspiring and celebrating good behavior with arts and crafts time.


My daughter just saw the pictures above and squealed "foof foofs!!". She calls dogs "foof foofs" and all animals are dogs right now. She would love a chair with a "foof foof" on it 🙂

Karen Norris

I saw all three of my entries on the slide show. All the entries are so wonderful. It was fun making them. Thanks for a great blog. Karen Norris/Serious Whimsy


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