Prudent Project Round Up

Top: Raechel Myers made a Pretty Party Dress | Crafts By Holly made two Boxy Toiletry Bags | Little Mr Moo made DIY Recycled Sweater Pants

Middle: My Mommie Made It used our Evil Buttercream Icing Recipe to make cupcakes for her Firetruck Party | Landsdowne Life made a Beginner’s Baby Blanket #3Boyd Style made Crinkle Bots

Bottom: Margret made a Snappy Toddler Top | Mommy Needs A Hobby made a Snap Wrap Dress | Cinsarah made a Pillowcase Dress

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Thanks for featuring me! My bags are sitting on my dresser because they're so pretty to look at, thanks for the inspiration!


I decided to make those peep bunny stuffed animals you had in your link love a little while ago, and I stole the idea from your robots to put empty baby wipe packages in the ears! I know my little monsters will love them for Easter!


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