A NEW CONTEST!: Brother Embroidery and Sewing Machine!

You’ve heard us going on and on about our new Brother Sewing/Embroidery machines but now it’s your chance to get in on the fun! Prudent Baby is giving away a bright & shiny brand-new Brother LB6800PRW Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine to one fabulously talented Prudent Baby reader. Thanks Brother! But there’s a catch. You will have to do more than “leave a comment” to win this beauty. Are you wondering what it IS that you have to do? If you are signed up to receive the Prudent Baby newsletter, you will be among the first to know. Our next issue will be arriving in in-boxes this week and it will include all the details on how to enter the contest, an exclusive deal from a new Prudent Baby sponsor, and our usual delightful commentary. Here you go, you can do it right now…

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Ok, so you’re all signed up. Watch your in-box for the newsletter & the scoop on this fun new contest! Find out all the details before they are announced here on Prudent Baby because then you might win and you will be able to make adorable things like Jaime’s pin cushion and my Monogrammed Hair Clip.

Now I bet you want to hear more about this gorgeous machine, am I right?
Find out all about this awesome prize after the jump…


Unleash your design and creative potential with the Project Runway Limited Edition LB-6800PRW– the only Project Runway machine to offer embroidery. Now offering Computer Connectivity the LB-6800PRW will allow you to import embroidery designs directly from your computer plus enjoy possible future machine updates. The combination sewing and embroidery machine is fashioned with 67 built-in sewing stitches and 98 stitch functions, in addition to 70 built-in embroidery designs, 120 frame pattern combinations and 5 embroidery lettering fonts. Features like the built-in push-button thread cutter, advanced needle threading system and easy-to-view back-lit LCD touch screen provide a heightened level of convenience to your sewing and embroidery, while the included Project Runway custom fashion rolling bag makes taking the machine to classes and workshops as easy as can be!

* Import Designs Directly from your Computer
* 70 built-in embroidery designs, 5 embroidery fonts and 120 frame pattern combinations
* 67 built-in sewing stitches with 98 stitch functions
* Easy-to-view back-lit, touch screen LCD display
* On-screen reference guide in 16 languages
* Quick-Set drop-in bobbin and advanced needle threader
* Built-in push button thread cutter
* Large 4 x 4 embroidery area
* Machine cover and Project Runway rolling bag included





Personally I think embroidery machines make homemade things look cheesy and store bought. I'm tired off seeing baby clothes with machine embroidery. It makes items look dated and cheap too. However I love the completely different and unique look of hand embroidery.


oh i so want this…for my mom! she's a much better sew-er than i am and her machine is ancient!!! signed up and waiting for details!


What an exciting giving away! I would love to have this. Because of your website, I'm going to try to make my baby girl a quilt and hooded towels. This would be the answer to my dreams!

Mrs. Fischer

I'm so hoping that the qualifications for winning this are that
1.Your name is Abbie and
2.You have two kids named Claire and Liam that you love to sew for
because then I would win!


Haha…yeah ok Forest! There's one less entry making my odds of winning that much better! Hooray!


Wow, I've heard a few people put down machine embroidery, but I love perfection, and that is the kind of embroidery that machines make. I would love to win this machine…for my sister who really deserves something for fun and to bring out her creativity, to take her mind off her aches and pains.


i want that machine. i just signed up for the newsletter
and tell forest that he/she is boring. no comment from the peanut gallery, please.


Every party needs a pooper, I guess (ahem, Forest).

Even if I don't embroider with it on every project, I could use a really awesome SEWING machine.

Melody ??

I'm addicted to machine embroidery! (There — I've admitted it.) I've been doing it for 10 years now – my machine is getting old & cranky. Sure would be nice to win a young replacement! Thank you, Prudent Baby, for having a giveaway!

mrs. c

I have never had an embroidery machine before, this would be a great treat! I am so excited to be on your newsletter.


I so need a new sewing machine and I would lurve an embroidery machine. It would be like getting everyday and Christmas together!


Oh, man. I would LOOOOVE to win this machine! But I'm nervous about what you're going to ask us to do to enter the contest! I mean, it's gotta be something pretty crazy in order to deserve such a beauty, right?!

The Extra Ordinary Bree

Forest, you're just talking about a different style of embroidery. With the right software or designs you can make your machine embroidery look like hand embroidery! Trust me… you will love this machine!


I ALWAYS look forward to getting your newsletter but now I am DEFINETLY SUPER EXCITED to receive it!! What an AWESOME giveaway!!

Meg Ring

Oh my goodness! I'm super excited about this! Last time you guys had your sewing machine giveaways (with the pot holder contest) I had JUST begun sewing and didn't feel I was ready to tackle that..but now I kind of have the hang of doing a few projects so I seriously hope I can participate this time! Embroidery, ohhh embroidery! So wonderful! 😉 <3


This sewing machine can create miracles! Oh, I hope I'll have a chance to win this!
I've already been signed up for your newsletter and I really enjoy it! 🙂


Wow! Given the fact that my 'vintage' (aka old) Eaton Viking 713 just lost its bobbin winder – the steel arm literally broke off in my hand! – this would be amazing!!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~

I LOVE your site here! I'm totally going to follow!! You have some really good ideas!! Thanks for sharing all of them i've been checking out some of your tutorials 🙂 Would love if you'd stop by my blog!


You Prudent Mamas are amazing! You stir up so much fun for the Mamas out here. Can't wait to see whatchya got up your sleeves now. I am impatiently staring at my inbox. YAY!


Ok, wiping drool off my keyboard…….I would love to win this. As a stay at home mom to 4 sweet kiddos, buying one of these babies is out but winning would work. *fingers crossed*


That monogrammed little yellow dress is to die for. Thought you ladies should know that I have let a certain magazine subscription expire because all of her crafty projects seem stuffy and dull compared to the inspiration you two post. I get more in a week of your blog than a month's worth of MSL's glossy pages. Thanks!!


I love these type of machine, especially when one can design their own images!!!! This adds a nice, personal touch to anything! It is especially nice for working moms that don't have the time to do hand embroidery. It must be nice for those that do have the time.


I actually just took out my project journal and started a new page . . . what to embroider? My list is about to take up two pages! This is one of those giveaways that makes me want to hold my breath 🙂



I am in love with hand embroidery too BUT that does not mean I would not like to stretch my sewing abilities and do machine as well…sewing for me is about always learning and this machine would definitely do that! I love your blog, glad to have found it!

Fancy Matter

I am so happy Grosgrain is doing the 30 day pattern give away, because now I know of so many more awesome blogs including yours! I just signed up for your newsletter and I am looking forward to the many posts to come. Thanks for being online and offering such an awesome giveaway.

Tickled Crafty

Signed up for the newsletter! So excited….really. I have a singer sewing machine from my mom….limited! Embroidery? On a machine?!??! That is the best! Thanks for hosting this!

Jersy Girl @ Heart

This is an AWESOME giveaway! I'm all signed up and McKenzie (my 1 year old daughter) and I are eagerly anticipating receiving the info so we can enter!


With a new Grand baby GIRLLLLL I sure would learn how to use an embroider So ,any things to make So little time..


oh my groceries! i have been researching this beauty for weeks!
how amazing!
thanks for the chance!


Ok, I signed up for the newsletter last night (hopefully it worked, what with blogger being down for a ridiculously long amount of time!), and am anxiously awaiting your next instructions. Thanks so much for the opportunity!!


NICE! I would LOVE it! I've been eying a couple of machines but wow to win one would be better then having to buy one!

precious a

oooh this is really cool ive wanted to go into sewing but my parents cant afford a sewing machine so this would be really cool for me


holy crap! I just tried to REsign up for the newsletter in a fit of insanity… I have been signed up for months! I can't believe I'm so excited about an embroidery machine but dang….I am STOKED!


How fabulous!! Thanks for running these contests! My daughter-in-law & I have a dream of doing a sewing business together, which, we hope will include an embroidery machine!!


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