Isn’t this sweet? It’s the brand new Sentimental Studios Farmyard, Farmyard Scenic Cream from Fabricworm and it’s this week’s Fabric Friday. Just leave the comment that beats all other comments on any post this coming week and you win a yard!

But I bet you want to see who won last week’s yard. Read on to see!

The winner of a yard of Laurie Wisbrun Pooches and Pickups, Pickup Trucks / Spring is

The Mulvihills who commented on “Help! A Courtyard in Which to Hold Court!”:

Your space is great! There are so many options!

The one that came to my mind instantly is that you should stain your concrete floor! We stained our concrete patio a couple years ago and it has withstood full summer sun and very harsh MN winters. We seal it each summer to keep the shiny look! Here’s a link to my blog for a peek!


Also, I would love to see some large, colorful ceramic pots with tall greenery for more structure, color and shade! Your furniture is great and versatile, but yes, new cushions are in order–but you should have no trouble whipping those out! πŸ™‚

One last thought, how about some oversized house numbers? Something modern to balance out the traditional!

Happy decorating! 

Thanks for all of the great ideas everyone! I’m still working in getting Rick over his fear of staining the concrete. Too permanent he says… but I love it so much!

Keep the great comments coming, we love to hear from you and love giving away fabric, especially someone elses fabric!




Oh that farm fabric is gorgeous! I grew up on a farm and the picture of the barn brings back a lot of fun memories of jumping bales and the smell of freshly mown hay and summer sun showers.


Ok, so I don't have a witty way of saying this, because it's Saturday morning after a long week and I'm trying get breakfast together for my one-year-old. (Will she ever tire of Cheerios and bananas?)
Anyway, my younger and more adventurous sister just started an organic farm in Wisconsin with her friend. Two ladies running a farm, how awesome is that? And she has two goats, who she bought to eventually eat, but now have become very much like pets. She named them Tobias and Buster, for goodness sakes. (In homage to Arrested Development, of course.)
All that to say, I would LOVE some of this fabric. I would make my dear sister something extra-special. Maybe outfits for her goats. (Really kidding on that.)


Dorito chips. For some reason (i'm not pregnant)I'm craving Dorito Chips. Nacho Cheese flavor. I think Dorito's and this fabric would get along beautifully.


Since people are mentioning food and this fabric that it matches I would have to say a Pumpkin spice latte and lounging around this fabric would be awesome πŸ™‚



I live on a 33 acre farm, and I'm drawn to farm-life fabric for a reason. It mimics my chosen slower-than-normal, bring-your-kids-up-with-a -love-of-animals lifestyle. I would LOVE to use this fabric in a quilt to celebrate, and cherish our lifestyle in our later years.


I am just getting into fabric art and I would love to turn this fabric into a wall hanging for my father and stepmother's farm house. It is more of a petting zoo than a farm as all of the animals receive and keep names from the grandkids. The girls love to visit and participate in the farm life.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful fabric.


Love the farm fabric. Makes me want to go gather some eggs. Almost.

Pat V.

This line is fantastic! I would love to live on this little farm (of course, I would have to be much smaller and watch out for errant rotary cutters…)

The Mulvihills

I'm excited to see that I won! Feel free to send me an email and I'll give you my mailing address! πŸ™‚



LOVE this fabric! I think this would be darling as little overalls for one of my little farm-workers… as long as it doesn't smell barnyardy, I hope to win it! – Erin

Desi @ Wee Share

This fabric makes me think of cool fall evenings… which I am already dreaming of. I think I would turn it into a little fall jumper for my daughter right now just so I could trick myself into thinking it is fall… if only for a little while πŸ™‚



Cute print!Sure a nice one for curtains for the nursery :)reminds me of cute drawing by kids


Cutest. Fabric. Ever. I adore this! I married a farmer a couple years ago, and, since jumping in to the farm life with both feet, I would use every inch of this fabric!


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