This week’s Friday Surprise Prize comes from Bake It Pretty! We featured Quinn’s Animal Party this week and y’all went crazy for the giant polka-dot balloon and paper straws so Bake it Pretty is going to give one PB reader a humongous balloon (helium not included) and straws of their choosing. I’d pick this black&white combo. Just saying.

You know how it works, right? Leave a comment on any post this coming week and next Friday we pick our favorite!

Read more to find out who won the oliver + s pattern of their choice.

Fabricworm is here to give away an oliver + s pattern of the winner’s choosing. Go check them out! 

The winner is Cristin who left a comment on today’s Link Love:
I’ll just be surviving! I will be lucky if i get this insane pile of clean laundry put away….they may have to call a search party for me πŸ™‚ . i can’t figure out how we go through SO MANY CLOTHES!!!!
on a more happier, mother-y note…we’re hoping to spend it w/ my parents at their home = mini roadtrip! 

Thanks for keepin’ it real Cristin. Shoot us an email so we can get you your beautiful pattern! Winners have 5 days to respond.




Meg Ring

Aww! Love the giant balloons! I was admiring them in Quinn's photos actually! Since my daughters first birthday will be across the United States, these are some things I could definitely love winning! Ship to: destination addy! πŸ˜€ Haha. Lovely!


I am planning my son's 1st birthday party and I have found that he loves balloons. So I am going with a balloon theme and bookmarked Bake It Pretty for their balloons, after seeing that post!


Love these and would love the black and white ones for the 2nd birthday pirate party I'm planning with a friend!!

April @ Sewing Novice

I want, I want!! Lillian's 2nd birthday is the beginning of June and I'm planning a ladybug party. The red or black and white polka dot straws would be perfect! Pick me, pick me!

Mςnica Marull

Nice prize. Thank you for this wonderfull giveaway


The daughter has been clamoring for weeks now for a polka dot birthday party. We still have 2 1/2 months to go. Winning this would get us off to a good start. (amberrows (@) yahoo (dot) com


Please please pick me!!! Love these straws and balloons!! Would definately love to show off my online resources for my baby's first birthday!!!


After a rather exhausting week (a birthday party for my four year old along with a bunch of other stuff), I would definately appreciate some awesome party supplies. Plus, my youngest daughter is turning one in two weeks…and I haven't even gotten started on planning that. This would be way too good.


Pick me, pick me please. I adore these balloons. I want these for our next mothers group catch up at my place what a way to cheer everyone up from winter blues in Australia. I can just imagine the smiles on the mum and bubs faces.


What a fabulous website- Bake It Pretty! I'm a bit bummed that I didn't discover this website BEFORE my daughter's first birthday theme of "Winter 'One'derland." Lots of fun snowflake/winter decorations! Oh, well, I guess you ladies can make it up to me by allowing me to win this prize! πŸ˜‰


Would love to have the straws and balloon to use for an impromptu party with some of the youger youth at our church πŸ™‚

Heddy J.

Oh the black and white straws and balloons are PERFECT for my husband's birthday! He's always saying "things aren't always black and white." Well, hubby, here's proof that sometimes things are!


Oh! Bonus! I actually found you from the Bake It Pretty blog so, this is perfect! Quinn's party had me sold…so now I am a fan! Pretty sure I will be here all night (but that's ok! this is a fun blog!)


Ooo I love Bake It Pretty! I have a first birthday coming up but wait my Birthday is next. Hmmm…


I love Bake It Pretty! I've ordered from them several times and they are always prompt, accurate, generous, and of course cute!

Carrie C.

What a great look for a party. I love to throw parties. Even if my husband likes to hide away for them. I am looking forward to my dear sons first birthday- in september- becasue I want to Decorate, and make take home gifts. I think these strwas and Balloons would be great! I can just see it know, POLKA DOTS and Polka Music. OH MAN! Won't that just make my husband happy. πŸ™‚

Two Dollars

Just finished with 1 bday party and have another one in a few more months – hook me up! πŸ˜‰

Lindsey Philbrick

I'm planning my daughter's two-year birthday party and love all the stuff from Bake It Pretty. We'll definitely be ordering supplies from them, they're so much better than anything you can get at a party store. We're having an animal themed party too and will be using several of your ideas from Quinn's Party – thanks for the help, you made my planning MUCH easier!

Moncada Family

Both of my kids LOVE balloons! We just did some major spring cleaning and found some pitiful balloons that had just a touch of air still in them and they wanted to play with them! I had to wait until nap time to put 'em in the trash (the balloons, not the kids) πŸ™‚ Needless to say we could use some new much more fabulous balloons! πŸ™‚


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