All of the "Use Your Words" Contest Entries!

We hope you have 17 minutes to spare to watch a rollicking video of beauty and sweetness, starring all of the Use Your Words Contest entries. We can’t express what a joy it is to watch these submissions roll in and pore over each of them. From “Keep Calm and Craft On” to “two Turntables and A Microphone” the words you Prudent Mamas used to express yourselves were sweet, funny, and most of all, beautiful. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we did!

A big thank you to Brother for allowing us to run this amazing contest!

P.S. Sorry this song will now be in your head for the rest of the month.

…or you can check them all out in the Prudent Baby Project Pool on Flickr.




So much creativeness!! I very much enjoyed looking at all of the entries. Thanks to everyone who entered for sharing your creativeness and inspiring us all.

Taylor {Sew Much Love}

Everybody did such a wonderful job! That must have been so hard to judge! There are so many beautifully detailed ones too! Thanks for the inspiration and push to start learning embroidery!!


My little Jack managed to make it into the slideshow! So many pretty things đŸ™‚ And you are certainly not kidding. Miss Mary Mac is now embedded in my brain.


Must have taken forever to judge them all. How pretty! Thanks for the contest, it taught me something new!


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