"Use Your Words" Embroidery Contest: Meet the Judges!

The Prudent Baby “Use Your Words” Embroidery Contest has closed for entries, and now we must get to work judging each beautiful creation. This is an arduous task, as we wish every single person could win, so we asked some fabulous crafty web & sewing gurus to help us score. Perhaps you’ve heard of Sublime Stitching? Or Design Mom? Meet them and all eight fabulous judges who will be poring over the embroidered treasures.

Each judge will assign entries a score of 1-5 in each of the following categories (with each category getting 25% weight): Originality, Style, Workmanship, and Presentation. The Prudent Mama with the top score will win the amazing Brother Project Runway Limited Edition LB-6800PRW Sewing and Embroidery Machine! Who are the crafty creative ladies and gentlemen who will be assisting us in the arduous task of judging your gorgeous entries? Let us introduce them…

Meet the Judges after the jump, say “hi” in the comments, and be sure to check out their amazing websites…

Jenny Hart, Sublime Stitching

Jenny Hart is an artist, author, and the founder of Sublime Stitching. She has written several titles on embroidery including “Embroidered Effects“. Hart’s work in embroidery has been exhibited internationally, and has been featured in Spin, Juxtapoz, Vogue, Nylon, Bust and others. In 2012 her work in embroidery will be included in a 40-year retrospective at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum and become a part of its permanent collection. Visit her at jennyhart.net and sublimestitching.com.

Gabrielle Blair, Design Mom

Gabrielle is a designer and mother of six (her new addition was born last May). Her family is spending a year abroad in France. She posts on where design and motherhood intersect at her award-winning site, Design Mom.

Carrie McBride, OhDeeDoh

When not online helming the Ohdeedoh ship (where she is Managing Editor), Carrie can be found with her son trying to break the record for most hours logged in Brooklyn’s playgrounds. She’s also a lapsed librarian, slapdash sewer and doughnut lover.

Doug Kreinik, Kreinik Thread

Doug Kreinik is the owner of Kreinik Manufacturing Company, Inc, his familys thread business that will soon celebrate 40 years of involvement in the creative industries. The company offers a variety of silk and metallic threads for hand and machine embroidery, plus real metal threads and iron-on fibers for embellishments. The threads are used in needlepoint, cross stitch, knitting, crochet, tatting, scrapbooking, embellishing, sewing, quilting, surface embroidery, felting, Hardanger, blackwork, card making, jewelry, costuming, fashion, and even fly fishing. The manufacturing facility in Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA is always buzzing with the production of braids, ribbons, filaments, trims, and cords. A fiber expert, Doug has talked threads on television, at trade and consumer shows, taught classes, and lectured all over the world, plus served on needlework, art and community boards.

Debbie Hicks, Too Cute Embroidery

Debbie is the Creator of Cuteness behind Too Cute Embroidery. She has been creating machine embroidery designs for the past eight years in addition to being an avid quilter and crafter. She teaches beginning sewing classes for children, quilting and sewing classes at a local quilt shop as well as online video tutorials. She is also involved in many community service projects and loves to reach out to others going through difficulties in their lives, stitching over 100 quilts for chemo patients, children in need, tragedy victims, animal shelters, and soldiers injured in Iraq.

Scott Goodman (a.k.a. Great Scott), Kneedle.com

Scott Goodman is president and founder of Sewing Machine Warehouse & Kneedle.com (and the man who taught me how to use an embroidery machine). He is also an instrument-rated pilot and flies a Cirrus SR20. On winter Sundays, Scott (an EMT) serves with National Ski Patrol at Mountain High rescuing injured skiers and snowboarders. He is actively involved as a first responder with L.A. Fire CERT (Level 3) and American Red Cross. Check out 2011 “Designs in Machine Embroidery” magazine editions for his “Great Scott!” column. Very happily married to the lovely Victoria, their home is in the Hollywood Hills where they are frequently visited by local, deer, racoon, skunk, coyote & family members.

And of course, us, your Prudent friends Jacinda & Jaime.

We’re working away on our scoring and can’t wait to find out who wins! We’ll let you know early next week!




HI to all the judges!! Thanks so very much for being apart of this exciting & amazing contest!!! I can't wait to see who the winner is!!


wow, you guys have a difficult time ahead with all the fabulous entries!
i'm so excited to see the final choice 🙂
x candice x

Crunchy Con Mommy

Wow! I can't believe you got such an amazing group of judges! There goes my workmanship score though lol. Judges of that caliber are going To give me like a 1 for that. I'll definitely have to check out the sites of the ones I haven't heard of before!


Why am I feeling oh so nervous that my little bit of embroidery is going to be seen by such kickass judges. Gulp! Oh well!

But I really can't wait to see all of the entries!


I'm excited to see who the winner is! This was the first project I've ever done in hand embroidery. It was fun learning. I can't wait to see some of the awesome project you seasoned embroiderers have done 🙂



Hi all judges! I'm also super nervous after seeing your caliber. Yikes. It's like auditioning in front of Helen Mirren for the remake of The Queen. But…PICK ME!!! Last minute plug. 🙂


If I say this was my first time trying embroidery, do I get any pity points? I could totally rock a pity point category. 🙂 Do we get to see all the entries? I hope so!


Eek! What a great group of judges, and now I'm totally intimidated to have my entry scrutinized. I've never entered a design/talent contest like this. Do I get extra points from Jenny if I admit that I consulted her Sublime Stitching book again before using my words? 🙂


Great group of judges. Thanks to all of you for donating your time for this wonderful contest. I anxious to see all of the entries and of course who wins..


So nice to meet you all and boy do I feel like I'm playing with the big kids! This was my first big embroidery project ever – beyond embroidering the words tweet and hoot on some bird toys – and I just kind of made it up as I went along. I found the two sentence description a bit, er, limiting for me so I wrote a blog post describing my process a bit more 🙂 http://campingout.tracyrosen.com/?p=163


Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy, I can't wait. I hope we get to see all the other entries… I just love seeing other peoples creative sides! I'm a novice sewer and brand new to embroidery, so seeing what others do helps me be more creative as well.


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