Look at the luscious yard we have to give away to our favorite commenter this week! It’s Jay-Cyn Designs for Birch Fabrics Organic Avalon Happy Cruisers in Natural from Fabricworm. Doesn’t it make you just want to hop on a bike rightnow? So leave comments on any and all posts this week, we will pick our fave next Friday and announce the winner right here.

Want to see who won last week’s yard? Read on to find out!

Isn’t this sweet? It’s the brand new Sentimental Studios Farmyard, Farmyard Scenic Cream from Fabricworm. This week’s winning comment comes from Taylor at Sew Much Love on the magical tutu dress of magic post, who said:

That dress is adorable! I can’t wait to make one!!! It was lucky I had a girl first because anything with tulle and sequins is a must-have for me! I only dread the age where she will no longer wear what I pick out/make for her!


That’s so awesome too about what Scarlet says your job is! I’m pretty sure if my daughter could talk she’d say “She watches reruns of Dancing with the Stars and yells at her sewing machine”

HA! Go ahead and use the contact form to send us your address and Fabricworm will send off your prize!



stephanie joy

i need this fabric!!!
i have a new cruiser that i got for my bday last year.
it's so fun!
baby blue, brown leather seat and handles.
i want to get me a basket and i was thinking of sewing a basket liner.
how awesome would this material be for the liner?!?!?!
please pick meeeeeeeeee!


I could use winning something right now since the squirrel attack. I was gardening with my girls when it jumped off our roof, ran like mad then died on their jungle gym.


I just got my BELOVED beach cruiser out of storage and this fabric makes me want to scream in excitement. Although, birds notoriously hate me, so I'd be a little afraid these would crap on my head…

In all honesty, though, I don't think anyone could really beat Tamera's comment. πŸ™‚

P.S. I'm sorry if this posts more than once as this computer is being a turd in a punchbowl.


OH, I SO need this to further indoctrinate our daughter in the world of cycling…the husband follows all cycling events & cycles himself and has even started making finger-puppets for all the major riders in the tour de france this year so she can follow along!!!


Love this! Makes me think of taking our 18 month old on bike rides with us – she loves being on the childseat in front being able to see everything and point to all the doggies along the way. The fabric is perfect for the snappy dress for our little bike rider me thinks.


What beautiful fabric! It makes me dream of the life I want to live. One full of nature, bike rides to the farmers market, warm and cool colors, and enjoying life. πŸ™‚


Love. Would be so lovely to fold up and put in my bicycle basket, then ride to the park with my little man and lay it down on the ground for a picnic lunch! (and maybe eventually I'd get around to making something with it in my [hahahahaha] "free time.")

Jenny Crane

Makes me want to run outside and hop on my bike right now. Too bad its over 100 degrees outside. Yuck! This fabric would make it totally worth it though. So cute!


Beautiful fabric just what I am looking for!

My Sister in law have about 6 beach cruiser bike (her collection) and I am looking for a fabric to make her some wall decor and kitchen decor i'm specifically looking for a fabric with bikes on it. She would love it as her birthday gift for July and she just recovered from a surgery so making something with bikes on them will be a motivation.


I love Fabricworm and love their bicycle fabrics. My husband and children all love to ride and I would love to make them something out of that fabric. πŸ™‚


Love this fabrid – now I want to buy it, and make the handbag/tote they show on their website! It's gorgeous!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!


I look at this fabric and am left wondering how someone has managed to tap into my imagination and create a fabric to represent it. I'm scared and excited and the same time!


That would be the perfect fabric to make a shirt for my hubby-one of those nifty button down with a collar type shirts. Know what I mean? Have never tried to make one but this fabric would definitely get me pumped to try! =)


This fabric would be perfect for my daughter- who I PROMISE to teach to ride a bike – since I didn't learn for a VERY long time!!!!


Aloha nui!! This fabric is a perfect fit!! Hubby owns a bike shop & we literally ride everyday!! It would make an "off da chain" aloha shirt!!


It's my birthday this week:) why not?

Lol. Beautiful fabric! I would love to add this to my ridiculous fabric collection for the endless amount of projects I have "book marked" to do. Ahhhh…. Yea… maybe when the boys turn 18……


Here in El Puig, a little town in Valencia Spain, it is a must to have a bike to enjoy the rides through the orange fields. I would make two kids backpacks to take their snacks in these gorgeous spring afternoons. I have a girl (6 years old this august) and a boy (4 but bigger than my princess) and they both told me they love the fabric!


I did dog adoptions this weekend instead of relaxing I helped save the lives of 20 shelter dogs. I do this out of the kindness of my heart because I love animals. I also have 3 foster kitties and a wild bird that fell out of its nest. It would be super nice to win something. I love fabric and your site is the best. Thank you so much for all you do. Casey a.k.a. Khaoscat


I'm gonna soak up the sun.. gonna tell everyone to lighten up. Come, hop on your bike, gonna head through the small town, come ride along.
Every time we get down, we're off in the sun…. Gonna soak up the sun.. gonna destress and ride on…… LOL

Liz Mouse

Whenever I see a bicycle I think of my dear friend Roxy. She never rode a bike as a child and as soon as she got married, her husband put her on a bike and she rode straight into a tree. She does better these days…

The Desselles

As a cycling family, I would KILL for this fabric! The girls in their bike trailer while wearing bicycle dresses? Does it get any sweeter than that?!


My dad's girlfriend just helped me buy my first bike (I am 32, no joke). She is a bike advocate and a little bag with the fabric would be the perfect 'thank you'. Then I could make that tunic dress for my girl and we could try out the bike trailer a friend gave us. It would be glorious!


I love this fabric! I've just discovered your blog and I'm enjoying entering your various giveaways. You have some really cool stuff! (How much do I need to compliment you to be picked to win this? LOL)

I think I would make a tote bag of some sort with the bike material – to be used in conjunction with riding a bike, naturally!


I conquered a 15-year fear of bike riding this spring, and now my two-year-old refers to us as the "Bicycle Samily (family)." That fabric would make a top-notch romper for little Sal.


With a bright and energetic color scheme, the Dreamcycle is fun cruiser that really makes a statementCalifornia Bikes.



Glad to have found this site.

I am looking for 1/2 yard fabric’s with Bicycles on them.

I am going to make a quilt for Southern Illinois’s Tour de Shawnee scheduled for October 27th this year.

Our portion of the proceeds go into the “Willard Murrie” Foundation and as soon as it is totally funded, a yearly scholarship will be awarded to high school seniors who have a record of Community Service.
This is our third year and we are 75% funded so far.

We will use the quilt to raffl off and add to the foundation.

Thanks very much for any resources available for the project!



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