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Well I just want to hop on a plane and go see some minarets when I look at this week’s Fabric Friday giveaway yard: Lizzy House 1001 Peeps Royal City Basra in Blue from Fabricworm. Doesn’t it make you want to travel?

Leave comments on any and all posts this week, we will pick our fave next Friday and announce the winner right here.

Find out who won last week’s Fabric Friday after the jump…


The winner of Jay-Cyn Designs for Birch Fabrics Organic Avalon Happy Cruisers in Natural from Fabricworm is…

Katherine on the #1 Reason Sewing Machines End Up in “the Shop” post who started a comment meme when she said: Is it bad that I would sorta love it if my machine blew up?? I have a VERY basic beginner machine I got a few years ago for christmas and I desperately want a new machine…but family rules say if it’s not broken I don’t need a new one..so I wait for some sort of calamity!

I love this logic, and so did so many other Prudent Mamas who chimed in to say they also hoped their machine would explode, lol. I guess I hope all of your machines die terrible deaths so you an all go get fancy new ones! So Katherine, go ahead and use the contact form to send us your address and Fabricworm will send off your prize!




Such beautiful Minarets, I shall be happy to invite them into my home, make them mine and fancy being alongside them in a faraway exotic place. Ahh, to daydream!

De degelijke huisvrouw

I love both the minarets and the colours of the fabric. It invites for an adventurous boys-quilt.
Still I hope my sewingmachine will stay. It is my companion for over ten years now. It speeds through 8 layers of denim with so much ease that I never want it to say goodbye.


gorgeous fabric as always from lizzy!
i'm having a testosterone free night tonight – hubby has taken the boys to the in-laws for a sleep over 😀
bring on the sewing baby!!
x candice x


How on earth did I just discover that one skateboarding Prudent Dad has been sewing longer than Jamie?!?! I think we all need to see some sewing project from said Prudent Dad 🙂 I mean a hubby who sews?? how awesome is that!!


This reminds me of a children's book we got called The Librarian from Basra! This amazing librarian, with the help of friends, saved much of Iraq's ancient and unique library during the looting and attacks at the beginning of this last war there. I wonder if we could make it into something for the school library to tie into the book? Pillows to go with our beanbags chairs? Patches for our bean bag chairs!


This fabric reminds me of many of the places I traveled – Iraq, Russia, Turkey, Israel/Palestine, etc – before I had children. Now, while I long to travel again, I'll settle for some fun fabric to sew in my cozy little home.


such beautiful fabric- reminds of princess and fairytales that I use to read to my little one. LOve the blue color, off to sew now!


I just love the blues in this fabric. It makes me want to get out my VHS of Aladin and revisit my childhood.


Wow, what a beautiful fabric and nice gesture. It reminds me so much of where I grew up.


Ooooooh. Since forever I've wanted to visit Istanbul (was Con-stan-ti-nople, even Istanbul was Constantinople…ok, a little secret about my family, there are certain words, well, just about any, that launch us into song. Istanbul's a biggie 🙂 ) just to see Hagia Sophia. She was the site of the first minaret after the fall of Constantinople. Geeky bit of history, but she's so beautiful and so full of history. This fabric made me think about her right away 🙂

Martha E.

I took one look at the Friday fabric, and thanks, It's a Small World After All is running through my head. When will it stop?? When Luke was little he loved Small World and we went on more times than I can count. I miss those days. Now we can't wait to take his adorable daughter on her dad's favorite ride. I could make something great for her from this fabric. Maybe an exotic pillow with tickley tassels for her to sit on.


For some reason this fabric reminds me of Reading Rainbow. Most particularly the opening song and the line "I can't go anywhere…Take a look, it's in a book…" Right now I can't afford to travel to such places (not that I haven't already done my fair share of travelling); I now do my exotic travelling through the books I read.


After living In Europe for over two years, we are moving back to the states. This fabric reminds me of all the travels and castles we've seen while here. It's been a great experience, but I'm ready to be home! Only 4 more days!


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