GIVEAWAY WINNER: 2-Month Subscription to fair ivy

One lucky winner (or someone they love) is gonna get some prezzies!

We’ve told you all about fair ivy and we are back to share with you the winner of the free two-month subscription but first, here’s a little more about the company…

fair ivy was created in 2009 after a realization that so little of what we receive in the mail is a surprise anymore.  The only real mail that comes to the door is usually bills, Amazon packages, or junk mail!   Where’s the fun in that?
fair ivy is a unique subscription servicewe send awesome, cute, mystery packages to our customers once a month.  A large portion of the items are handmade, and our packages are additionally as eco-friendly as possible, using crinkle paper instead of styrofoam to protect all of the exciting goodies!   You never know what you are going to receive, but you always know it is going to be wonderful.  There are packages for everyoneteens, women, men and even pets!

You can even buy packages to start sending in the futureso you can take care of all your birthday and Christmas shopping early!

We’ve made you wait long enough. The winner is…

Liz said…

I think I would get Fun Ivy for myself! Or Fair Ivy for my mom, because she doesn’t get enough nice stuff in the mail.


Congrats Liz! Use the Contact Us form to send us your info!

And if all this talk of sweet little surprises has you wanting more. Check out fair ivy’s surprise blog: The Surpriseaholic, a great place for people to randomly win handmade surprises.


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