GIVEAWAY WINNER: Mrs. Jones Soapbox Collection

Who says cleaning has to be such a drag? Get rid of all those toxic cleaning products crowding the cabinet under your sink and go green! When this collection of Mrs Jones Soapbox appeared on our doorstep, we were over the moon at the yummy smell and chemical-free formulation, and just as happy with the awesome cleaning power (and the cute packaging is an added bonus).

Here’s what creator Jamie has to say about her line: I created Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox because I wanted to make a genuine contribution to the environmental movement. I was dismayed by all the greenwashing out there, particularly when it came to cleaning products and so I created a line that is truly eco-friendly and safe to use. I use vegetable-based soaps, natural minerals and essential oils to create the products and package them in bottles that are designed to re-filled or re-used. Refills are packaged in recycled water bottles, two liter bottles and gallon jugs that I collect from people in my community. Best of all the products look beautiful and smell great so it actually makes cleaning fun!

Read on to see who won a complete set of lovely Mrs Jones Soapbox cleaning products.

This combo pack includes the entire Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox line so you can simplify your cleaning routine and make your home a healthier house to live in. You’ll receive the 5 household cleaning products plus a jar of laundry detergent that will last you through 80 loads of laundry. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even look forward to cleaning now…

Clean – all-purpose disinfecting spray
Sparkle – glass, granite, mirrors & stainless steel cleaner
Shine – wood & furniture polish
Scrub – soft scrub cleaner
Soapy – concentrated, all-purpose dilutable
Laundry Detergent + Fabric Softener combo for 80 loads of laundry


And you know what is really cool? You can choose between glass or plastic bottles (both 16 ounces each) for the cleaning bottles in this listing.

The winner is…

MD said…

I would love a lavender-scented all-purpose cleaner that magically prevents the cat hair from leaving the cats. So some sort of lavender-scented glue I guess? I like the idea of the Soapy-All-Purpose cleaner. I’d like a cleaning person to use it, but as that job is currently filled by me, that’s what I’d like to try!

Congrats MD! When we stop by unexpectedly for tea, we expect the place to be spotless! HA!


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