Fabric Friday!

For this week we have the Oh-So-Pretty Amy Butler Lotus, Lacework Brown for one Prudent Mama (or Papa, or Grandma, or crafty-single-gal-on-the-go.) We have some fun projects in the works with Amy Butler herself so this pick from fabricworm is extra sweet to us! More on that later. For now leave comments on any and all posts this week, we will pick our fave next Friday and announce the winner right here.

Find out who won last week’s Fabric Friday after the jump…

Rashida Coleman-Hale I Heart, Cute Bots goes to:

Darn you and your tricky Jedi mind tricks! Now I MUST have some of the fabric for myself

But I bet you knew I would fall for the Star Wars reference.

Becky, go ahead and use the contact form to send us your address and Fabricworm will send off your prize!





All I've done for the past 18 months is make stuff for my son. It's time to make something for me! This fabric is for me!!!


I love this fabric… I need to make me some new clothes for my new job… I have not had a full time job (except for sahm) for over four year… This would make a beautiful shirt or skirt


Oh, how I love Amy Butler fabric and especially this lacework in brown. If I win this, I might just wrap myself up in it to see if I can get a tiny bit of Amy Butler's talent through osmosis!

Scott and Danielle

I have never used Amy Butler fabric but have always admired it and wished i could get some on my ity bity budget. I am new to your blog and am excited to check it out and put a link on my blog as well. πŸ™‚
kershaw_danielle at yahoo dot com


You have fun projects in the works with Amy Butler?!!!! Soooo want your job! And the fabric is super cute, of course πŸ™‚


Methinks that fabric would go nicely as a changing pad cover…will blend in well with the latest 3 poop a day festivities…

But seriously – very cute fabric with an extra bonus of baby poop brown background!


So pretty!!! This fabric would be great to make something for myself before baby girl arrives in September!!!


I am teaching myself to sew. Amy Butler's book Style Stitches is the first sewing book I purchased. I know this Amy Butler fabric would make a great bag/tote of course. Thanks for the chance to win!


It never ceases to amaze me how much detail goes into these prints. Look at it. At first you see a pretty flower and nice colors. Then you start looking at the design in the lace. And as you study it a bit more and more, you see that all the hooks, curves and the various elements of the design link to each other like an actual piece of lace. There is no skimping in that design!! True talent!

cari runia

I love this fabric… We just bought our first home and are in the process of decorating/updating it. What a process! My 3 yr old daughter Gracie insists on a pink room, with pink walls, pink carpet, a pink bed, and pink mirrors to dance in. I love that Amy butler's fabrics are timeless, so when my little pinkaholic grows out of this stage (let's hope!) it will still be perfect. πŸ™‚ thanks for introducing it to me, and saving me from searching!


kudso to Queen Amy Bulter for the "Queens Anne's Lace" flower fabric. Making a royal baby bonnet with this fabric.


Ack! Why can't I think of anything clever & delightful to comment so I can win this!? Mommy brain overload…. ?
Anyways this fabric is beautiful!


It would be an awesome project to combine the two fabrics! I think my husband will go crazy when he sees the robot print, he's such a lovely nerd!


Wow, this isn't anything like my Granny's retro hum-drum brown meets yellow. Amy Butler has an awesome way with color combos looking fab & fresh!


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