For this week we have Michael Miller, Bicycles Citron. Aren’t bicycles fantastic for Summer and Fall beyond? What would you make with a yard of this beauty if you won? I’d make a pair of PJ shorts to wear on my trip to MEXICO next week! Eeep! It was a last minute invite for a MEXICO TWEET-UP #wevisitmexico (as the kids would say.) Follow us on twitter @prudentbaby to see if they have managed to drag me out of a lounge chair to do something adventurous. It might happen.

Leave comments on any and all posts this week, we will pick our fave next Friday and announce the winner of this gorgeous yard right here.

Find out who won last week’s Fabric Friday after the jump…

the Oh-So-Pretty Amy Butler Lotus, Lacework Brown goes to:


jessa who said…

Oh wow. This makes our small, barren deck that needs power washing look really sad. Okay, I’m moving in with you! Don’t worry, I’ll stay in the backyard…

I totally agree. I want to live in Jaime’s yard too. And look in her window while she is sleeping. And try on her hats while she is in the shower (like I did in Salt Lake City.) HA

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Andreae Callanan

I love that Michael Miller fabric! If I were to get my hands on it, I would use it to make one of your striped grommet curtains (I have just the sheet). I am currently moving my two boys (aged almost-three, and 14 months) in together, and shifting my daughter (almost 8) into the smaller room. There is going to be a lot of craftiness going on if I want this to go smoothly!

Marie Abury

How adorable!! Having a baby boy after 4 years with a sweet girly girl.. would love this bicycle fabric to make my little man something special, maybe a matching trouser and newsboy set?


I LOVE this fabric! My cousin is having a sweet little boy in October. My cousin races bicycles and this would make an amazing baby gift for little Noah Riley


I would probably use this awesome michael miller fabric as part of a quilt I am making for my friend as a memorial of her cousin. I did not know it came in this color! I have only seen the blue and pink before. I must stalk the Micheal Miller website more often!


I'd make a little bag to keep my son's bike helmet. He loves riding his bike but runs a little bit too much!


I Would make little biking-kerchiefs for my daughter and her bike-crazy friends! Perfect for an adorable bike gang!


I love the bicycle fabric! It would be perfect for a little baby blanket or quilt, or even a little dress.


You always choose such awesome fabric, on the giveaways and your projects! Been wanting to make the John John for my 4 mo old… I've had the tab in my browser open for a week now!


I would like to thank you ladies very much for introducing me to fabricworm (sarcasm)! It's like when I first learned about Pinterest! I really don't need something else to fawn over, but oh well. I seriously spent 2 hours on their site last night looking at everything! I think their website is a little like crack, you just want more and more! Not that I know anything about crack! But seriously, thank you. I ordered some beautiful fabrics that I will be using to make a wedding gift with. Thanks again!

Kimberly F

LOVE it! My husband is a serious biker, but I can't think of anything to make him that wouldn't look too little-boyish. A pillow would be adorable, but men don't seem to appreciate throw pillows. Maybe he'd like a john-john.


I love the bikes! I think I would make a romper for my son with it. Too bad I couldn't also make one for my husband – he's the one who HAD to buy a new bike so the baby bike seat would fit.


I think that would have to be a cute pair of shorts for my little guy. He's 2 and would love a pair of shorts with bicycles on them!!

Paula @ Yay Home


As a bicycling enthusiast, it would be awesome to use this fabric in my other passion….sewing! The best of both worlds!


That bicycle fabric reminds me of of some navy blue fabric my mother made a jumper for me when I was little. It had red and white bicycles on it.


My little girl would love a dress made from that. She loves bikes, and she loves to yell "bike" when she sees one. It could prove to be a wonderful distraction for her. Or a very annoying outfit for the rest of us.


I think I'd make a cross body pouch I can wear when I cycle. I need to keep my GPS and ID on me and how cool would it be to have my bag be made with this rockin' fabric.

Ausmerican Housewife

My father in law is a bike FREAK (I say that most lovingly) and I'd make some sort of sandwich wrap or bag with this print. Something insulated to hold his lunchbox inside without leaks.

R Carter

This fabric rocks! I would use it to make something for my little guy (4 yo) who is lately jealous at times that "boys don't get cute things." Just this morning he wanted to know why I don't "EVER" get him anything when he saw his 2 yo sister's pretty espadrilles sandals and I said I do, see I got you those ones, he said "but boys things aren't special." That just about broke my heart 🙁
I really do have a hard time finding nice prints for boys that aren't licenced characters and aren't too "babyish" for his grow-ing up taste 🙂


my husband is an avid cyclist, and commutes to work by bike. since we're a one car family, it means he rides his bike in, regardless of the weather. i would use this to make him a custom lunch bag that fits perfectly into his bike bag, to make it easier to get his lunch to and from work. with the remaining, i would make a little pouch for his wallet and cell phone for his long weekend rides.


In Holland we cycle everywhere, everyday, rain or shine. I have a bicycle seat on the steer for my son and I have been looking for a nice fabric to make a seatcover with, why didn't I think of this??


I adore my bike and ride it as often as I can. This fabric would be a wonderful addition to my bike by making it into a bike basket liner. How fun would that be, bike fabric on a bike!


oh my gosh! i love it! I would for sure make my little Isla a little pinafore that she can wear now and into the fall.

Pat V.

This fabric makes me want to run out and try and ride a unicycle! (There's actually a unicycle group near me, so that's not that far-fetched!)

Sanja Dumo

My husband is hitting mid-life crisis time and trying to convince me that he "needs" a new $4000 bicycle. Maybe if I win this fabric he'll be satisfied with a new pillow. Maybe not. Darn!


hi!! i just had to let you know that i NEED this fabric!! i am currntly reno'ing my bedroom and the color scheme is YELLOW, GRAY, PURPLE, AND B&W;!!!!! this is so crazy this giveaway on going on today as i went to the craft store earlier in search of such a fabric! i would be using it as a backdrop in a collection of acid mirrors im hanging on one wall! please pick me I NEED THAT FABRIC! maybe we can work out a deal, i get the fabric, you get my right kidney?? sound pretty fair? ok ok just kidding!! (kinda..)
thanks for taking the time to read this! <3 u guys!
pick me, Paige



What did the bicycle call his dad?


This fabric would make an awesome messenger bag for my boy. 🙂


How cute! My 6 year old daughter is struggling to learn to ride her bike. I would make her a congratulatory gift when she masters this difficult task! Perhaps a cool pillow- she's into throw pillows for her bed or a backpack to wear while riding her bike- you know, to carry all of her treasures 😉

Linda Meyers-Gabbard aka Ladyblueeyez1960

Enjoy your trip!!! Just dont drink the water!!!!

This Michael Miller, Bicycles Citron would make a very cute Back Sack to wear while Bicycling. My mom makes a very cute one with adjustable straps so either a child or adult can wear. Hers are also fully lined and machine washable. She also can make it with an outside pocket for a water bottle.


Love that fabric!!!! My 2 yr. old found our playlist on the laptop the other day and we found him jamming out to "I want to ride my bicycle" by Queen. This fabric would be perfect for his "bicycle" love at the moment.I would make him a cute little outfit to shake his booty in. Thanks for the chance to win!!! Hope you have fun in Mexico!!


I would love to make my 14 monthnold a pair of shorts and a matching hat! His nana and pop pop would love it (as they are avid 68 yr old tandem bikers). Hum mm…maybe they would like shoe bags for their bike trip to France and New Zealand this fall! Kid or grandparents….what a choice!!!


Eek! I love this fabric but I haven't seen this colorway yet! I've been meaning to pick up a few yards of the blue on grey for a great sleeveless dress to wear while I bike around the army post I live on. I desperately need to combat the farmer's tan I developed biking all spring. I love this colorway even more than the blue and I would absolutely print off Collette's sorbetto top for this!


Awesome man fabric! I have been searching for something to make the Man-Gift! Toiletry Bag with. Please pick me 🙂
sabrinaferster at gmail dot com


I used this fabric to make a kindle cover for my husband. Would love some more to make pillow cases or pj shorts for my boys.


Boys schmoys! I'd make something (like a bucket hat) for one of my awesome super-biking woman-friends.


Hmmm…I saw this fabric used to make a rag and bone baby book, so cute! I would love to use it to make a photo album cover to chronicle my baby's adventures.

Ann Hart Walker

I just bought a Cruiser bicycle so I can bike with my niece and 3 mos. old great nephew Phineas. I would love to make a picnic quilt so we can ride through the metroparks in Cleveland and have lunch under the trees near the river.


Oh this would look so cute as a romper for my son when we go bike riding together!!!!! Now to learn how to make a romper…..better get to researching!

Veronica Marcetti Dimick

I LOVE this fabric! I would totally use it for a dress for my (almost) one-year old girl!! I have just discovered your site and made her two dresses in two days, and unfortunately I can't get past the uber-girly fabrics. The girl needs some hip and mod fabric!! Thank you for all the great tutorials, and I will be taking some pictures soon to send your way of the dresses I have made so far. 🙂


This bicycle/tricycle fabric would make a super cute tote bag for my grandson & perfect for back to school! Thanks for a chance to win.

Brianna B.

omg i just luuuv bicycliiieeesss this fabric would make an awesome handle cover for bikes :)and dont worry ill make you some and send it to for your bike.
your bike would love it and say thank you to me. ahuh it would

– smiley faces :0 :p brianna b

Brianna B.

ooohhhhhhhh bikes oh bike oh how they totally love me even though the first time i rode a biiike i craaaashed intoo a treee.

(btw that was a song)


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