GIVEAWAY: Appliqué Class

It’s time to get schooled in the art of appliqué! No onesie, quilt or coffee coozie will be safe from adorable embellishment once you see this book. Appliqué Class is (of course) filled with a lovely collection of appliqué projects but my FAVORITE part of this book is the thorough, full-color appliqué primer. I can’t wait to try out the detailed instructions for a variety of ways to do machine applique (in my ongoing mission to avoid hand-sewing when possible.) They look so good!

See more of Appliqué Class and learn how to enter to win a copy.

Love the lay-flat spiral binding and the pocket filled with the patterns for all projects.

The detailed applique primer provides all you need to know to create perfect appliques by hand or machine.

Cute beginner projects!

Put a bird on it! HA!

intermediate and advanced projects too! FYI, I have the utmost respect for you if you can keep track of your own reusable coffee sleeve.

Needle Keeper! WANT!

So let’s do some appliqué! Aren’t you just dying to put something… on something (what?) So what do you want to appliqué? A baby tie on a onesie? A donkey on a tote bag? A tee-pee on a throw pillow? Tell us in the comments here to enter to win your own copy of Appliqué School.

Leave your comment anytime between now and midnight PST next Tuesday September 7th. We will randomly select a winner and announce here on Prudent Baby. For extra entries, tweet, stumble, or share the giveaway on facebook, and leave a comment each time letting us know. Come back every day for new entries. Good Luck!



Sarah Davies

What a fab looking book. I want to make the coffee cup sleeve….. Well that would be to start! I have just found your site and it is also fab!!


Wow! What an amazing book. Maybe this would really push me to do something with all the fabric I've been saving for a rainyday!!!


My daughter always tells people she is not cute, she is "sweet and smart." I want to applique that on a tee shirt for her. I would add that she's also sassy…


i love trying applique, but it always seems to go slightly wrong somewhere along the way, so this book seems like a dream!!

Cook Clean Craft

I agree with trying to avoid hand sewing as much as possible. I can always use more tips for machine applique.

What do I want to applique next? I think I'm going to make my Dad a bathrobe for Christmas. Maybe I should applique a lawnmower or set of golf clubs on it.


I love the carefully selected patterned fabrics with lots of colour just splashed around a plain white tablecloth or quilt.


I would love to applique some onesies for my soon-to-arrive daughter. Flowers, birds, anything cute. I definitely could use some applique pointers!


I've been working up the courage to applique on some of my daughters clothes. This would be a tremendous help!


There is a pillow I saw on pinterest with appliqued flowers that I would love to make…I just don't know how. This book would be great!


This couldn't have better timing!!! I'm ABOUT to start a bumper/quilt project with applique… except I've never done it before and so am totally winging it! It's going to be a tree branch on the bumper, and a whole tree on the quilt. Save me from screwing up my baby's bedding set!! 😉


i have been DYING to learn applique. i'm just not smart enough to figure it out on my own.. and what i've been wanting to do is exactly what you said – a tie on a onesie!! for my nephew's birthday. and i've been wanting to do some cute applique onesie's for my baby girl :]


Would love this book. Adding it to my wish list right now! I attempted my first applique project a few weeks ago for my daughters birthday. Could use the extra help next time.


How awesome is that! I have been dying to applique my little ones' blankets I make them. I make one every few months and that would be awesome to make them more unique and my 3 year old would think I was the coolest Mom! Haha. 🙂

Crunchy Con Mommy

Oh fun! I really want to appliqué some pillows-we're getting our first house and I think I'm going to need LOTS of pillows to decorate the seating areas in the living room and family room and the beds in the bedrooms. We're going to have so much more space to decorate!!

Addison's Mommy

I love to applique t shirts for my daughter and make matching skirts or add a coordinating ruffle to jeans.


errrrr…..back up the bus, I want to get on this one. After seeing the wool applique I was smitten.
Good luck to everyone.


Oh I'm dying to win this one. I've been wanting to try applique for ages, but haven't been brave enough to try. This'd kick start me into action. As for what I'd do, I saw a gorgeous appique'd skirt recently, and I'd love to try and replicate it!


With the baby boom around these parts, I've been appliqueing onesies, burp cloths and bibs. I would love some new ideas. That book looks amazing!


Your suggestions are hilarious- especially the teepee pillow. Anyway, I'd like to applique letters on a blanket (preferably spelling a baby's name!)


Ooooh!! I would love this book! I have always wanted to try applique, but I've always been too scared. This would give me the push I need!


This book looks amazing! I've tried applique a few times and still haven't gotten it quite right…..this book looks like it could really help!

High Note Photography

I would love this book! I hope to learn before I have to decorate my new babies nursery! I've done some research on trying to applique this would totally help me in the right direction!


I want to appliqué some cute pillows for our expected baby's nursery. Then I'll do the coffee coozy. Then I'll do some cute baby clothes. And then I'll do…d


I just started getting into crafting, especially sewing. I am a newbie, but I think this would be a great book for me to try out!! I would love to learn how to apply great little designs (like flowers, owls, cars, ties) to boring onesies and give them away as baby gifts.


Oh Boy. do I need this book. I am very intimidated by applique, but started doing it anyway; learning from blogs and UTube. Would love to have this book.
Thanks for the chance to win.


I did some of my first major appliqué for your "Use Your Words" contest. Need to remember to use stabilizer! I usually do reverse appliqué for its simplicity of execution instead. But I'd love to get some actual instruction on the right way of doing it. (I have "put a bird on it" before, but it was an embroidered one.)


Would love to win this, I have been wanting to make some baby tie onesies for a friend that is having a boy soon!


I have never tried appliqueing but I really want too! I have a baby girl (3rd child) due mid nov and I really want to do some appliqued outfits and accessories for her nursery. This looks like a great resource to learn from! Thanks for the chance to win!


I make baby hats and hair bows, but would love to turn my LOVE of everything felt into something else. This would be so much fun!


I learned to quilt from my grandma when I was a young teenager. My mom says that the skill skipped a generation 🙂 I'd love to learn to applique from her, but I'd love to have a book since her expertise isn't available anymore. What a fantastic way to carry on family tradition of beautiful baby quilts! 🙂


While I realize it's a stretch, I'd like to applique a wall hanging of my son's favorite Busytown characters for his birthday next month!

Sabrina Ferster

wow… looks like a nice book. I would love to learn how to appliqué. I just got some fabric to make matching aprons for myself and my 2 girls…. i would love to appliqué something on the pocket.

cori joyce

perfect timing! throwing a baby shower and for one of the activities we are doing the "decorate a onesie" thing. i would LOVE this book for tips and ideas for all the girls at the party… not to mention i really want to make some pillows for my boys rooms!


ooooohhh aaaaahhhh! I LOVE applique, but have no clue what I'm doing. When we were in school we used to make fun of my mom because she stenciled EVERYTHING in a few years my daughter might make fun of me for applique. 🙂

Indiana in B'more

WOW! can i just say that looks like an amazing book?! applique totally intrigues me but also intimidates me — i'd love to lear more and would love this book!


I love appliques and am in the proeccess of learning how to do it. I love the coffee cup sleeve, that would be a great present for coffe lovers.


I'm hoping to applique some onesies for my little guy for the upcoming holidays! Love the look of this book. Thanks for this chance!


I have just started to feel the need to master all things sewing. I'm saving up for a sewing machine and this would be so great to start working with before I get it. Pick me!


I want to make some 'plushies' for gifts this Christmas – but I've been thinking that adding some applique would really make them something special and unique – this book is exactly what I need!


I've been trying to teach myself to applique on onesies for my baby girl due in November. It would be great to get this book and have a better guide as well as some adorable ideas to get my creative juices flowing!

Marcia W.

I want to learn applique techniques this year, and this would be a great book to use. Especially want to make an applique baby quilt for our new grandbaby (not even a week old). Thanks for the chance.

Scott and Danielle

I want to applique neighborhood type things (houses, parks, trees) to my son's car quilt I'm making soon. But I'm not good at it! This would be a great book to learn.
kershaw_danielle at yahoo dot com


My friend is having a baby soon, and I want to applique onesies with each month of her first year of life. I wish I had taken pictures of my girls for the first 12 months of their lives. It goes by too fast.


OMG!!! I just found this blog and love it!!!! Thanks for the giveaway! I just shared this on Facebook. I want to applique a bird on a corduroy jumper for my granddaughter. How cute will that be?
Love this.


I want appliqué pretty much everything. I would love to so some of my plain tshirts with simple bird or flower appliqués to make them more interesting.


I opened my big mouth about my very novice sewing skills and now I am appliqueing "third grade rocks!" on five t-shirt for all of the teachers in my in my grade level team! I think this book would be very helpful!


Speak of timing! I am going to be applique-ing bunting for my sister-in-law's baby shower! The problem is is that I get addicted to things once I do them.. Nothing in my house is going to be safe from it now!


I can't even tell you how excited I am to see this post. I was literally thinking yesterday that I need to find a local applique class to make an applique quilt!


I have too many projects in mind!!
First an applique shirt or dress for my daughter's second birthday (in one month).
T-shirts for her cousins with the first letter of their names.
Napkins with a design for my Mother-in-law for christmas.


That picture of the petals on the tablerunner is oh so pretty! This looks like a great book. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

Christine Way

Growing up my best friend always had different appliqued pillow sheets. Their were 5 kids in the family, so I guess it made it easier to know which pillow was theirs. I love the way movie night looked at their house with all the pillows (and their pretty pictures) piled up in front of the tv. I would love to do that for my kids 🙂


Soooooo many possibilities…Where does one begin and how do you choose which project you want to do first….
Thank you so much. This is an awesome post!!!!
Louise–Slave To My Needles


Oh what a neat book! I actually told my husband the other day I'd like to take a class on applique. I love those coffee cup sleeves!! I also want to learn better applique for my quilts.


I love how applique makes all your projects look even more special and would love to improve what little bit I can do and learn some new techniques. Or, considering I'm self-taught, maybe I should rephrase that as learning some "proper" techniques. Thanks for the chance!


I absolutely LOVE all those projects! Nobody in our family would use a coffee sleeve, but I would make them just because! I am really excited!! 🙂


I am going to be doing applique on quilts. LOTS of quilts. They are my new passion and I have a million ideas for applique, but first…. I need to know how to do it!


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