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Totally cute to make a paper bunny puppet.

Or plant a teensy shell garden.

Use magnets and a muffin tin to store craft supplies and 25 Clever Storage Tips & Tricks for the New Year.

Follow this tute to make a super cute car pincushion.

Love all this fun stuff to do with marshmallows.

How ridic amazing are these ribbon animals?

Check out Family Style’s 20 Most Popular Posts of 2011. Eye candy galore.

Obviously you are lovely just the way you are, and a good night’s sleep is the best beauty trick there is, but still I went and rounded up some tips that I totally dig (hello sock bun, where have you been all my life?). So, check them out: New Year: New You – 25 Beauty Tips & Tricks That will Blow Your Mind

Planning a superbowl party? Might as well get crafty! Here’s 25 Touchdown Tutorials for your Superbowl Party.

We rounded up our 25 Favorite Apps for Families. What apps do your kids love?

And 25 Awesome Play Kitchens to choose from.

Call for help: Our friend and beloved blogger Monica Bielenko and her family suffered a horrible loss when their house caught fire earlier this week. Hear her story and consider contributing to the emergency fundraiser here.

I had a good laugh reading a comment from reader Sara on Prudent Baby’s 11 Most Popular Posts from 2011: That fake parking ticket really irked my mother in law off. It was sooooo much fun. She almost hit my husband. 🙂 And the coffee cake was delicious!! We don’t condone violence but HA HA HA.

Over on facebook and twitter this week all the Prudent Mamas were very chatty…

We seemed to very much enjoy and come to a general consensus that this is the greatest Handmade Ryan Gosling post thus far. Thank you @sewsodef et al for all the joy you have brought us.

Jacinda wanted to know if she would regret buying Gordon a ball pit for his first birthday (tomorrow!), but most of you said to go for it. My favorite comment was from Amy who said: We loved it. Whether you are picking up plastic balls, blocks, cars, trains…makes no difference 🙂. Yes, that makes sense.

Scarlet found a love chip and was so excited she told me to show everyone so i did. I locked myself out of my microwave and you all helped me get back (praise you). You asked about Scarlet’s octopus chair, but it’s from the now-defunct babystyle. Anyone know where to find one these days? I also got really excited to know what kind of plant that was and reader Katrina (aka “Plant Nerd”) gave us the full scoop. I think I am going to go hunt for pups even though it’s unlikely to see them grow to this size any time soon. Thanks Katrina! And Jessica posted this picture of the pretty in pink craft area she created for her daughter! Want to adopt me Jessica?

After Jessica adopts me, we will move together to Korea next door to reader Pam who posted this to us: We’ve been living in South Korea for a little over a year now and it’s got pros and cons to say the least. (Big con: living in a rice paddy in July.) But that Michael Miller pinwheels fabric I just scored for about $2.50 a yard (along with a bunch of other designer fabrics)? Why that, my friend, is a pro. Pro indeed.

Reader Eileen asked: Just curious as to what everyones appliqu techniques are. I have always used fusible interfacing either zig-zagged or satin stitched. I am now reading about using a freezer paper template and turning edges under (secured with a glue stick). Has anybody tried this? Maybe you could help her out in the comments.

Over on Pinterest we were avoiding our responsibilities and pinning away (you can’t relate to that can you?)…

I pinned this Prudent Baby project from last year and it got so much love, the four season crossover top. I had totally forgotten about it but now i want to make a new one for Scarlet, in oil cloth, to use as an art apron. Right?

Also loved the Operation Icognito dress up moustache set, Makeup Cookies, and this insane beautiful Washi Tape fabric that’s about to hit Fabricworm.

So that’s what we’ve been up to this week. What’s been happening in your craft caves?


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