The Breakfast Project: Make Milk-mates!

We love milk here in the Curtis household – in fact, my husband’s family runs a dairy farm in Pennsylvania, so you could say milk runs in our blood. So when I was asked to be a part of The Breakfast Project, I jumped at the chance to show you how we freeze purees into fun shapes to make flavored milk that’s extra cute. I hope you like my little home movie!

Milk asked me how I do breakfast at home, and I thought y’all would enjoy this super-fun, totally simple trick that turns your glass of milk into something extra special. While we love all the flavored milks you can make with this method (strawberry, blueberry, chocolate), the favorite (as you’ll see in the video) around here is definitely peanut butter milk. What flavors would you try?

If you make some, be sure to send me a picture, it might even get featured on, where you can find my video and so much more fun stuff like recipes, coupons, and the hilarious new “midnight run” ad starring Salma Hayeck (umm, yes, she is just as beautiful in person)…




Meg Ring

Love your video! So cute! We will have to try this! πŸ™‚ My hubby LOOOOOOVES anything Peanut Butter, so I can hear him screaming “Peanut Butter Milk!” just like little Scarlet. Hahaha!! :]

Meg Ring

P.S. I JUST bought all of those adorable ice cube trays from Ikea 2 days ago! Now I know what creative thing to do with them! πŸ˜€


FUN ideas! I have actually tried peanut butter banana but he did not go for it. Sorta surprised me though because he is a total peanut butter hound. I would love to try the strawberry or blueberry. To me that is so eye appealing. Hopefully my son will enjoy it also.


So you explained what you do to the fruit and the chocolate, but what do you do to the peanut butter before freezing it? Or do you just scoop it into the tray and freeze?


thanks ladies! these are so fun to make and watch the milk change color while you stir. for peanut butter, you just whisk peanut butter and milk together then freeze. i did them in the shape of peanuts πŸ™‚ oh and i’ve done them with sunbutter too, yum


THEY ARE SO STINKING CUTE!!!! I wish my little one had a best friend to cute it up with. ALSO I like that idea. good stuff good stuff! Have a wonderful day!! πŸ™‚


i made these with nutella. one happy milk drinker this morning. thanks for the idea!


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