The World’s Toughest Job? An Ode to my Sister-in-Law.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore.

So I saw this ad about “the world’s toughest job”, and it totally made me cry. I watched it with my sister-in-law Stevee, who is wife to my husband’s identical twin, mother to my niece and nephew, and also my BFF, on the same tier as Jacinda. Like, that’s a serious BFF. So we watched it together and we both teared up a little bit. Tell me you can keep a dry eye when they start thanking their moms? If you can, then you have a heart of stone and we will never understand each other. offered us the opportunity to make a custom card for someone who has the world’s toughest job this mother’s day. My mom had a tough job, but right now she is enjoying retirement and grand-parenting with the best of them. I decided to go in a different direction… it seems like sometimes women on the internet spend too much time talking about what everyone else is doing wrong as a mom. I wanted to celebrate my friend who is doing everything right, and I hope this Mother’s Day you will be inspired to do so as well. If you know someone who you think is just an awesome mom, tell her! Maybe even send her a real paper card. That would blow her mind.
stevee beach

Being as Stevee is so close these days, and also that her children are the closest things to siblings my daughter is going to get (don’t yell at me for not having more kids… yell at my husband), I wanted to send my card to her. She is in the midst of what we can all agree can be one of the most difficult times ever for a young family… a cross-country move. That’s right, Stevee and her husband (my husband’s twin) just moved all the way from Nashville, TN to Los Angeles, CA; less than two weeks ago. With a four and two-year-old no less! That’s a tough job. And she’s handling it like a boss!

I chose the “Mom Moments – Script Overlay” card, because I absolutely adore this picture of Stevee and my niece and nephew back in Nashville, and I knew she would love to see it immortalized in print. And the script saying “Hope you always know how much you mean and what a great mom you are. Happy Mother’s Day” couldn’t be more on point for how I feel about her.
Cardstore Mother's Day Card 2014

Cardstore made it so easy to order a card – I just clicked to build the card I liked, uploaded the image, customized my message, and sent it to her (in real live snail mail, a true modern sign of love and devotion) directly from the site. I am a crafty mama, but I never would have gotten around to this if it was anymore complicated than that. I also loved that I could customize the inside with one of our favorite inside-jokes (DOUBLE FUN):
make cornbread not ware offered us this code for you to use to save on a card for the toughest person you love: CCF4249. Click this link and enter the code at checkout to get your deal:

And if you have a few extra minutes, read the World’s Toughest Job Description. I know the “associate” is supposed to be the kid, but in my case I am definitely the “associate” and Stevee is the “Director of Operations.”

Thank you Stevee, for everything you do. I love you and am so proud to call you my sister-in-law, BFF, and future potential mother to my child in my will. Cheers!
Jaime and Stevee
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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore.




I lovey you, too. I couldn’t have made this giant move without you. You were the pot-of-gold at the end of this CRAZY rainbow. Thank you for making everyday a #daycometrue.


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