Wonders of Westeros: The Ultimate Game of Thrones Shopping Guide

Game of THrones Gift IdeasBut, but, but… I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Last night’s season finale was a top-notch cliffhanger and now even book readers are left not completely sure what will happen next. Alas we will have to wait to learn the fate of Jon (blood magic? Please?) Sansa and Theon (there’s not a moat at Winterfell, right?) Arya, Myrcella, and even that A-hole Stannis Baratheon. And by whom is Dany surrounded? Are they Dothraki or some other band of sexy horseman warriors? Clearly I am obsessed, which may be why I crafted up this Wonders of Westeros: Ultimate Game of Thrones Gift Guide for our friends at Ebay. Need a last minute Father’s Day gift? Look no further. We have everything from dragon egg cookie jars to dire wolf cufflinks. Yes, that is a thing. Speaking of which, where was that dire wolf when we needed him most? Ugh.


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