The Messy Business of Summer

Stains brought to you by kids, stain removal brought to you by OxiClean.

Where is our Summer going? It’s already past the 4th of July and before we know it we will be getting ready for back to school. But before we do, let’s spend a few lazy days making epic messes. I’m talking no rules painting sessions with the real acrylic paints from my stash. Yes, they know the difference and squeal with delight over all those beautiful bottles of paint with every variation of glitter paint, neon, and pearlescent.

Oxy-clean Summer painting sessionOxy-clean Summer painting session

We try to wear our play clothes when we are getting dirty, or paint-y as the case may be, but why not keep even those cut-offs splatter free when it’s this easy…

Oxy-clean Summer painting session

Since Jaime and Scarlet were visiting us in Texas, we treated the kids to a day of plein air painting. We set up a still life in a shady corner of the yard.


We brought out a drop cloth, large canvases, brushes, a palette, and paints and let them do their thing.

Oxy-clean Summer painting session Oxy-clean Summer painting sessionOxy-clean Summer painting session

Each of the kids had their own style. It was so much fun to see their creations.Oxy-clean Summer painting session

Oxy-clean Summer painting session

And my own masterpiece of the day? Getting acrylic paint (yes, the kind designed to paint on fabric!!) out of these shorts with OxiClean. This stuff is a miracle worker. I quickly got those painting clothes treated with OxiClean and almost every trace came out. With three cats, three kids, and the occasional eh-hem wine spill, I know that if it’s going to come out, it’s going to be with OxiClean. Check it out…


IMG_0460Oxy-clean Summer painting session


IMG_0499Oxy-clean Summer painting session

Pretty amazing. Makes me feel like “mess anxiety” shouldn’t hold us back from any dirty, stain-y, downright disaster this Summer. Bring it on kids, I’m ready for ya.

Oxy-clean Summer painting session

Stains brought to you by kids, stain removal brought to you by OxiClean.


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