Prudent Summertime Updates & A New House!

This week has been ridiculously beautiful. More on what I’ve been up to in a minute, first just wanted to address that Jacinda and I haven’t been popping in quite as much lately and that’s because it’s summertime! Also, we are working on some behind the scenes update to our site, which are taking up some of our precious time as well. Scarlet is 8 now and going to third grade (at a new school next year, eek!) in the fall, that means only 10 more summers at home with me! I want to make them count.

So first things first, my big news is I BOUGHT A HOUSE! Carleton, Scarlet, and I have loved our spanish bungalow for the last 7 years – you’ve seen it in our Pretty Prudent Home book. Well, the time has come to make a change, and we are moving into a perfectly preserved 1949 mid century modern gem. Lots of posts to come on this as we get closer to moving in August, but here’s a sneak peek. Isn’t it wonderful?? Pretty Prudent House

So while I am going through the escrow process (so fun :/), I am also trying to make time for a magical summer with my sweet girl. This week I surprised her by starting her summer with two days and one night at the new Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove. Jeez Louise, that place is exorbitantly expensive, but we did have a blast. We went on waterslides until closing time at 9 pm, and we magic-quested all over the hotel. She was ecstatic, so it was worth it. After that, the rest of our week has been utterly free, and also super fun. We went for a hike up around Franklin Canyon with our rescue mutt, Princess Cheese. Princess Cheese

Had to snap some pics of my woodland sprite.

Scarlet has taken a few photography classes down the street at Samy’s Camera, so she wanted to document our hike. I’m actually really impressed with her skills! Love this shot of the lake. It’s hard to beieve this little hidden gem of a park is smack dab in the middle of Beverly Hills. Franklin Canyon Lake She wants to do a post of her photography, I told her I would let her post her favorites here later this summer.

Yesterday we had her BFF Xylee over for a playdate. We headed to Jo-Anns to grab some crafty projects to do. They made these bird houses. This one says “Birds! Come! Eat!” Birds! Come! Eat!

And this one says “Birds Please Have a Good day at Restaurant For all birds!!!!Birds please have a good day

I also spent some time re-potting some of my succulents. I grew these from the some of the same tiny clippings I used to make the internet’s first Succulent Wreath DIY back in 2010. See how tiny they were? Now they are so big and beautiful. They are going to look lovely around my new pool! Potting Succulents

I’ve also been obsessively making and eating my grilled corn salad. Seriously, try this recipe. I can’t get enough of this stuff. I’ve been eating it outside on my somewhat-new equipales table and chairs. I’d been craving a set like this for years, and a few months ago I finally bought it. Backyard Equipales

Well I made the mistake of not properly treating it before setting it outside and it has a few rings and stains on it (spilled grilled corn salad). So I spent some time researching the best way to treat it, and then an hour or so doing the table top. The trick is to use Neatsfoot Oil and an old t-shirt scrap. Don’t drip it right on the table though, I did that and it soaks in so fast that it made darker marks. Apply it to the t-shirt scrap first and quickly rub it into the table. A few layers and it will be good. It won’t be uniform but that’s part of the appeal of equipales (which by the way are made of pig skin, not cow leather). I’m glad I spent the time to do this, and wish I had done it before I ate on the table. I haven’t done the chairs yet, but I will because the oil darkened the leather on the table top (attractively) so I want the chairs to match. Treating Equipales

So that’s generally what I’ve been up to this first week of summer break. Looking forward to taking Scarlet to the Curtis family reunion and the Elmswood Dairy farm in Pennsylvania next week, where we will be staying with her Great Granny (the queen of our family) and playing with all the extended family Curtis cousins! I hope you and your families are well and enjoying the season.

P.S. As I’ve been writing this, Scarlet has been making electrical circuits that make her playdoh light up and make noises. My friend Erin gave this to her for her birthday and it is awesome for any STEM minded kids out there: DIY Electro Dough Kit.



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