An Afternoon at The Broad

Broad_JeffKoons_TulipsScarlet, Carleton and I headed down to LA’s new contemporary art museum, The Broad, Sunday afternoon. We were thoroughly impressed, and had a wonderful time seeing some of the greatest artists and artworks of the past century.

Kids always enjoy Jeff Koons. Tulips (above) and the balloon dog were favorites of Scarlet’s.Broad_JeffKoons_BalloonDog

Carleton and I were ecstatic to see Michael Jackson and Bubbles. Broad_JeffKoons_Michael Jackson and Bubbles

Scarlet was fascinated by Julian Schnabel and asked if we could try to create an artwork inspired by ‘The Walk Home’ (detail below). I said sure. I will report back once we do that. Broad_JulianSchanbel_TheWalkHome_detail

I’ve always been a huge Charles Ray fan, so I was excited to be able to snap Scarlet next to this oversize sculpture. I was also relieved that his more, shall we say… adult… work was not on display today. I wasn’t in the mood to explain all that. Broad_CharlesRay

Scarlet was fascinated by this painting. She could tell the women were pregnant, but was disturbed by the exaggeration in their shape, which is a perceptive reaction. We enjoyed discussing the entire room of John Currin paintings. Broad_JohnCurrin_PatchandPearl

Definitely book your space at The Broad if you are in Los Angeles, and while you are downtown you can hit up some of the other spots on our Downtown LA Guide for Families. We ended up having dinner at the recently re-opened Clifton’s Cafeteria which is weird and wonderful and only about five minutes from the Broad.

Do you take your kids to contemporary art museums? I highly recommend it, though I can’t promise they will love it. At one point Scarlet said she was bored. Which is when I lovingly explained to her that being bored in an art museum is not a sign that the museum is boring, its a sign that the person is boring. She laughed at me, spun around with a determined look on her face, and found ten more things to talk about. I firmly believe that even if they are too young for the art to really get in their heads, it still finds its way into their hearts.


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