Baby Products Nobody Needs and Hot Mess Mama Style Needs

Walk out in style with these 25 Spring Nail Trends + Tutorials.

Braid your hair or let your loose curls flow with these of these 25 Spring Hair Trends + Tutorials.

25 Totally Pretty Tools make the perfect companion when you’re out in the garden.

Begin your spring makeover by decorating with these 14 Amazing Spray Paint Before & After Projects.

Shopping for babies is fun, but no need to get carried away with baby bangs, bacon flavored formula, or the other 25 Baby Products Nobody Needs.




I think the bacon baby formula is kind of disgusting and intriguing at the same time!! We just made bacon and maple fudge for Easter, this would be great to wash it down with!!

I love those pretty tools!!

Ashley Jackson

I really enjoyed these articles. I got the most out of the spray paint projects. I immediately started looking around my house to see what I could start painting. The useless products were hilarious too!


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