Cupcake Pancakes

Too fun. We made them cupcake-shaped using this method then added some whipped cream and chocolate chips. A nice sugary start to the morning. Hey, I never said I was a healthy eating type. If it says “cake” twice in the name of your food, it’s probably not a good idea. Don’t judge me.

Do you feed your children any not-so-great-for-them foods? What do they love? Leave us a comment revealing the sordid details and you could win some key fob hardware to make your own Key Fobs with our tute!




Oh, that looks yummy.

Heck yes, we have lots of not-so-healthy foods. Pancakes or waffles with syrup (and sometimes chocolate chips or whipped cream) once a week. Cookies, muffins, and/or cake whenever Mom feels the urge—and that is pretty darn often. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and a weakness for baked goods.

But the rest of the time we eat very nutritiously, and everything is homemade. No Twinkies allowed in this house.


Sometimes I cut bread into easter egg shapes, toast them, smear them with a ton of Nutella, put sprinkles on them and tell the kids we're having cupcakes for breakfast. I do try to buy the multigrain bread with all those seed things in it, so maybe it's not too bad? ๐Ÿ™‚


Wow. For those I might have to break my "no cooking before noon" rule. Also, don't out me to my hubby, but one night last week while he was on a business trip my toddler and I had cookies for dinner. Hey, it was girls' week, give me a break. ๐Ÿ™‚


Who doesn't love pancakes?? Something we've recently discovered is Fruit Roll-Ups in crescent rolls. It's like a mini danish, all nice and compact and clean. I'm normally against my kids eating Fruit Roll-Ups. (They're so sticky, and, let's be honest, I eat 3 or more by myself…in one sitting. This is a judgement free zone, right??) But these are SO amazing! I've been meaning to throw a little cream cheese in them as well. Yummers!!


Lol… My little girl looooves meat.. Shes a CARNIVORE!! Sooo she eats alottt of hotdogs. ALOTT of hotdogs. And they arent kosher dogs. at all… ๐Ÿ™‚ and soooometimes when i get starbucks i share it with her… ๐Ÿ˜€ she reaaally likes it. but that one isnt as often. she gets grumpy after being all hyped up on extra caramal frappaccino with an extra espresso shot.. i know. its bad. ๐Ÿ˜€


Yeah, we are pretty "nutritious" in my house too. My youngest is a grump when she wakes up from afternoon nap (and this is when I get to do most of my quality sewing) so I usually send the older children upstairs with candy to share when she wakes up so I can get a couple more minutes of sewing in. Also, we have dessert probably 4 times a week (both my husband and I love sweets).

Jessica Hilliker

We try not to feed the little ones anything TOO sweet, but somehow everyday ends up being "special" and there is hot chocolate in the am or M&Ms; {to practice math counting skills with! ha!} after dinner–my boys love anything sweet, so we generally make smoothies in the afternoons.


Twice the cake… you are a woman after my own heart. This is ever so healthy compared to my real cake with icing for breakfast. Don't judge me either. ๐Ÿ™‚

Beach Mom

I made pancakes for breakfast last sunday and they were reallllly dry & we had one squirt of syrup left-SOOO we had oatmeal/raisin cookies from Publix for breaky~it was awesome. AND my little guy was smiling away, he knew we were breakin' the rules!


My husband loves the french toast I make. I use vanilla, tarragon and cinnamon, which isn't necessarily bad itself. Bu then he slathers on the butter and drowns it with real maple syrup. He and our 17 month-old daughter alternate bites…she screams for joy and practically jumps out of her chair for it!


yes well unfortunately my daughter has put herself on strict diet of hot dogs, mac & cheese, fish sticks and mini hamburgers plus a few others. so i try to work with what i have and make better versions of all that – haven't figured out the hot dog angle yet. and i make my famous pancakes with whole wheat flour – when i retailed them i called them "aydan's favorite" because she actually ate them!!!


Chocolate chip scones, French toast, and slushies, to name a few. Ah, sugar and food dye. And our one year-old is still making out just fine.


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